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These changes occurring during the endometrial cycle, give the endometrium different hysteroscopic patterns typical of each phase, allowing the assessment of normal “hysteroscopic” endometrial cycle. 126 kata lagi


Blastocyst Culture - A Marvelous Methodology For Childless Couples

Among various methods of  Test tube baby treatment the “Blastocyst culture treatment” is the best mode which offers 70% clinical pregnancy rates. This method is being practiced in… 347 kata lagi


Laparotomy Story

Hai, apa kabar?

Bulan Juni telah bergulir, tahun 2015 hampir separuh jalan, tak lama lagi Bulan Ramadhan pun akan segera mengetuk pintu rumah. Semangat!

Anyway… 906 kata lagi

Me, Myself, And I

HistoQuarterly: ENDOMETRIUM

Working in a histology lab means that I get to see a lot of what our body looks like under the microscope.  Quarterly I will share with you some of my photos from the microscopic world of our inner space and tell you a little bit about what we’re looking at. 1.354 kata lagi


Conditions Caused By Endometrium

Most of the time, the body functions voluntarily in order to protect the body from certain illnesses. For instance, the immune system helps the body to withstand bacteria and viruses that can trigger certain conditions like cough, flu or colds. 192 kata lagi

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IVF#2: After 10 Days of Stims

Goodness! It’s been 10 days already, and we’re still not trigger-ready.

Today has been an exciting day however. At 6am, I awoke to my wife’s ecstatic giggles, as she exclaimed “It’s a SNOW day!!” Our school board cancelled all buses and closed all schools for the day, due to the terrible weather. 368 kata lagi


BLEEDING AFTER MENOPAUSE :can be a sign of cervical cancer!

If you are suffering from vaginal bleeding even after menopause, then you must go to your doctor for further investigation because it may be the sign of cervical cancer. 52 kata lagi