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The yen to be happy is ingrained into our cells, even one-cell creatures have endorphins. One specific number makes me happy, every day. This is the no. 107 more words


Euphoria if only for a day!

So spin class today was a “Piece of Cake” especially compared to Monday’s class (a.k.a. The Puker).  I couldn’t believe it when the instructor said class is over time to cool down.   220 more words

Beach Snapshots

Craspore // Crystal Waves

My bitches over at Youth 1984 are delivering the shit on a regular basis. This is some of that white witch that has had me on the hunt for some time now, maybe a lifetime. 66 more words


Wanna feel happy today? How about euphoric? Just MOVE!

Wanna feel happy today? How about euphoric? Move, move move, move move and move some more! http://science.howstuffworks.com/life/exercise-happiness2.htm