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The world's ugliest Aircrafts

Here are my nominations  :

1.Aerospacelines Guppies

2.The XB70A Valkyrie

3. The M15 Belphegor

4. Sikorsky CH-37 Mojave

5. Beriev Bartini

6. Hawker Siddeley NIMROD MR2… 28 kata lagi


Hello, nice people! :)

Here’s my introductory post.

My name is Saksham. It means capable, if you’re wondering. No idea what my parents say in their little  baby to name him so. 202 kata lagi


Rough Day! :D

It was a rough day- getting up late in the morning and further elaborating what happened will make it rougher, at least for my part. I wanted to stay up late and read the book about Drag and Lift forces but I recall my mom telling me not to stay late. 126 kata lagi


Farewell Team UV-ites!

So the day has finally come; my last Team UV blog post.  It’s been a true pleasure writing about STEM topics for all of you to enjoy.   144 kata lagi


Janet Mahn

Title: Program Managers Representative for LPD 26 USS JOHN P MURTHA AND LPD 27 USS PORTLAND

Company: American Systems Corp

Location: Dadeville, Ala. 184 kata lagi


Touch Hand 2

We have been hard at work on the Touch Hand 2, the cherished baby of Gregory Jones! We are proud to announce that the Touch Hand 2 is finally finished! 140 kata lagi

#ISS supply ship options as #Nasa extends use of private contractors - an annotated infographic

We’ve all been there. The delivery man says he’s going to call on a given day at a given time, so you sit waiting at home. 167 kata lagi