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Maggie: NOT Glam's Sidekick

Maggie from Glam, created by Zack Roberts and Elton Thomasi.

From the pages of Glam comes Maggie: the cute as a button, vengeance swearing, wrath bringing ally of our grey hero. 123 kata lagi

The Evil ERD!

Elton Thomasi and I’s latest book, Glam, has an evil, corporate, big-bad that hunts all Empowered Humans: the vicious and mightily powerful ERD. The Empowered Registry Department are seen by the public to monitor, track and when required capture dangerous Empos, the Empos who use their abilities to commit crimes. 180 kata lagi

Entity Relation Diagram Creator for XrmToolBox


Generate ERD visualization of your CRM data model with this XrmToolBox plug-in from Bas van de Sande. Based on NClass UML class diagram creator tool.


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How Astah converts relationships in UML Class relationships to ones in ERD

I created a class model, with associations including multiplicities.  I then generated the ERD from this model, and instead of it copying the multiplicities, it made all the associations many to many – any suggestions on how I could make that work?

111 kata lagi

A Garden Walk (Database Design)

One of the tasks for the Friday class was to walk around the Queen’s Gardens in groups, and write down a list of everything we could see.  309 kata lagi

Conceptual Model: ERD

In this course we focus on conceptual models, logical models, and physical design and implementation.

Conceptual model is a rich model, not an abstract model. 62 kata lagi