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Congratulation for Tunisia!
In the same year, after Texas, Brazil and Taiwan … silver and bronze medals, a new world-wide achievement of a heavyweight…Tunisia’s flag in the skies of New York! 179 kata lagi


Compo Palm Tree: The Back Story

Last Friday, a palm tree mysteriously appeared at Compo Beach.

Magically, it seemed, the spit of land at the far end of South Beach — jutting into Ned Dimes Marina — looked less like Westport, and more like Miami. 157 kata lagi


Cameroon's forests may soon run dry

A fall in animal and plants species population in Cameroon has continued to surge despite local and international effects to combat the phenomenon.

This continuous decline threatens the extinction of some Cameroonian specific plant and animal species. 289 kata lagi


Diesel parking charges increase in Fitzrovia, Marylebone and Hyde Park zones

A 50 percent surcharge will apply to drivers of pre-2015 diesel vehicles paying to park in Fitzrovia, Marylebone and Hyde Park zones from today (Monday 26 June 2017) as part of Westminster council’s… 224 kata lagi


The Old Grey Widow-Maker

Kipling’s “Harp Song of the Dane Women” was right. The North Sea is not to be trusted. The day before had been sunny, light winds from the sea, and the seal-spotting boats had been going out, taking tourists to see “Seelöwe.” Not this morning. 729 kata lagi


Great Barrier Reef headed for death, without a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

UNESCO warns climate change means time is running out for World Heritage Great Barrier Reef http://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/unesco-warns-climate-change-means-time-is-running-out-for-world-heritage-great-barrier-reef/news-story/4765a338156dd9e5b9b2c1d2b357d655?nk=ba26857f63080120cbd5fc74c94d3959-1498465693, Daryl Passmore, The Courier-Mail, June 25, 2017

THE Great Barrier Reef will be dead by the end of this century without a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a world-first study warns. 388 kata lagi

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