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An Indiana group is giving kids the power to 'Go': BTN LiveBIG

According to Pablo Lopez’s mom Veronica, her son has been positively ebullient since he got his new car. He’ll even wake her, she says, excited to get behind the wheel and take it for a spin. 670 kata lagi


Automatic Glue Device

We’re making progress with the Super Glue Gun project, though we’ve hit a problem and we could use your help. To push the glue sticks into the gun, we need motor control.

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Government Engineering Polytechnic in Delhi

Select an institution is one of the foremost important choices you will have to build, and it is that will affect you for the rest of your life. 144 kata lagi


Masse statt Klasse

Um die Jahrtausendwende habe ich ein paar Sachbücher rezensiert, zunächst für MacTech Magazine, später auch für Computer. Was ich jedoch noch nie rezensiert habe, ist ein ganzer Verlag – bis heute. 151 kata lagi


User behavior in space

New Virtual Reality Tool for Architects to Track User Behavior in a Building

Not a very long time ago, Virtual Reality as we know it was science fiction, but now you and anyone can purchase VR headsets which can be simply used with PCs. 71 kata lagi

Virtual Reality

New Smart Nation and Digital Government Office to be formed on May 1

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

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FedEx Ad: Dissected

The 2010 advertisement by FedEx was a campaign with the intent of sharing the idea of sending packaged quickly, around the globe. This specific advertisement was for The United States to Brazil. 401 kata lagi