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Equilibrium is home

Equilibrium is one of the important states in any economic theory. An economy has to cross this stage so as to achieve its desired level of growth and development. 247 kata lagi


an email I just sent to my advisor

Hey Dr. ,

I’m trying to piece together what I want to discuss tomorrow. I’m sending this in the hopes that if you read it before our meeting, it will provide a starting place, and if you read it after, it will cover anything I didn’t mention. 680 kata lagi


week 391 ~ happiness hovers near the horizon

happiness hovers near the horizon
drawing us onward it floats a languid
lover unconscious of navigation
blissfully unaware day has landed
blind to misspent youth or ships or sudden… 59 kata lagi


Infinite trampolim bouncing equilibrium

shhh… she says while her hand goes on his chest, the feeling of his heart beat takes her away from this world, lulling her self being to peace and a weightless place. 111 kata lagi

Lady Marshmallow

The Happiness Equilibrium

Everyone knows that as we get older, life gets infinitely more complicated. With each ‘milestone’ comes another dimension which gives rise to another set of situations where the decisions you make, will ultimately leave us feeling compromised and not entirely happy. 858 kata lagi

Personal Development

Thirty Days of Druidry 19: What's So Dark About Your Awen?

“Well, Druid, you need to work on manifesting your intention. Lots of missing posts in your ‘Thirty Days of Druidry.'”

“I know. I’m doing the best I can.  1.038 kata lagi


Thirty Days of Druidry 18: Order of the Black Awen

“Now, my daughters and sons,” said the old woman, “because all things in this world dance with their opposites, and the Bright is the left hand of the Dark, it is meet that I, who am old and may not live to see the end of the next winter, should be the one who tells you of the Order of the Black Awen, Urdd Awen Ddu.” 666 kata lagi