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One who is in harmony with the Tao is like a newborn child [Lao Tse]

Today was one of those days where everything seemed to be in equilibrium. I could feel it in the air. It was as if the simultaneous exhaling of everything around me was going on. 204 more words


Chemical Kinetics

The “Chemical Kinetics” is a mobile application available on Google Play. This app analytically solves chemical reaction rate equations and provides graphical representation of reagent and product concentration changes with time. 378 more words

Mobile Application

*Freshly Squeezed* Equilibrium - Cal (Workin' Class Records)

New Workin’ Class Records ish’. Check it out…

‘Equilibrium’ the debut album from Cabra native Cal, featuring Costello and 4Real wit nice production from the likes of G.I., Moschops, & Tony Mahony to name but a few. 43 more words

AP Chemistry - Classes 36 / 37


  • Wednesday, March 25th

Equilibrium and Free Energy

  • relationship between DG and K
  • examples

AP Problems


  • work in-class on textbook problems (Class 35) and AP problems…
  • 10 more words
AP Chemistry

i felt a change a-comin'

Life sure is funny.

Not “ha ha” funny… more peculiar like… odd.

my life is changing so much in so many ways and most of them are good. 164 more words

Real Life

Chemical Equilibrium

Chemical Equilibrium is a mobile application that can be found on Google Play. Is a tool for accurate estimation of concentrations and pressures of the chemical reaction reactants and products at equilibrium. 383 more words

Mobile Application