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astah* professionalでは、描画したER図から、SQLを出力(SQL-92準拠)できます。

  1. ER図を開きます
  2. 上部メインメニューから[ツール] – – を選択します
  3. 画面が開きます。[オプション]ボタンを選択します
  4. ダイアログが開きます。
  5. ダイアログに戻って、[作成]ボタンを押して出力します。
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新着astah* TIPS

This database does not have one or more of the support objects required to use database programming. Do you want to create them?

We have all expanded the Database Diagram node in SQL Server Management Studio and see the dialog below. Click “Yes” to accept and go straight to reverse engineer the objects. 110 kata lagi


Grace Supports Episcopal Relief & Development Response in Haiti

By now you have heard the devastating effects Hurricane Matthew has had on several Caribbean nations. Episcopal Church-affiliated organizations and networks continue to assess damage and respond to emergency needs. 199 kata lagi


E-R Diagramming: Doctoral Tracking Database (Part 1)

The thing that most layman don’t understand about database design is that on the surface the interface may look intuitive, but that type of simplicity comes at a heavy cost of discernment on the part of architects and developers. 310 kata lagi

Sejarah Singkat Data Base

Holla ! 

This is my first post about technology dan kali ini aku mau bahas sejarah dari si DATABASE. Happy Reading guys

Sejak zaman dulu, basis data sudah menjadi fokus yang utama pada aplikasi. 692 kata lagi

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Enfants Riches Déprimés // Glitter Kids // $450 32 kata lagi

Farm Direct "Statement of effect" draft for debate

Development application “Statement of Effect” Farm Direct Community Markets.


Farm direct markets have invested its hard work successfully over the past 4 years, into creating the best markets in the state which are dedicated to providing for the City of Salisbury’s rate payers. 5.678 kata lagi