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Timing is everything!

I mean it with IVF everything is timed; and measured. After two scans going in the right direction, follicles growing? Check. A dominant follicle showing? Check, on the second scan. 416 kata lagi


Hysteroscopic patterns of Endometrial Tuberculosis by Alka Kumar

According to our data from 1992 to 2016 , we have encountered some specific hysteroscopic markers which are common to cases of endometrial TB: 201 kata lagi


Hidup adalah Berjuang: Diagnosis Pertama

Siapa yang menyangka keinginan yang menjadi kenyataan bisa terasa menyakitkan? Setidaknya, aku tak pernah menyangka sebelumnya.

Sejak awal menikah, aku memang tidak berpikir untuk segera memiliki momongan karena aku dan Bapak Negara (re:suami) masih menjalani pernikahan jarak jauh (long-distance married), bertemu satu kali setiap tiga minggu (aqu ceweq quat :’)). 935 kata lagi


Informative video about Endometriosis

I stumbled across this very informative video that help understand what endometriosis is. If you or somebody you care about are affected by endometriosis, you need to watch this.

Source: Endometriosis.org


Last week I had an endometrial biopsy and, y’all, that hurt. I didn’t read up on them beforehand.  I knew I wasn’t being put under or given any pain medicine for the procedure so I didn’t expect it to be much of anything. 

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How to Thicken Your Uterine Lining - NATURALLY!

Before I get to the point, let me tell you my story.

You should know by now (especially if you are TTC-ing) that good uterine lining is an ideal home for your baby to implant. 1.046 kata lagi