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4 recommendations to becoming a better engineer

Someone once said “The study of Engineering is for those who want to dedicate their career path to it, however, everyone, that is both men and women, can use and practice Engineering. 1.365 kata lagi


Luggage lift

When you are walking on a mountain path you do not expect cylinders of cooking gas or other kitchen essentials to go sailing over your head (featured photo). 455 kata lagi


Week 3 - Quotes of the Week!

This week has had major milestones achieved for the building process, Alisha’s call to focus on that part was key in that. A helmet was done and so was a groin protector. 144 kata lagi

Day 14 - InstructoBinder / Major Update on Progress (6/22/2018)

After looking at the instructions all week, Serna has finally finished the first pass. To be fair the first pass included several passes, but it is the offical first draft of instructions. 862 kata lagi

Day 13: We Built a Thing! (6/21/18)

We’ve officially finished both a groin protector and a helmet! Mike from IMPACT Boston came by to pick up the new helmet and discussed leaving us some old armor for us to dissect with Serna and Alisha. 216 kata lagi