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Rigoletto at The London Coliseum

(Photo by The Guardian)

Step into a 1950’s cocktail ballroom where the women and gentlemen, dressed impeccably in gowns and suits, are in fact rotten to the core. 533 kata lagi


Interview: BBC 3 Radio 25.2.2017: ENO - The Winter´s Tale

Rory Kinnear´s directorial debut at the English National Opera (ENO) with the world premiere of composer-conductor Ryan Wigglesworth´s new take on Shakespeare´s popular play about jealousy, love, redemption and miracle. 26 kata lagi


Cold Weather Is No Excuse

If it’s 20°, snowing, and windy, Get. Your. Butt. Out. There. And. Hike. You will have a less likely chance of finishing the Appalachian Trail if you don’t know what’s coming. 524 kata lagi



Disasterpeace composed the soundtrack to 2015’s breakout horror film, It Follows.  His score honors the golden age of horror synth soundtracks by breathing fresh life into the sound (much like the movie itself takes off from, and adds to, an era of horror I remember fondly).   99 kata lagi


The Gear List

As for any good trip, the trip can be made great or lead to great difficulty based upon the gear that you are able to use. 781 kata lagi