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27: The Year Of Movies Part 3 of 10

I’m still not doing super great at watching movies EVEN now that I have the big TV.  I’ve been watching a few episodes of… 367 kata lagi


Review: Equilibrium (2002)

The second film I watched on my return to the country was Equilibrium. Released in 2002, this science fiction drama tells the story of a future in which all forms of feeling are illegal. 630 kata lagi


Untitled #27

Although the rain continues to pour
It falls so elegantly down the window pane
With no break in the clouds the day wastes away
As if a huge weight has been lifted through these droplets… 7 kata lagi

Equilibrium Of Mind

Wake Up Slow || Nikki Rowe 

” The rush is no more, slow is the path i walk ”

I am learning to shut down my mind and listen to my body, it’s screaming ” stop ” whilst my mind is racing ” hurry up “.

393 kata lagi

A Light in the Abyss, Thoughts v.4

Well it certainly has been a while, a while since i had the need to express my thoughts through paper when my mouth could not to the same. 643 kata lagi

Tarot vs Food – Temperance vs Pasta Bolognese


I love food and I love Tarot! So I thought: why not make a series comparing the Major Arcana cards to food /food experience? 543 kata lagi



जाने कैसे सोते सोते
अचानक कुछ याद आया
बिछाने से उठकर मैं
कमरे में कुछ ढूंढने लगा
तकिये के नीचे
मेज़ के उपर
कुर्सी के पीछे
अटैची के अंदर
ढूँढते ढूँढते नज़र मेरी
आईने पर जो पड़ी
आँख खुली मैं जाग उठा
चप्पा चप्पा मुझसे बोला
जितना चाहे खोज ले
मन करे तो रो ले
जो खोया है वो आना नहीं
जो पाना है वो यहाँ नहीं
खिड़कियाँ दरवाज़ें खोल दे
अब थक चुका है तू
ज़रा सो ले