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Este es un tiempo de cambios. Después de una temporada larga de verano, en total convivencia con nuestros hijos, participación en los juegos, intercambio de proyectos, ideas, gran comunicación, nos preparamos para estar de nuevo separados durante todo el día. 401 kata lagi

I Am Equilibrium

Equilibrium Womens PushUp Short C4140 Rudimentary

You won’t be able to do as many, but you’ll get more muscle control and build more strength. I recommend that you do these exercises earlier in the week because this might cause muscle soreness. 306 kata lagi

[FM] Capital Market Line

At this stage, having introduced the new straight line efficient set, we are all but there to our final destination. So, let’s step back a bit and try and understand the larger picture. 901 kata lagi


Untitled #26

I am reaching out in hope
Left holding on by my fingertips
If I could take back every word I have spoken
I would hold them close to my chest… 42 kata lagi

Equilibrium Of Mind

Celebrating Entropy

Hello… you organized people, out there! I hope, No…I am sure you must be doing great, since you live a ‘structured life’ unlike me. You supposedly are the “ 756 kata lagi


Bird Flight and Time Series Econometrics

Consider a bird whose flying to the warm regions before the arrival of winter and since they have to fly for longer distances and time their objective it to maintain certain height.   1.197 kata lagi

Nomi's Blog

Open Minds

Something I openly struggle from is a busy mind, I find it difficult to switch off, to stop thinking about problems. This is a big part of who I am, I love solving puzzles, it’s what I’m good at. 457 kata lagi