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Flat Earth

The misconception

People in the middle ages generally believed that the earth was flat and were persecuted by the church if they claimed it was a globe… 869 kata lagi


The Flat Earthers

In today’s Albany Times Union (March 10, 2017) , my friend Rex Smith writes about the confidence we should place in the scientific pronouncements of athletes or politicians. 614 kata lagi


Science in the Bible - Round Earth

(3 Minute Read)

What did Christopher Columbus, Pythagoras, and Aristotle have in common with the Hebrew prophet Isaiah?

They all knew earth is a sphere… 946 kata lagi


Sieve of Eratosthenes (without iteration) in MATLAB

For my CS class there was an extra credit problem in this week’s problem set where we had to write a sieve of Eratosthenes to find prime numbers up to an input integer. 525 kata lagi

People you meet on the Road V: The Pelican King

Over the winter of 2015, after having spent a wonderful and eventful Summer in Turkey, I decided to return to a small town called “Fethiye” for Christmas Holidays. 1.881 kata lagi


The Legacy of Eratosthenes

There’s always a tendency to discredit knowledge and geniuses from the past.  We have access to an abundance of scientific information and data today, and it’s very easy to pass judgment.  468 kata lagi


Learning Critical Thinking Through Astronomy, Week 7

The week began with my expectation that students had watched a YouTube clip showing an excerpt from Carl Sagan’s COSMOS series in which Sagan explains Eratosthenes’ work with shadows. 456 kata lagi