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The only personal growth goal you'll ever need

There is so much advice out there about how to develop yourself that it’s easy to get overwhelmed, and come to think it’s easier not to change. 508 kata lagi


equilibrium and the quality of light

the quality of light
on the heavy white curtains
a few days before the fall

the voices of starlings
rising in a murmurration of sky… 15 kata lagi



Yin and yang,
Rise and fall,
Push and pull,
Equal and opposite.
What is it?

I started to wonder today why people strive for balance. What is it about this thing…this goal…that makes people so crazy to achieve it. 362 kata lagi

Asked And Answered

Restoring equilibrium

While being overwhelmed with too much to process, sometimes the simplest of acts restores the equilibrium and helps in dealing with everything else easier!

So what did you do today to make someone smile?

Musings On Life

Avocado Dreams

Avocado dreams, soft and mellow. Avocado schemes, tough skin on the outside and a hard seed at the core. The outer layer, to protect the softness in the middle from external influences, the solid centre, for an enduring heart to maintain integrity. 485 kata lagi

More than walking, you need to learn to take off your shoes

I love this smell, the salty water brushes against the peer walls like it wants to gently caress them, like a playful gesture even. I always slow down when I pass here. 266 kata lagi

Lady Marshmallow

On Equilibrium

Somewhere between
the pain & pleasure
lies the slack`tide
the calm relief
the long fermata
between the ebbing
flowing summer`tide

It’s not in the triumph… 95 kata lagi