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Here’s How Your Brain Sees a Business Logo -Infographic (5 min read)

Ever wanted to know what goes through your brain when you see a new business logo in your mind…? Well check out the infographic below! 7 kata lagi

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Small businesses face perfect storm that can challenge growth

Significant shifts in both demographics and digital technology innovation are having a profound impact on today’s business landscape, according to the newly released BDC (Business Development Bank of Canada) study Future-Proof Your Business: Adapting to Demographic and Technology Trends. 1.228 kata lagi


New York's 5Pointz graffiti artists are suing a real estate developer for destroying their work

… Queens was becoming cool, and Wolkoff gave an artists' group his blessing to make 5Pointz a hub, along with keys to office space in the building. 10 kata lagi


Spark a Viral Trend in Your Product (2 min read)

1. Social currency. Consumers are more likely to adopt a product if it makes them feel special or ahead of the curve. For example, Gilt’s exclusive sales helped it become one of the hottest online shopping sites. 257 kata lagi

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AUTHOR Success Formula

Success = Consistency + Testing + Focus + Persistence

I talked about this a bit in a post earlier this week. This is just a quick representation of it and it laid out better as a formula. 84 kata lagi


For doctors, necessity really is the mother of invention

While doing his residency in medical microbiology at University of Toronto, Dr. Paul Lem thought about how he could have an impact on more than just one patient at a time. 1.018 kata lagi


How to Make Yourself Look Like a Millionaire -Infographic (2 min read)

Ever wondered what successful millionaires wear to make them look like successful people…? Well, now you’ll know! Take a look at the infographic below!

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