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Chemistry Utilities for Mac

Chemistry Utilities is a bundle application for Apple Mac notebook and desktop series, comprising of the following educational and lab utilities:

Acid Base pH is the ultimate tool for accurate estimation of pH values of acid – base aqueous systems, particularly solutions of weak, strong, monoprotic and polyprotic acids and bases. 256 kata lagi


Janees, Sagarika,& Shivam

Greg Downey, an anthropologist famous for his works in Brazil, Pacific and USA , summarises in his blog titled,”Balance between cultures: equilibrium training” his observations and analysis of his research work titled, 367 kata lagi



honesty is cue. usually the best policy but many shades of it, as you’ve learned.

Right Brain

dutch water

levels sea
subtle gaming

levels life
robust gesture

dutch water

Philosophy Of Jos

Current U.S. president whose name exhausts me,

You give fascinating insight on how deep misperception can run.

I don’t doubt you believe you are incredible.
It’s not surprising that someone who lies in most sentences would lie to himself. 375 kata lagi


Balancing Between - Notthedane56

Balancing between
what I want to do
and what I have to do
never an easy choice
never an easy life,

Balancing when
I’ve lost my balance… 111 kata lagi


NEWS: NORDHEIM Premiere New Track "I Wish You Were Beer" via New Noise Mag; New Album About Bacon And Dinosaurs "RapThor" Out Nov 24th

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Montreal, QC – November 8, 2017

For fans of Moonsorrow, Finntroll, Windir, Equilibrium, Ensiferum, Kalmah, Wintersun

NORDHEIM Premiere New Track “I Wish You Were Beer” via New Noise Mag… 636 kata lagi

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