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Weather Warfare Biggest Threat to Life on Earth-Dane Wigington

“We are facing converging cataclysms. When people focus on jobs, economy and retirement, how much will any of that matter if we have a planet that doesn’t support life?  696 kata lagi


Engineering: Failed successfully

Although the third one, I believe this post was many months in the making or at least the thinking. Everything in my life was suffused with my belief in a lack of choices. 670 kata lagi


Barcelona Supercomputing Center

What was once a hallowed place of worship known as the Torre Girona is now the home of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, filling the expansive main hall with banks of futuristic computer equipment under glass. 9 kata lagi


Hoversurf Produces A Man-Carrying Multirotor: The Scorpion-3

Scorpion-3 Hoverbike From Hoversurf ATaaS – AIR TRANSPORT as a SERVICE

” Enough people must have saved enough money to buy big motors and batteries. Man carrying multirotors are popping up (see what I did there) everywhere.

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Drone News

Popular Engineering Related Channels on YouTube

EWeek – With this being the first day of Engineers Week 2017 I thought that these videos and YouTube channels might be of interest.

  1. Grant Thompson’s YouTube channel “
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Wie ich an anderer Stelle schon bemerkt habe, empfinde ich es als Qual, in JavaScript zu programmieren. Doch trotz TypeScript, Scala.js etc. kommt man in der Entwicklung von Web-Applikationen heutzutage halt nicht ganz darum herum. 39 kata lagi


Corona Machine Tool Works

Corona Machine Tool Works, 300 St. Saviours Road, Leicester LE5, 2016 • There’s no one left to raise the flags at this ornate works, sadly. Built in 1911 to a design by Arthur Wakerley, it originally housed the major drilling machinery manufacturer  8 kata lagi

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