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Apple Jalebi - Fruit Dessert

Dessert From Fruit

Apple jalebi is easy and super delicious dessert. The fruity flavor from apple very well blends in this sweet.


For Jalebi: 178 kata lagi


Remain in Light....

Alive? Barely?  Me too.

 Can still hit the keys.


“Shit Sucks’.

Which came first?…(1)  The idea that ‘mid-life crisis’ might actually represent more than a generic justification for some BABY boomer’s self-indulgent, embarrassingly adolescent flurry of bad decisions, at best worthy of a Walter Becker lyric, and the accompanying therapist’s/lawyer’s hourly rate…(2) 381 kata lagi



1, ‘Sense of Wonder’

2, ‘Distant Bliss’

3, ‘Melt / David Caspar Friedrich’

4, ‘Rose Meditative’

5, ‘Dreaming and the Subconscious’

6, ‘Chaos’

7, ‘Ego’ 9 kata lagi

Eat & Relax

I’m always looking for new things to try. Whether it’s a new hobby, like my new interest in handlettering, or a new place to visit, like hiking throughout North Carolina.This weekend, we tried a few new things. 622 kata lagi


Tinder eat your heart out - Review: ENO - Partenope

This review is published after the production has closed – and for that I apologise. However I couldn’t miss the chance to discuss this smart, glittering and self-consciously tongue-in-cheek performance. 291 kata lagi


ENO: Partenope

Handel Partenope
English National Opera
The Coliseum, 22 March 2017

Partenope is an entertaining, if over-long, venture into cross-dressing, disguise, sexual and political intrigue and, at least in the original 1730 production, some impressive special effects, including a battle that employed a stage army. 828 kata lagi

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