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Pelargonium trichome

The scented fragrance that range from rose,mint,balsam, lemon,pineapple and other aromas obtained on the leaves of many species & hybrid pelargoniums are created inside the trichome, these are tiny fine hairs that cover the surface of the leaf and grow from cells on the epidermis. 114 kata lagi


imagine if we met,
before time had burnt us;
before the heat
was pooled at my feet.

i would clasp your hand
for eternity;
and the grey burdens… 21 kata lagi



I wish I knew earlier what I know now in skin treatment, like how to properly wash your face and remove your makeup. I struggled with hormonal acne when I was younger and now that Im past that unfortunately I have reminders of it. 241 kata lagi



i followed
the escape;
until finally
it was too
and i built
up the strength
to pass.

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Studying the human skin - part 1,  intrinsic and extrinsic aging.

In order to make the best skin care products, it is very important to understand how it operates. The skin being the largest organ of the body (16% of total body weight), protects the body from physical, chemical, and infectious attacks and plays a role in several biological and biochemical processes like excretion and temperature regulation.  322 kata lagi

Oh, Baby! Nick Cannon Welcomes Son; A ‘New Edition’ Is On The Way

2016 was a challenging year, as celebrity deaths were frequent and sometimes shocking. This year, though, there is much joy in celebrity world, as pregnancies and babies have been bountiful. 145 kata lagi

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Cannabis via Transdermal Delivery

The human skin is the largest organ with approximately 20 square feet for the total area. There are three distinct layers which are the epidermis, the dermis and hypodermis. 559 kata lagi