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Sabaton Open Air - Day 2: Saturday 20/8 2016 pt.1

It was really the best feeling in the world at the moment when I woke up in the morning, in only my regular pyjamas and even feeling it being a little on the warm side. 930 kata lagi

Chemistry of Life

Being a Chemist

Deciding what your major is going to be has always been a tough one. Many of us actually end up having a different profession than we used to imagine in our childhood. 985 kata lagi

Student Life

Keen On A 'Perfect' Society

Neoclassical Economics: Creating A ‘Perfect’ Society .. In The Image Of Lucifer

I ended up finding myself being quite a believer in the whole idea of markets being… 145 kata lagi


Equilibrium - Armageddon

The fucking reggae/brostep-like breakdown on Born to be Epic might just be one of the top 5 most cancerous things I’ve heard in a metal album all time. 22 kata lagi

Album Review

As Below, So Above: Economists Are Macro Modelling Lucifer

A postscript to my long essay The Magic Chain of Enchanted Economists.

Yesterday morning, the day after publishing my essay, the brilliant heterodox economist Professor Steve Keen tweeted an article by Bill Black, written in response to a blog earlier this year by Bloomberg writer Noah Smith. 416 kata lagi



I love that talent which creates artistic miracles out of extreme chaos.

There are gifted people who are able to bring breathtaking beauty out of neutral norms. 96 kata lagi


Never be too nice

This is what I learned from my mom. Never ever be too nice at the beginning. It’s just like bargain, always start high, then from there you can go lower. 579 kata lagi