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Fitness not a state of mind but a way of life!!!

“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

Physical activities have always been an integral part of my life since childhood. 513 kata lagi

Q&A: What hormone is responsible for our emotional state of happiness and relief?

Responsible for this are biochemical processes and the release of so-called happiness hormones. The most popular ones are endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

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New Routine

Running. Yes, that is my new routine. Something that I have never imagined myself doing. I really hated running ever since school time, just because I do not like to compete. 266 kata lagi

Knolly Endorphin Review

Why did I get an Endorphin?

When I was buying my last bike I had settled on a Knolly Warden and even placed an order for one, but the long lead time to get one made me change my mind and I got a Pivot instead. 3.046 kata lagi

Minumlah kopi sebelum berolahraga!

Beberapa saat lalu saya sempat berbincang-bincang dengan beberapa orang senior trail runners. Dan memperoleh beberapa informasi bahwa kopi bisa menjadi doping saat berlari. Antara percaya dan tidak percaya ketika saya kembali aktif berlari mencoba anjuran tersebut. 343 kata lagi


14 habits to trick your brain to feel happy at work.

Time for some happiness hormones

Your brain isn’t built to make you feel happy, it’s made to help you survive! So it’s absolutely normal that you aren’t feeling happy all the time. 531 kata lagi

Endorphin Junkie

fish around the mind,
motivation absent.
reek of garbage,
a sudden urge to go
and grab it-
the rush of the run,
the liberating pain, 499 kata lagi