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Knolly Endorphin Review

Why did I get an Endorphin?

When I was buying my last bike I had settled on a Knolly Warden and even placed an order for one, but the long lead time to get one made me change my mind and I got a Pivot instead. 3.045 kata lagi

Minumlah kopi sebelum berolahraga!

Beberapa saat lalu saya sempat berbincang-bincang dengan beberapa orang senior trail runners. Dan memperoleh beberapa informasi bahwa kopi bisa menjadi doping saat berlari. Antara percaya dan tidak percaya ketika saya kembali aktif berlari mencoba anjuran tersebut. 343 kata lagi


14 habits to trick your brain to feel happy at work.

Time for some happiness habits

Your brain isn’t built to make you feel happy, it’s made to help you survive! So it’s absolutely normal that you aren’t feeling happy all the time. 518 kata lagi

Two Things. Horrible and Amazing.

I did two things today. One was horrible and the other amazing.

The horrible.

I went for my first appointment with my real psychologist. and instead of coming away hating it and never wanting to go back i came away really worried that she wasnt going to be able to help me because she needs to talk to her supervisor because they are supposed to be there when there is one main event to focus on when i really have 2 and a half incidents! 150 kata lagi

Scattered, then Nap, then Snapped

It’s Wine O’Clock on a Saturday.  I wrote a blog post with that title once.  Some may feel I have not earned a wine o’clock today, but to that person I will explain, “Shut up.” (With thanks to S.J. 551 kata lagi


The Journey

instrument chosen
ice cold steel six inch point
thin red lines to draw

canvas chosen
delicately warmed skin
a pattern etched

routing chosen
endorphins send her skyward
agony of bliss


[bamboo screams to flesh]

bamboo screams to flesh

searing red welt blooms in time

joy floods the soul