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More Money! - Calculations in Chemical Industrial Processes

The world is run by money. Money is constantly in the back of our minds lingering there like a a beast in the shadows. The chemicals industry is very important in today’s society. 201 more words


This is Scott, I can honestly say there is never a dull moment with this man. Keep on doing your thing!

Daniel Sherwood

Why does a simple pendulum oscillate?

Oscillating systems are ubiquitous. A simple harmonic oscillator system has a fixed point of equilibrium and keeps oscillating about this fixed point forever, if left undisturbed. 458 more words


Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

To be completely honest, this may very well have absolutely nothing to do with happiness. Actually, it has everything to do with happiness, and finding it within your everyday life. 549 more words

Silver: It's Time

Posted by David Zarling | Founder, 360 Investment Research, LLC

When we look for low risk / high reward entries in any investment, we need to be patient, waiting for those times where our risk and reward are well defined. 274 more words


It’s a cool, grey morning in May.  No dancing sunlight nor shadows on the wall. It’s not my kind of day nor weather.  BUT I am learning to accept.   298 more words

Inner Peace

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