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Fleshing out a story

The first book I ever shared with my writing group in full was Machine.

By that time I’d already been editing it and buffing it for at least five years, so a lot of my work process at the time was just posting the next chapter and taking notes. 1.586 kata lagi


No Added Sugar to Your Depression

I continue to write articles for the mental health magazine Equilibrium. Below is a link to my latest published article about how a diet high on sugar can increase your risk of experiencing depressions and also of depressions reoccurring. 14 kata lagi

No Doubt About It

After writing about a straightforward conversation with a potential employer:

sanity & professionalism: have been looking for that for 4 years without finding it. tired of chaos & disrespect. ready-more-than-ready for peace.

Right Brain

Dreams We follow

Everything reaches to equilibrium; I guess that’s what she told me. I never heard from her again.

We were young, the young blood you may call, lunatic I presume. 497 kata lagi

Life Stuffs

Sacred Space

I am finding that space is a requirement for all good things to come forward.  It is an essential part of all things and all growth. 652 kata lagi

Übergabe an die Maschine II

Im vorletzten Beitrag ging es bereits um das Thema der neuen Bluttests, die mit wenig Blut immer mehr Krebsarten erkennen, lange bevor sie Symptome zur Schau stellen. 324 kata lagi