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"Equal"? How about "Unique"? "Valuable"?

I’m feeling ornery. Walk with me a little?

Of course people aren’t “equal,” whether “created,” “evolved,” “born lucky,” “favored by the Fae” or anything else. We demonstrate this by almost every action we take, whatever we may say we believe. 751 kata lagi


"Find the Still Point"

Words are my voice and shield. All this brutal world violence is frightening. We are in a surge of toxicity of erupting and dying; it feels like a universal spinal tap seeking equilibrium. 114 kata lagi

Let My Voice Be Heard



Peopled-out and tired tonight with gladly shell-bound head and heart transforming in chrysalis, post-crawl and pre-flutter. Shell-bound and bundled up but ears and windows open for smelling roses both sweet dead and blooming while pulsing strong and slow inside and not sad, not mad, not at all broken but healing and that’s just it, that’s all—day done and closed for general business and removed, I am, several steps they’d tell me if they could but they can’t because I’m back inside and they’re nowhere near to be found and even farther from finding me when I’m like this, back in the back like this doing end of day daydreaming and easy stock-taking, quietly readying for little more than sleep and waking, dreaming through both and not at present interested in edits and polymorphism, not even capable, not ready to cut thoughts down to speech and send them out for storefront sale to meet and greet whoever you, them, they, whatever, who. 484 kata lagi


Is it more difficult to control your state of emotions or your mentality and mental expressions? What if one who feels overwhelmed by their emotions can use their rational mind to restore equilibrium and one who is constantly pushed by their rational mind can restore balance by expressing their emotions? 34 kata lagi

Reality And Consciousness

The Chasm

There is a yawning chasm in society even ignoring the greedy Boomers. Between more highly educated who pretend that all this QE and financialisation and min wage jobs and shit pensions to come is somehow OK. 180 kata lagi



Science has for years been searching for some simple underlying basic principle of motivation which is present in every effect of motion. Mathematicians have hoped to find it and reduce it to a basic formula. 364 kata lagi

A New Concept Of The Universe



The basis of Creation is the Light of the Mind which created it.
God is the Light of Mind. God’s thinking Mind is all there is. 209 kata lagi

A New Concept Of The Universe