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The graphite rods in the nuclear reactor...

The graphite rods in the nuclear reactor convert fast moving neutrons into thermal neutrons. Thermal neutron is a neutron in thermal equilibrium with its surroundings. Thermal neutron, any free neutron (one that is not bound within an atomic nucleus) that has an average energy of motion (kinetic energy) corresponding to the average energy of the particles of the ambient materials.


"EQUILIBRIUM" Arnold Galang Spring/Summer 2016

Vintage sophistication of lux fabrics, smart layering and pocket details emanated from Arnold Galang’s newest collection from the I Am For Peace Series. “Equilibrium” balances the monochromatic divergence of volume, proportions and a keen eye on styling. 35 kata lagi


One Man's Model to Balance France's Society

At least one man is trying to analyze the big problem at the crux of recent killings in France, and even solve it. Abdennour Bidar (his first name means ‘Bearer and Herald of the Light’) is a 44-year-old French philosopher who has written books and articles. 324 kata lagi


Simultaneous (or static) games - part 1: understanding the concept of best responses

Hello! And welcome to our second post about Game Theory. Today, we will discuss simultaneous games and the concept of best responses as a way to analyze the possible outputs of a game. 837 kata lagi

Simultaneous Games

Changing the Way I See a Word: Feminist

Before I got into all of ‘this’: women’s circles and the concept of the Divine Feminine, the word ‘feminist’ made me bristle. In my mind, I would see a business women wearing a suit with a RBF (resting bitch face) while her kids were at home being raised by the nanny. 326 kata lagi

Find A Women's Circle

meet Theo Jansen

Theo is a fantastic Dutch artist known for his kinetic, and mechanic, sculptures that remind us of gigantic and primitive creatures. The enthusiastic aspect of his work is that these large mechanisms, made out of an intricate labyrinth of PVC pipes, wood, and wing-like sails, are able to move on their one using, mostly, the wind as an energy source. 96 kata lagi


The Aftermath

 “Be Careful — Competing is addicting”

“You’re going to want to try to maintain that ‘stage lean’ feeling all the time.”

“You’ll be signing up for you next competition before you know it.”

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