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Why Falling In Love Clouds Our Judgment

By Professor Kimberly Resnick Anderson

The chemicals of a hopeless romantic.

Love is a many-splendored thing. And falling in love is certainly one of life’s most exquisite experiences. 928 kata lagi


Describing Yesterday's Enchanted 5-mile A.T. Fever Practice Hike

Describing Yesterday’s Enchanted 5 Mile A.T. Practice Hike

Appalachian Trail Fever!  I’ve still got it.  It was an enchanted hike. I’d gotten busy with life recently, but mentally I’d really not left this trail since the first time.   1.207 kata lagi

Appalachian Trail

There's an Endorphin in that Cloud of Meringue

Inner foliage, the jeweled fruit of panettone, a sup of bourbon and Marsala…

St Helens floats on the skyline with the look of a cake whose meringue has slipped off into billowy piles around its base. 206 kata lagi


Sub Drop Survival Guide

Before I get really practical here, I want to share something about myself. I pride myself being a really efficient person. My take on life is that it is very short. 1.183 kata lagi

The Passion

What Goes Up Must Come Down - The Anatomy of Sub Drop

Whenever I talked about the D/s relationship with vanilla men, nearly all of them think that subbies sound too good to be true. The smart ones would ask after my long monologue, where’s the catch. 587 kata lagi

The Passion

Laughter Therapy: The art of letting go!

“Just because you’re miserable doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life.” Dr. Annette Goodheart

Laugher vs. Humor:

Humor is intellectual and therefore cultural differences make the stimulus value relative: what people laugh about in Netherlands can be different from what stimulates Americans. 688 kata lagi


I Want You - Savage Garden

If you are reading this, Sir, you know you are the inspiration for this particular sharing. ;)

I think everyone has at least that one song that makes them hot and bothered. 358 kata lagi