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Sieve of Eratosthenes (without iteration) in MATLAB

For my CS class there was an extra credit problem in this week’s problem set where we had to write a sieve of Eratosthenes to find prime numbers up to an input integer. 525 kata lagi

People you meet on the Road V: The Pelican King

Over the winter of 2015, after having spent a wonderful and eventful Summer in Turkey, I decided to return to a small town called “Fethiye” for Christmas Holidays. 1.881 kata lagi


The Legacy of Eratosthenes

There’s always a tendency to discredit knowledge and geniuses from the past.  We have access to an abundance of scientific information and data today, and it’s very easy to pass judgment.  468 kata lagi


Learning Critical Thinking Through Astronomy, Week 7

The week began with my expectation that students had watched a YouTube clip showing an excerpt from Carl Sagan’s COSMOS series in which Sagan explains Eratosthenes’ work with shadows. 456 kata lagi


It’s Been Done Before

Zhang Heng (c79 – 139CE)

I have never experienced an earthquake and have no desire to for that matter but it has always surprised me that seismology still appears to be a fairly inexact science. 450 kata lagi


Saringan Eratosthenes

Animasi saringan Eratosthenes dari 1 sampai n=120. Daftar A (kiri) dan daftar B (kanan). Bilangan yang sudah diwarnai artinya sudah dicoret.

Saringan Eratosthenes adalah suatu cara untuk menemukan semua… 377 kata lagi

Eratosthenes and the System of the World

… is the title of Chapter 4 of Peter Thonemann’s book The Hellenistic Age.

The Hellenistic Age is a brief (150 pages) history of Europe and the Near East between the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE and the fall of the Ptolemaic kingdom of Egypt on the death of Cleopatra in 30 BCE. 397 kata lagi