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Ich sehe was, das du nicht siehst

Wikipedia sagt, “Realität ist […] dasjenige, dem „Bestimmtheit“ zugeschrieben werden kann.”
Soll heißen, Realität ist das, was mit allen Sinnen erlebt, beständig und wahr ist. 446 more words


Happy Hormones

And then we had a date. :)

This dessert makes my endorphin rush, happy hormones indeed! :)

(c) Jennifer Francia P. Villanueva, RPm


TESTED - Arc'Teryx Norvan Jacket

Personally, as a runner, the worst thing I can be is wet. Most of the time, the battle is wicking away sweat – avoiding getting wet from the inside. 612 more words



The yen to be happy is ingrained into our cells, even one-cell creatures have endorphins. One specific number makes me happy, every day. This is the no. 107 more words


Confessions of an endorphin junkie

Dopamine and serotonin. Technically, the only two things you enjoy. They’re basically the “happy chemicals”, substances secreted by the human brain that make us feel pleasure. 326 more words

Euphoria if only for a day!

So spin class today was a “Piece of Cake” especially compared to Monday’s class (a.k.a. The Puker).  I couldn’t believe it when the instructor said class is over time to cool down.   220 more words

Beach Snapshots

Craspore // Crystal Waves

My bitches over at Youth 1984 are delivering the shit on a regular basis. This is some of that white witch that has had me on the hunt for some time now, maybe a lifetime. 66 more words