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The Epidermis

Skincare is going to be the most active in this area.

The epidermis it is made out of several layers with the stratum corneum being the outer most layer of your skin that you can touch, see and feel and it is made out of dead skin cells. 452 kata lagi


Which part of skin protect us from injury ? # The Epidermis

The Epidermis

“ Do you know which is the toughest layer of our skin ?”

The toughest layer of all 3 ( Epidermis , Dermis or the Subcutis) is the… 310 kata lagi

Skin - Basic Knowledge

How does our skin really looks like ? #Skin Anatomy


Our skin is a complex organ which has multiple function as listed in my previous blog     ” What is Skin ” .

Need not worry , i will try to put it as simple as possible . 265 kata lagi

Skin - Basic Knowledge

What is Skin ? What does skin do ?

What our SKIN really is ?

Everybody knows skin may be the outer-most organ that wrap around our body in whole . It gives us our color and also contribute to our appearance too . 229 kata lagi

Skin - Basic Knowledge

Can Food Naturally Boost Skin Collagen?

We all naturally produce collagen within our bodies yet our natural collagen production declines with age. Our modern lifestyle factors like poor diet, stress, and gut health imbalances can all decrease the body’s ability to make collagen. 983 kata lagi



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Why you should exfoliate:

Your Epidermis (the part of the skin you see) has 5 layers or stratum.

New skin cells are born deep down in your Epidermis at the Stratum Basale (or Germinativum)  As more new cells grow, the older cells are pushed up into the next stratum, Spinosum, thence to Granulosum and Lucidum and finally they end of at Stratum Corneum, the outermost layer that you see. 262 kata lagi

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