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that was a hard
thing to do.
like always,
this paradox
of wanting
so badly
that in the end,
i don’t want
it at all. 52 kata lagi

Spy Tales


i see your images of folly
and circles of wisdom;
i see the route ahead
blocked and porous.
“how do you sleep at night?”
he asked with an intrusive, 38 kata lagi

Poetry In Motion?

dam wall.

i walked into
the roadhouse
where we stopped
that one time.

i needed
the bathroom,
and you bought
drinks and candy.

you waited while i texted him, 37 kata lagi

Spy Tales


you never see me
in my natural
it’s not normal,
or boring,
or fake.

what we see
of each other
is an isolated,
raw edge;
not qualified,
or orchestrated.


force ii.

she forces herself
to laugh,
even when nothing
is funny;
because it makes
it seem
like it could be.

she forces herself
to eat, 55 kata lagi

Spy Tales


i want to tell you
all the things,
clogging my brain
and causing my
forehead to erupt.
but you became
a ghost; like all the rest… 71 kata lagi

Spy Tales


how do you
when the only
part you are
proud of,
the only worth
you know
will destroy you
in the end?

how do you… 20 kata lagi

Spy Tales