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A Detailed Overview of Kishowar Parvez’s Professional Career

Kishowar Parvez is a diligent professional having many years of experience under his belt. He started his professional career in 2001 as a Research Analyst at CIBC Oppenheimer in its Private Client Division. 203 kata lagi

Kishowar Parvez

New sponge to make clean-up of oil spill sites easier

A new material that can absorb up to 90 times its own weight has the potential to replace sorbents to clean-up oil spill sites.

A new material created by Seth Darling and his colleagues at the… 218 kata lagi

Good News

'Hide & Seek' at the Groninger Museum

Charcoal furniture, made from burning furniture pieces and layering with a transparent sheet of epoxy to let the pieces be used across homes, forms one of the key design ideologies of a new exhibition by young artist/designer Maarten Baas at the Groninger Museum in Netherlands. 121 kata lagi


Singapore's manufacturing output up 12.6% in February

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s manufacturing output in February rose 12.6 per cent from a year ago, on the back of strong growth in the electronics and precision engineering clusters. 186 kata lagi

Current Affairs

Six seconds to go from 0-60 km/hour; IIT-Guwahati students create engineering marvel for safe racing

Business Insider  |  IANS | Mar 22, 2017  |

To promote a weekend culture of racing in a safe environment, a team of IIT – Guwahati students has built a racing car that zooms off from 0 to 60 km/hour in 5-6 seconds.  189 kata lagi



Sometimes when I’m not studying, I’m planning events for the wonderful people in fizz :)

Peritectic point

Peritectic point


“What happens when a solid phase and a liquid phase merge together?”

A material’s composition is often in multiple different phases. Sometimes, they are in a solid phase, sometimes a liquid, and sometimes a proportion of the two. 68 kata lagi