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Natural Born Thriller: Volvo T6 Polestar Engine

Almost all of the engines found in your favorite racing cars started life as street car engines. That is the usual process, but Volvo reversed it with the 362 HP, 2.0L T6 4 cyl. 216 kata lagi


Firefox Quantum is available now – here's why it's so damn speedy

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Mozilla’s long-awaited Firefox Quantum browser launched today. But if you’re still sat on the fence about whether you want to upgrade, perhaps this will persuade you. 1.132 kata lagi


Hydrogen Generator Engines Japan USA Power Gas Plant

NEW UPDATE More H2 Engines Delivered !!
Hydrogen Engine Generator Power & Gas Plants Price and Specification improvements.

Secure Supplies has proudly delivered engines to  another new project in Japan. 729 kata lagi

Part of plane engine cover fell off in flight, travelers say

ST. GEORGE, Utah (AP) — Two passengers on a SkyWest flight in southern Utah say a piece of the plane’s engine cover fell off midflight. 109 kata lagi


Types of Search Engine

Hello, Guys what’sUp. Welcome back. After a few days later I’m back again. Today I’m gonna talk about types of search engine. So, Without wasting time let’s talk start. 307 kata lagi


Just Google It: A Short History of a Newfound Verb

(Source: www.wired.com)

A brand reaches its apotheosis when it slips into the vernacular as a generic noun—Band-Aid, Kleenex, even Dumpster. Anyone else’s dad still say “Dempster Dumpster,” for the brothers who patented it in 1939, and alas, aren’t around now to copyright Dempster Dumpster Fire? 712 kata lagi