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We’ve always heard the great Bollywood villain Mogambo say voh khush hua, meaing he’s happy. But have you ever thought how is he happy? How does happy happen? 457 kata lagi


He was my Endorphin.
Kind you can found in chocolate or carbohydrate food.
Used to be my pain killer. 85 kata lagi

Got Some Idea


Southern Vancouver Island got a little snow over the holidays so we made the most of it and got our bikes out on the trails every chance we got. 252 kata lagi

From endorphin rush to reality

Everyone of us knows the enormous feeling, when you had a good practice or a good competition and it feels like you’ve really gone not one but two steps further in your dancing career, or even achieved a goal you’ve worked very hard for. 641 kata lagi


A Happy Life

The Secret to a Happy Life ~ a Native American parable

One day the Creator gathered all the animals and said:
‘I want to hide the secret to a happy life from humans until they are ready for it.’ 422 kata lagi


The lost art of joy - Move!

What’s your vision of bliss? Massage? Sitting by the beach with a pina colada? Enjoying a sumptuous dinner with friends?

Most relaxation fantasies don’t involve sweat. 533 kata lagi