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I want to be in a steady state
Once in a while.
To take a break from the up and down,
The rollercoaster of fear and forgotten dreams… 55 kata lagi


Autumn Equinox 2017!!

Hello everyone! We begin to welcome the change of in weather, change in the harvest of vegetables and fruits, shorter days, cooler days and nights, warmer clothing (in most areas), for most families the change in schedules due to school, sports, and maybe even work schedules. 559 kata lagi


Checkpoint: Games for Mental Health

Last month, I was honored and flattered to talk about what I had learned about how some game enthusiasts use video games to cope with stressful life situations. 2.334 kata lagi

Video Games


My temper has been short all day. All I wanted to do was get home so I could save everyone else from an oncoming explosion. Somehow I made it through the day and felt much better once I got home, changed into sweatpants and relaxed.  157 kata lagi

Universal Imperfections

As part of the universe as much as it is part of us, we must understand that without certain imperfections the universe itself would not exist. 223 kata lagi



So cynical in missions

It’s how I’ve become so missin

Listen to this affliction

This murder, this pain, is kickin

Bliss is overridden, since the writing has arisen… 94 kata lagi