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About the Japanese working culture

As part of the “Nearsource” countries I have discussed on a previous post, We now take on Japan, Its working culture and its IT relations with the Philippines. 935 more words

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About the working culture in Japan, and how it relates to the Philippines

Indiegogo Quadcopter Project

I has started a crowd funding campaign at Indiegogo. All the details are on the campaign page and I would really appreciate any sort of help I can receive relating to the project. 26 more words

Why I don't run. Ever.

It was my first time in a cinema and I was agog.

People dipped discreetly into boxes of chocolate-covered nuts. There were carpets on the walls. 757 more words


confirm("You Know You Love It!");

“You want me to work nights and weekends too? Yes Master!”

Ok Crazy Lady

MATLAB : Orbitallerde Elektron Bulutları

MATLAB dizilerime sıradan gitmek istemedim bazen plot örneği yapmakta istiyorum açıkçası. Orbitaller nereden açıldı diyecek olursak. Kimya öğretmenimin kitaptaki orbital bulutlarının 3D olmayışından şikayetlendiğine dikkat ettim.Aslında haklıda buluyorum kendisini.Madem MATLAB bilimsel grafikler çıkartma konusunda 1 numara yazılım bende küçük bir araştırma yapıp tüm orbital elektron bulutlarının bulunduğu bir proje buldum.Ve gerçekten çok hoşuma gitti.Projeyi buradan indirebilirsiniz. İyi eğlenceler :)


Land Surveyor Technician (west portal / forest hill)

Westover Surveying, Inc. is looking for a survey technician to join our growing company.
Applicant must enjoy working both outdoors and office. Most of the work will be in the city working near busy streets and sidewalks. 10 more words

San Francisco