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#NulisJuga I'll Come Running to Tie Your Shoes

Hari ini, saya tengah gemar sekali mendengarkan lagu ini.

Lagu ini adalah salah satu track dari album legendaris Another Green World karya musisi Brian Eno. Setahu saya sih, … 712 kata lagi


Carmen versus Starsky and Hutch

When I was eleven I saw Bizet’s opera Carmen on television and thought it was amazing. The next day at school I asked my friends if they’d seen it and got a lot of blank stares in return. 154 kata lagi


Unusual rhymes again

Went to see Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance at the ENO last weekend, and one of the songs contained the splendidly ingenious rhyme  20 kata lagi

By This River(top)

In a period of time with more than the usual rainfall, when the streams and rivers have been running high and off-color, the fishing is limited and I look more to the unsung lives and places of the rivertops. 413 kata lagi

Musical Day - Made in Dagenham, Sweeney Todd at ENO

The next day of my April trip was Musical Day – thanks to a facebook offer I have spottet I got a very good seat in the Stalls for Made in Dagenham and did’t have to get up early to do day seating. 535 kata lagi


Becoming aware to premonitions..

Seeing visions of what I want of my own, most. Stuck chasing ghosts in the quick reflections of my peripherals. I create in a way so that it feels spiritual.

47 kata lagi

ENO - Carmen - TX test - 29.6.15

Services ceased at 12:01GMT
Test tape playout file changed.  Subtitles now available 11:24GMT
Taking reports that Subs missing in stream – investigating 11:16GMT
IS10-02 & 905 established & stable 11:01GMT… 10 kata lagi

Satellite Test