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Economic theories that have changed us: asymmetric information

Richard Holden, UNSW Australia Welcome to our series on economic theories that are changing the way we think. Today, Richard Holden explains how asymmetric information – when one party to a transaction knows more about the deal than the other – affects everything from car sales and IPOs, to credit costs and tattoos. 932 more words


Time Travel

Harnessing stellar
equilibrium into
present here and now

Poetic Pleas From A MadPoetess

The Umbrella Equilibrium

The other day, it started to rain, and I promptly responded by forgetting my umbrella on the seat beside me on the bus.

Today, in a weird full-circle way, I sat closer to the rear of the bus due to seats being occupied (I usually prefer the front), and as I squeeze into the last vacant row, a plain-looking umbrella is nonchalantly sitting on the seat next to mine. 20 more words


Graspop report day 3

One of the best weekends of the year has once again passed. Man, it went quickly. Time to reminisce a little about the good times we’ve had, or if you’ve stayed at home, because for instance you’re still in you exams, see what you’ve missed.  993 more words


23rd of June 2015

Wilderness contained
For now
Constant effort needed
To keep it in place
Ancient forces
Strive for equilibrium
Constant and slow
Without aid of technology, violence or poison… 27 more words


Walking paradox.

A few days ago, I wrote something that I thought relieved a topic from my brain. Apparently, it’s only evolved in thought, opening a bigger can of worms than I anticipated. 1.032 more words

Macro | a pair of wings doesn't make you a dragonfly

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a dragonfly on a balancing act… 8 more words