Label » Epidermis


it eats at your face
but you can’t touch it.
before the wind
was a welcome
cool breeze.
now the earth
rips through you,
like the asphalt… 34 kata lagi

Spy Tales


i feel
the gloom
of this place;
it swallows
my face
with a vague,
grey shadow.
even in the
brightest light,
the corners
slowly darken… 28 kata lagi

Spy Tales


you’ve been
on my mind;
and for once,
i’m hoping
you don’t

i stumbled
upon the words;
at least
i think
it was
by accident. 88 kata lagi

Spy Tales


well-oiled cliche
of paramount

say it again;
say it
to my face.

tell me it
doesn’t matter.
tell me.

he’s watching
the side swept… 57 kata lagi

Spy Tales


he doesn’t need
to wonder why.
this is just
a sometimes thing.

the clouds are heavy
and just sometimes.
too much, but to wait
until another day. 41 kata lagi

Spy Tales


she watched
the whole movie.
full of lust
but also terror
and pressure;
at pace with
trail bikes;
pirouetting daggers –
you are not
enough, 35 kata lagi

Spy Tales


no fuss.
but breakfast
smutty smoothies,
and a quiet
kiss in the street.

no fuss.
but cleaning
and losing
your keys
in the doorway. 54 kata lagi

Spy Tales