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Wake up.


Love self.

Give love.



Truth Moment Monday!

What’s Most Important In A Centered Life?


That’s right!

Being flexible enough


Maintain a sense of balance.

Poem By – Robert Langley


Can You Dig It?

Thought And Focus


How do I know that I’ve had enough sleep?
Enough food?
Enough movement?

I can feel it.
My mind might want to over-rule it, but the “enough” feeling remains. 115 kata lagi


Can Demand & Supply Explain Long Queues at ATMs?

From Econs 101, we learn that the demand and supply model is designed to capture the intuitive aspect of how a market works, and then used to describe how prices will fluctuate in a particular economy. 857 kata lagi


Plotting trajectories and direction fields for a system of ODEs in Python

The aim of this post is to guide the reader through plotting trajectories and direction fields for a system of equations in Python. This is useful when investigating the equilibria and stability of the system, and to facilitate in understanding the general behavior of a system under study. 847 kata lagi


QotD: Unity

Equilibrium is an absolutely fantastic movie. I highly recommend it. Like all good dystopians it makes you think. It presents very real problems about humanity. The dystopian is created by trying to fix it in the wrong way. 104 kata lagi

Quote Of The Day

Ak mi bude veľmi dobre, mám čakať v rámci rovnováhy, že mi bude čoskoro zle?

Nie, kdeže! Ak by sme si rovnováhu sveta predstavovali takto, že ak je nám dobre, tak na vyváženie niekomu musí byť zle, alebo rovno nám… tak je logické, že ani by sme nechceli, aby sme sa mali nejako super dobre.  1.112 kata lagi