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Osseous Metaplasia

This type of metaplasia is a rare condition in which there is a transformation of the
normal endometrial tissue into bone. It is an uncommon clinical finding with an… 166 kata lagi


Hysteroscopy and Fertility (full article at Hysteroscopy Newsletter)

Endometrial polyps are benign, localized overgrowths of endometrial glands and stroma covered by endometrial epithelium.

Several authors agree that polyps may interfere with fertility, both by natural conception and intrauterine insemination.There are only few reports assessing the effect of endometrial polyps on IVF/ICSI cycles. 243 kata lagi

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Endometrial Polyps: Should they always be removed?

The simplest answer to this clinical question would be a resounding yes. The concern is the possibility of malignancy located in the polyp. However, the presence of cancer cells in endometrial polyps is very rare. 148 kata lagi


Hysteroscopic appearance of the endometrium

In hysteroscopic surgery, endometrial priming is key to the success of the intervention. Performing hysteroscopy in secretory phase of the menstrual cycle can significantly affect vision, making difficult the intervention and prolonging the operating time. 139 kata lagi

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Informative video about Endometriosis

I stumbled across this very informative video that help understand what endometriosis is. If you or somebody you care about are affected by endometriosis, you need to watch this.

Source: Endometriosis.org



These changes occurring during the endometrial cycle, give the endometrium different hysteroscopic patterns typical of each phase, allowing the assessment of normal “hysteroscopic” endometrial cycle. 126 kata lagi


Last week I had an endometrial biopsy and, y’all, that hurt. I didn’t read up on them beforehand.  I knew I wasn’t being put under or given any pain medicine for the procedure so I didn’t expect it to be much of anything. 

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