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God Almighty

“What advice would you give a young singer starting out on a career?” the little boy asks the mighty Odin.

He ponders for a moment. 1.130 more words

Module 3 Response weekend – Final audition preparation

Probably one of my favourite weekends to date – we got to ‘play’ around with one of our chosen audition arias using the tools worked on in our previous input session with Barbara and Paul. 385 more words



On the Vinyl Connection coffee table is On Some Faraway Beach, David Sheppard’s 2008 biography of Brian Eno. It is a substantial and thoroughly researched tome covering the birth, growth, education and unfolding of non-musician Brian Peter George Jean-Baptiste de la Salle Eno. 1.241 more words

60s & 70s Music

Eno Fun!

What better way is there to spend your “Snow Day” than in an eno?

Trey’s new eno arrived and he hung it in our garage.  Jordan made himself cozy with pillow and sleeping bag and hung out completely enclosed in the eno for most of the day playing on the tablet and even taking a nap all snug and warm inside it! 19 more words

Mastersingers: six hours and two burritos later

Whilst somewhere in London Madonna was taking a bow (or should we say pratfall), the Operahussy crew were immersed in ENO’s stellar production of Wagner’s Mastersingers of Nuremberg. 404 more words


Rabbit holes, grandkids and Brian Eno

Being a “teen of the 70’s”, my musical tastes include stuff you might hear on a “FM Classic Rock station” nowadays, but there is a whole other galaxy of music that I absorbed when I went down the rabbit hole of music in the late 70’s, scouring the import racks of Sound Warehouse and Cactus Records. 144 more words


Not everyone who approaches a mammoth role like Hans Sachs has the luxury of knowing several famous exponents upon whom they can rely for advice and support. 1.052 more words