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Yeast Starter

Making a yeast starter is a simple way of improving your beer’s flavor and decreasing any lags in fermentation time. In the shop, when I ask customers why they don’t make a yeast starter I get similar excuses every time: 325 kata lagi


Intro :)

Hi everyone!

This is a collection of posts I’ve made elsewhere (mainly reddit), about chemistry and beauty. 350 nm comes from the range of the visible light spectrum (~400-750nm). 97 kata lagi


Itty Bitty Erlenmeyer Flasks!

One of the labs at the university where I work was holding a giveaway to get rid of their old junk. I checked it out, and among the offerings were the… 32 kata lagi

Cool Science

Birthday gift for science geeks

Behold my latest creation, Mr. Earl Lenmeyer the Flask. The pattern can be found on Ravelry.

The body is stuffed and closed where the blue colour ends, while the top white part I left open so that the stuffing comes out and gives it that cool bubbling gas effect. 46 kata lagi

Gift Ideas

The Erlenmeyer flask: 153 years and counting

The Erlenmeyer flask (photo above by “Lucasbosch”) is much used by chemists everywhere. It was invented by the organic chemist Emil Erlenmeyer around 1860. The flask facilitates swirling or shaking, is spill-resistant, can be placed on a flat surface, and allows a stopper to be placed in the neck. 7 kata lagi



Ah, the sun is finally out! :) I went for a nice walk around Trondheim and visited some “bruktbutikk” like they call them here. And what did I spy with my little eye in one of them? 269 kata lagi