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Flores Trip: Kelimutu National Park

My trip to Flores last December was still unforgettable, and I am so excited to share my next journey! You can read the first post… 673 kata lagi


Day 303 (Indonesia - Flores Day 20)

As I left town I was confronted by a sculpture of a hand pulling the two-finger salute towards Ende. I didn’t stop to investigate what it was for. 198 kata lagi


Day 302 (Indonesia - Flores Day 19)

I woke up feeling incredibly tired and instantly thought of having another day off. I halfheartedly started packing my things, then checked outside to see if my laundry had been delivered. 95 kata lagi


Day 301 (Indonesia - Flores Day 18)

I purposefully neglected to wear a helmet when I went for an evening ride into town today. Together with the fact that I wasn’t wearing riding shorts (being washed) and the fact there wasn’t a single bag attached to my bike, I felt free and wanted to tear along with the wind in my hair. 226 kata lagi


Day 300 (Indonesia - Flores Day 17)

I left a loving family and struck out on my own once again. From Moni, I rode up a steep incline for about 10km, but 90% of the remaining distance to Ende was downhill. 297 kata lagi



Semalam, ketika tengah mengecek laman facebook, saya dikejutkan dengan status dua orang adik tingkat semasa kuliah. Mereka memajang foto Irenius atau yang kerap kami sapa Joy, salah seorang rekan kami semasa kuliah juga. 191 kata lagi


[Wonderful Indonesia] Kelimutu

Di awal tahun 2016, (eeittss…lama bener ^_^ ) salah satu sahabat gw, yang bernama Anet, memposting foto keindahan alam Flores. Sebagai owner dan tour leader… 1.169 kata lagi