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Follow your heart's rythm


A lot of people dread Mondays like it’s some sort of monster. Even though I can’t really blame you because some of you unfortunately have to face your horrible bosses, jealous colleagues and basically just a whole lot of office politics or perhaps some of you are just mainly doing something you are not really passionate about but because you need to put bread on the table you are somehow left with no choice but to accept your reality. 310 kata lagi


The Meaning

Like all adventures, it’s best to start from the beginning. And in this case, is to find out the meaning of the title ‘Fashion Entrepreneur’. 257 kata lagi


Avi Chiat: Achieving A Balance Between Life and Work

Avi Chiat is a successful entrepreneur who lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. Like many business owners, he’s often found himself working beyond conventional hours when things are busy and find himself with time to spare when business is in a slow season. 235 kata lagi

Avi Chiat

From Soup to Nuts

During an interview to complete her story assignment, this student found herself being interviewed by the subject, an up-and-coming chef, about her social media projects that he had seen earlier. 589 kata lagi


Starting Again

April 2018 was very bittersweet, it was my birthday month and was expecting to plan activities that didn’t happen and business was very slow like…dead smh. 329 kata lagi

Daily Life

Coolness of an entrepreneur

Gary Vee just came out with a shoe.  Used to be shoes were only for athlete’s.  It was that way through the 80’s and 90’s.  Then the 2000’s struck and Jay-Z came out with a shoe.  369 kata lagi


Turn your nervousness into excitement is scientifically possible

One of the most common obstacles in life that every single person on the planet has has got to be the nervousness that keeps poppin’ up eating away our confidence in a situation where we regarded as critical life moments such as public speaking, competitions, interview, talk to opposite sexes, propose, and so on. 243 kata lagi