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Digging Ditches to Direct the Flow of Flood Water

I was watching Puffin Rock on Netflix (because I am studying cartoon
animation) episode entitled, “Pond Life,” when I noticed a situation
when Oona dug a ditch from the pond to save the tadpoles in a puddle. 63 kata lagi


COP23 Climate Talks, Put Simply

By Blog Writer Karl Dudman

With the year drawing to a close, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change’s (UNFCCC) annual conference swung round again at the beginning of November. 1.203 kata lagi

Politics Put Simply

Great grey owls, adults and youngsters

This video is about great grey owls, both adults and youngsters, in Sweden.

This video is also about great grey owls, both adults and youngsters, in Sweden.


The article that changed my view … of humanity's impact on the planet

Guardian supporter Matt Bowden explains why an article by the author Robert Macfarlane helped him understand the ‘Anthropocene generation’ Matt Bowden, 34, works in the textiles industry. 9 kata lagi


China Will Rebalance The World's Energy

ACROSS THE MORE heavily industrialised provinces, factories and plants are being ordered to shut down or limit production during the winter months. This is both to curtail excess industrial production and also to curb seasonal smog, a byproduct of China being the world’s largest consumer of coal, which provides 65% of its energy. 618 kata lagi