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modes of listening 5: reverie

We do this every day, though perhaps less so with the explosion of smart phone use, where spare moments are spent flipping through dubiously interesting posts on social media. 578 kata lagi


Some albums carry a heaviness in their name. They are allegedly significant, important, inspiring. They take on a relevance and reverence that perhaps the creators did not intend. 529 kata lagi


Philip Glass’s Satyagraha

Philip Glass: Satyagraha
English National Opera, Improbable
Coliseum. 1 February 2018

One of the surprises of the contemporary opera world is that the 2007 ENO premiere of Philip Glass’s  656 kata lagi

Concert Reviews

True Artistic Force - Review: Satyagraha, ENO

Bengalis don’t tend to like Gandhi all that much. Feminists aren’t particularly on board with him either1. More than that, the current surge in Right-Wing, conservative Hindu nationalism in India has seen a rise in overt and systematic oppression of minorities. 665 kata lagi


Becoming Gandhi - Satyagraha at ENO

An aura of concentrated stillness descends over the London Coliseum as the opening measures of Philip Glass’s opera Satygraha are sung, simply and eloquently, by tenor Toby Spence. 400 kata lagi

Performance Review

Selling an experience

It’s not only romantic lifers who talk about music in terms of the experience it creates. The wide appeal of this kind of talk can be seen in the way music is marketed, as part of what has been called the “experience economy”. 388 kata lagi


Honestly, if you’ve never laid in one of these… you’re missing out. Get an eno! It’s like a hammock if you need a better description. My family lives in the country (Lizella, GA) and this weekend I went there with my cousin to get a good dose of nature. 228 kata lagi