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ENO's Pirates of Penzance

I did it – I submitted the manuscript at the end of February. Who knew that the writing was actually the easy bit. All I will says is that editing is a whole different ball game and not one I particularly like. 444 kata lagi


The Pirates of Penzance 

I booked last minute tickets to see The Pirates of Penzance at The Coliseum. As children we listened to the music over and over again ~ I’m not even sure why, or whether it was mum or dad who played it, but for whatever reasons, I know, and take delight (great delight) in reciting (tarantara tarantara) some of the lyrics 100 kata lagi


'Partenope' at English National Opera

English National Opera’s 2016/17 season is closing with a welcome revival of Christopher Arden’s Olivier Award-winning 2008 production of George Frederick Handel’s Partenope, first staged in 1730. 337 kata lagi


The Winter’s Tale’ - an exhilarating performance that left everybody speechless

The crowd pulling and ascetically pleasing stage was impressive to both the audience and the actors. I have only ever been to two operas’ in my entire life and I can confidentially say this was the best experience that just pulled me in and makes me want to visit the opera every week; perhaps even sleep there so I could never miss a show. 481 kata lagi

Capital One Now Has A Gender-Neutral Chatbot To Help Manage Your Accounts

[#Eno is a supremely responsible, financially savvy text (chat) buddy. #AI #Trend ]

Capital One hails its new intelligent assistant as the first natural-language SMS chatbot to emerge from a U.S. 6 kata lagi


Exit, Pursued by a Flare. The Winter’s Tale

The Winter’s Tale

by Ryan Wigglesworth

English National Opera at The London Coliseum until 14th March

Review by Mark Aspen

Shakespeare has been struck dumb!  English National Opera’s composer-in-residence, Ryan Wigglesworth, has taken Shakespeare’s… 704 kata lagi



One of my favorite things to do when I want time to myself is to go on some trails near campus and find a nice place to set up my Eno. 26 kata lagi