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Hysteroscopic patterns of Endometrial Tuberculosis by Alka Kumar

According to our data from 1992 to 2016 , we have encountered some specific hysteroscopic markers which are common to cases of endometrial TB: 201 kata lagi


Endometrial Polyps: Should they always be removed?

The simplest answer to this clinical question would be a resounding yes. The concern is the possibility of malignancy located in the polyp. However, the presence of cancer cells in endometrial polyps is very rare. 148 kata lagi


How to Thicken Your Uterine Lining - NATURALLY!

Before I get to the point, let me tell you my story.

You should know by now (especially if you are TTC-ing) that good uterine lining is an ideal home for your baby to implant. 1.046 kata lagi


And... pause...

So I started my second cycle, a medicated cycle — oestrogen three times daily from day two to suppress ovulation and build my womb lining, then at a certain point progesterone to mimic the effects of ovulation. 696 kata lagi


My Endometrium does what?!

Endometriosis is often described as endometrial cells that grow elsewhere in the body. However there are some subtle differences between the two tissues that has posed many questions for researchers. 1.138 kata lagi


Thin Endometrium – Causes and Treatments

Uterus consists of three layers – inner most, middle and outer layer. The innermost layer is known as Endometrium and is also called Uterine Lining. A strong and thick Endometrium ensures normal menstrual cycle and pregnancy as it is instrumental in successful implantation of fertilized eggs and later also lends nutrition to the Fetus. 211 kata lagi


What Causes Endometriosis?

From what I understand and have read (mostly in general internet articles, so for you hardcore researchers you are welcome to go search for actual published research articles) is that the general consensus is that we are not 100% sure what causes endometriosis. 595 kata lagi