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drawing life's curtains

Have you ever noticed that dusk brings a particular behaviour for a short period?

During the day, we exist in our offices or our houses, with curtains wide open, blinds pulled up, shutters flung back. 243 kata lagi

Psychic Insight for the week of 7th February 2015

This weeks focus is on creating balance in your life.   This requires the essence of alchemy.  It is a synthesis and blending of opposing forces that when done correctly for the holistic approach of self-care and nourishment it allows you to ground and rebalance your energy.   287 kata lagi


IB Chemistry notes

I have just put up my IB HL chemistry notes. Note that these were made for exams in 2015, and the syllabus has since changed. 124 kata lagi


Lectures in Economics 1-2

Lectures following Rüdiger Dornbusch’ works (1)

Macroeconomics, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1990 (with S. Fischer) 5th ed.
International Economic Policy: Theory and Evidence, Johns Hopkins University Press, (edited with J. 1.122 kata lagi



Ideas come and go, sometimes we miss them and sometimes we spend so long thinking about them that we forget to put them to action. Whether you’re a creative person or you think more mathematically or logically we’re all capable of creating ideas it’s what we do with those ideas that counts. 462 kata lagi


Patience > Haste

One of the things that I find most frustrating about life is when things don’t happen at the speed I would like them to. Everyone has hopes and dreams but there is no real sense of time when those dreams slip into your head and that’s what I struggle with. 239 kata lagi



Sorry for your loss, hello, pleasure to meet you, sorry for your loss, pleasure, sorry it’s under these circumstances, sorry for your loss, hello, sorry, pleasure, circumstances, sorry, loss. 1.012 kata lagi

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