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A Garden Walk (Database Design)

One of the tasks for the Friday class was to walk around the Queen’s Gardens in groups, and write down a list of everything we could see.  309 kata lagi

Conceptual Model: ERD

In this course we focus on conceptual models, logical models, and physical design and implementation.

Conceptual model is a rich model, not an abstract model. 62 kata lagi

erd G-4IP

erd is graphical tool for modeling data.

table user interconnected with shedule and reminder. user with shedule that one tomany, and a reminder with one to many users. 85 kata lagi

Next Week's News: December 18-24

This blog post highlights some events and news just for the upcoming week. The primary source of information about what’s happening at Grace Church is our weekly newsletter – for full news and events please… 425 kata lagi

News & Events

Nina Dobrev - My Men's Health cover is on news stands now! Pick up your co... Coachella

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our lastoneminute.com site. You can find the details of the post titled Nina Dobrev – My Men’s Health cover is on news stands now! 12 kata lagi


astah* professionalでは、描画したER図から、SQLを出力(SQL-92準拠)できます。

  1. ER図を開きます
  2. 上部メインメニューから[ツール] – – を選択します
  3. 画面が開きます。[オプション]ボタンを選択します
  4. ダイアログが開きます。
  5. ダイアログに戻って、[作成]ボタンを押して出力します。
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新着astah* TIPS

This database does not have one or more of the support objects required to use database programming. Do you want to create them?

We have all expanded the Database Diagram node in SQL Server Management Studio and see the dialog below. Click “Yes” to accept and go straight to reverse engineer the objects. 110 kata lagi