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Was Euphiletos’ attack on Eratosthenes civic punishment or private revenge?

In this essay I will examine the murder trial in Lysias 1, concerning the murder of Eratosthenes by Euphiletos for committing adultery with Euphiletos’ wife. 1.582 kata lagi


Using the Sieve of Eratosthenes

I was solving problem 10 on Project Euler the other day using C. The task was to find the sum of all prime numbers less than 2,000,000. 480 kata lagi


Adam Savage on How Simple Ideas Lead to Great Discoveries

“For who hath despised the day of small things?” wrote the biblical author Zechariah. We tend to take for granted that it is often the humblest of ideas, the seemingly insignificant observations or thoughts, that make up the scientific enterprise. 55 kata lagi



The other day in class, we were looking at recurrence relations and how to solve them with the characteristic equation. Among the examples I gave was a recurrence that seemed to give a good number of primes numbers. 1.726 kata lagi


Adam Savage’s Animated Lesson on the Simple Ideas That Lead to Great Scientific Discoveries

Educator, industrial design fabricator and Myth Busters cohost Adam Savage is driven by curiosity.

Science gets his wheels turning faster than the notched disc Hippolyte Fizeau… 331 kata lagi

Shruti Chaturvedi

Sonnet for the Armchair Geographers

You may be right, Eratosthenes…but you are not right when you take away from his great learning, and declare that his creativity is the mythology of an old woman…Homer tells myths more accurately than later mythological authors, not totally recounting marvels, but for the sake of knowledge. 111 kata lagi


Damascus Road: Midday

Indeed, my friends, let us not forget in our wakefulness…
(Saint Ephraim the Syrian, Hymns of the Nativity)

Do I assume this peace?
Some peasants once, I am told, 118 kata lagi