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My Picks - July 2015

  1. NO SingleNest Hammock

>> >>the hammock you buy to enjoy the outdoors from a different perspective. Almost every time we go backpacking we’re usually sitting and laying on the ground. 279 kata lagi


Obscure Insurrection

This may be my last entry…

…or my first, or one in the middle – only time will tell.

Today I was introduced to Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies. 518 kata lagi


Little Bear Creek

It is a beautiful thing to be able to freeze a specific moment in time to forever hold on to.

It is a way to tell a story without having to speak… 49 kata lagi


ENO DoubleNest Hammock

Cost: $69.95

Great for: Camping, hiking, outdoor festivals, casual use and more.

The good: Compresses small but is sturdy and well made.

The bad: Stitching can become problematic over time (or for those who put it up high and jump into it). 192 kata lagi


ENO Atlas Hammock Suspension System

Cost: $29.95

Great for: Tossing up a hammock anywhere.

The good: Makes setting up a hammock easier than ever, so you’ll use it and enjoy it that much more. 121 kata lagi


ENO Twilights

Cost: $19.95

Great for: Camping.

The good: There are 23 LED lights to be spread out and illuminate whatever your heart desires.

The bad: Sometimes it is more useful to have one large central light source (like the ENO Moonshine Lantern). 170 kata lagi


Carlingford Brewing Company's Tholsel Blonde now on sale in Dundalk

Last month The Carlingford Brewing Company released its first beer, the Tholsel Blonde, in local pubs in Carlingford.

In the past week though deliveries of the Belgian blonde beer have been made to pubs and off-licences in Dundalk. 66 kata lagi

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