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“Fuel on the Fire”: Security Force Response to the 2016 Irreecha Cultural Festival

This report details the Ethiopian government’s use of force in response to restive crowds at 2016’s Irreecha. Thefestival, attended by massive crowds, is the most important cultural festival to Ethiopia’s 40 million ethnic Oromos, who gather to celebrate the end of the rains and welcome the harvest. 41 kata lagi

Human Rights Watch

Di Etiopia, Ada Mesin ATM untuk Jual Film Bajakan

ETOPIA, FOKUSJabar.com: Di Etiopia, Afrika Timur, sebuah mesin mirip ATM bukan berfungsi mengeluarkan uang seperti mesin ATM. Mesin ini adalah mesin penjual film dan serial TV bajakan. 13 kata lagi

Journeys on hold: how policy influences the migration decisions of Eritreans in Ethiopia.

This working paper looks at how livelihood support measures and refugee resettlement shape the choices, plans and behaviours of Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia.


Executive summary: 12 kata lagi


Ethiopia offline: Evidence of social media blocking and Internet censorship in Ethiopia

Index number: AFR 25/5312/2016. Waves of protests against the government have taken place across various parts of Ethiopia since November 2015. These protests have consistently been quashed by Ethiopian security forces using excessive, sometimes lethal, force, which led to scores of injuries and deaths. 45 kata lagi

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