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Susquehanna revisited

Back in 2013 I wrote about the Susquehanna River. More specifically on the droughts and the need for Baltimore to withdraw water from the river. This is done through the intake structures above the Conowingo Dam. 412 kata lagi


"Do you fear that too many Futurologists are waiting for the singularity to happen to them, as supposed to helping to shape the world around a better future?"

Detail: “I honestly worry that the thought of the singularity enforces a feeling of unsubstantiated complacency and feelings that everything will simply fall into place as the future happens to us, not the other way around.Do you feel as though too many people, yourself, friends or family are depending on the future to happen to them, with no secondary game plan should technological unemployment happen to the masses?   39 kata lagi


"Mars simulation ends after a year on Hawaii mountain"

Detail: “http://ift.tt/2c0EyGH” -Posted by WildAnimus. Filed Under: Trending content on the future of the world.