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The Pez dispenser theory of male behaviour

Men often make women feel like prey. Many women have pointed this out. We can see what they’re talking about: Return of Kings, assorted fuckboys, catcalling, “nice guys” who think they deserve a fucking medal for being courteous. 1.281 kata lagi

My friend Anxiety

There are some days where I just don’t feel right. I can’t always pin point why. Hormone is no doubt playing her part and sometimes my friend Anxiety pops up. 137 kata lagi

Let's Dance And Bring Your Endorphin Out ( Part 1)

Do you love dancing, guys? Here’s some my recommended videos of K-Idols. I love all the dances here, and still learning them. These videos can be also used when you’re doing Zumba, as what I suggested on my previous writing  79 kata lagi

Korean WORLD

INFINITE - Back Lyrics [Hangul + Romanization+ English]

Can you save me, can you save me

기억해줘 네 서랍속에
gieokhaejwo ne seorapsoge
Remember, inside your drawer

기억해줘 네 지갑속에
gieokhaejwo ne jigapsoge
Remember, inside your wallet… 407 kata lagi


Musings from the Off-Season

It has been I-don’t-even-know how many weeks since Ironman Wisconsin. I could go back and count, but I don’t want to. That’s too physically and mentally demanding and it is the off-season, after all. 699 kata lagi

The Science of Chocolate

Hello Dear Readers!

Happy New Year! 🎉🎉

This is a scheduled post; sorry guys, too busy due to the January mocks but I promise I’ll catch up on all your lovely posts after getting into university! 672 kata lagi



That amazing feeling of turning a corner and feeling the cool of the shade, pine tree shadows skimming over my skin. They don’t look real either: they’re running in front of me, in sync. 77 kata lagi

To Dabble