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#TDM - The Drone Machine Project

From the beginning of my swagger into music production of some sort or another the term ‘Drone’ has been in the room. A friend of mine, … 576 kata lagi

Black & White

Beeps, Swishes and Bleeps: In praise of the VCS3

I appreciate the small (in number) but select (in quality) group of cognoscenti who read this blog. I know that they will forgive me, or humour me, for yet another self-indulgent post. 568 kata lagi


Fat gate mark 2

Being a performer is tough. You are exposed to criticism at every turn and it is expected. But it was horrendous that the Evening Standard would go on to body shame Allan Clayton less than two years since… 516 kata lagi


The Magic Flute at the ENO!

Attention year 7s! Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’ is now on at the ENO until the 19th of March, sung in English! You could hear the Queen of the Night’s aria in person! 7 kata lagi


Glamping in Santa Cruz, CA

One of our favorite spots to camp at is at New Brighton Beach in Capitola, CA. It’s very close to Santa Cruz and the campsite is right on the ocean bluffs. 917 kata lagi

Be Adventurous

Cultural Artifacts V

January purchases continue into more of the inspiration for Low and Heroes.

Brian Eno – in the mid 70’s he’s the man on the cultural crossroads. 18 kata lagi


Cultural Artifacts IV

January purchases continue the 1970’s theme.

Roxy Music – Country Life from 1974. Contemporaneous with Bowie’s Diamond Dogs.