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The Wizards Toolkit - Part 1 - SHED & BOATS

Since March we’ve been working with strategic advisor and coach, Andy Salmon, to develop our understanding of how to build high performance teams.  I’m sure many of you reading this blog will have heard this all before, the consultant coming in to borrow your watch and tell you the time, a load of buzz phrases which mean little to start with and then rapidly lose their usefulness and impact when you return to the office. 982 kata lagi


TLC Diaries #3

The day started like any other day in Okhaldhunga. I awoke to the sound of the buses and Tata Sumos honking on their horns in the early minutes of 5 am, as they began announcing that they were open for business, under the pitter-patter of a light drizzle and the slow building up of fog around the ticket counters. 1.275 kata lagi

Daily Chronicles

Alfred Nobel

Did you know that Alfred Nobel was born today in 1833? He was a Swedish chemist, engineer, inventor, and philanthropist. Alfred Nobel is best known for two things: inventing dynamite and the Nobel Prize. 236 kata lagi

Lunch Notes

Same Procedure as Every Autumn: New Data for the Heat Pump System

October – time for updating documentation of the heat pump system again! Consolidated data are available in this PDF document.

In the last season there were no special experiments – like last year’s… 457 kata lagi

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