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COM395HYB Blog Discussion #1

So if I had to pick between technological determinism and social determinism in the question of which one social media technology is a result of which one would I pick? 567 kata lagi


A Further Look at the New Kid

Right! Lets get into this.

Hello Everyone my name is Oladeji Olawepo (dang it still feels weird putting my name out like this) but all of you can call me “Deji”. 229 kata lagi


Happy New Year!

I want to start off by saying that 2016 was a heck of a year – for  the good and the bad. For many, myself included, it was filled with a lot of trying moments, stress and times of doubt. 582 kata lagi


Plans for 2017

As many of you know, I was accepted to Florida Institute of Technology and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University earlier in the year. I was admitted to transfer into each university’s Aerospace Engineering program for the spring semester starting in January 2017. 655 kata lagi


September Flagship of the Month: Embry-Riddle

Embry-Riddle is September’s highlighted Flagship of the Month because it’s built for a new generation of learning compared to a traditional classroom. Embry-Riddle has a lot of perks to offer students, including free college credit and scholarships. 311 kata lagi

Flagler Palm Coast High School

Back to basics! Student pilot concepts in an IFR world.

How much do people spend on their private pilot certificate?

5k? 10k? 15k?

Regardless the amount, it’s way too much money just to learn stuff and then never use it because we immediately move one to bigger and better certificates. 205 kata lagi


2016 Crosby Army ROTC Scholarship Awarded to Cadet Mendoza

I look like a proud mother here, and in a way I am. I presented the 2016 Crosby Army ROTC Scholarship to Cadet Marcelo Gonzales de Mendoza at the… 611 kata lagi

Capt. Crosby