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Greek water buffalo land

Numbering 71,000 head in the early 1950s, the number of Greek bred water buffalos has dropped significantly. However, there are signs that the practice of raising the cattle is reviving as a new generation of farmers are developing herds. 195 kata lagi


Under the sway

I love that inspiration comes and goes in waves. Just like the waves of the ocean, inspiration can be unpredictable and elusive but beautiful nonetheless. Each size and shape is ever-changing, under the sway of our perception. 21 kata lagi



Rain is storming outside.

The chaos is calming inside.

Rain is showering outside.

Flowers are growing inside.

Rain is misting outside.

Butterflies are fleeting inside. 10 kata lagi


Travelling north

We are at the beginning of the mother of a road trip, destination Cape York.  Our first  few days, before we reach Cairns tomorrow to rendez-cousin with our travelling companions, have been spent visiting family members along the way.   267 kata lagi


Valley Fault System Atlas

The VFS Atlas maps can be downloaded per city or municipality. You may click the linked pages to download files. Downloading of each file may take some time due to big file size. 22 kata lagi


Nature as Teacher

Shubh Prabhatam!!!

I am sharing a photograph with you, that I have taken few days back, and you all have to do is to guess what exactly it is? 533 kata lagi