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it is the intense loneliness
that follows the act;
no closer to an actress,
to a performer, to a clown;
but an act all the same. 25 kata lagi

Spy Tales

magnitude of rejection.

it was a stark realisation –
no magnitude of rejection
could outweigh –
not her body,
not her face,
not her laughter,
or intellect,
or humour, 43 kata lagi

Spy Tales

Nurse Notes / Integument

Notes and writing by Billy Staggs Cahill 

Nursing – RN 

Fall 2017

Anatomy and Physiology

Instructor: Dr. Vera Mcilvain




i feel it pulling
is that how it is
for ?

not even
begging, but
knowing i will

follow it,
feel it,
obsess and… 60 kata lagi


[o n e d a y] (ii).

in those days
you made me feel
so safe
and i let you
keep me warm.

these days
i beg the universe
allow me… 24 kata lagi

Spy Tales

Day 14 -- Skin Cancer

Suzanne McClendon’s September Challenge is comprised of 30 questions (one for each day of this month) regarding your background and history.

Day 14: Do you tan easily or do you burn instead? 136 kata lagi



back in the hot room,
she remembers:
it’s been 11 years
since he walked out;
10 years
since she ran;
7 years
since he begged her back; 52 kata lagi