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IVF#2: After 10 Days of Stims

Goodness! It’s been 10 days already, and we’re still not trigger-ready.

Today has been an exciting day however. At 6am, I awoke to my wife’s ecstatic giggles, as she exclaimed “It’s a SNOW day!!” Our school board cancelled all buses and closed all schools for the day, due to the terrible weather. 368 more words


BLEEDING AFTER MENOPAUSE :can be a sign of cervical cancer!

If you are suffering from vaginal bleeding even after menopause, then you must go to your doctor for further investigation because it may be the sign of cervical cancer. 52 more words


Generic Clomid Helping For Stimulating Ovulation

Most of the medical professionals of Food & Drug Association (FDA) have suggested the females to make utilization of the drug devices like Generic Clomid which has been an efficient one for the purpose of stimulation of ovulation. 96 more words

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More Biological Perspective

I just saw this article (How the woman got her period by Suzanne Sadedin, PhD), and found it pretty fascinating on how menstruation and pregnancy in humans (and close relatives) is so different from other animals. 316 more words


Duduk Terlalu Lama Beresiko Kanker

Menghabiskan waktu dengan duduk sambil nonton tv mungkin menjadi hal yang menyenangkan. Tapi tahukah anda bahwa kebiasaan duduk terlalu lama dapat berdampak buruk bagi kesehatan ?? 201 more words