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Character and Word Counter

Even though Ember is a framework for “Creating Ambitious Web Applications”, I will continue on making small projects with it just because of how convenient it is. 116 kata lagi


Returning multiple data from different GET API requests as one model in a single route

This was one of those situations where I read this when I first started learning Ember in the docs


but completely forgot about it as I never had it come up…until now. 113 kata lagi


Nested Routes and the link-to helper

For example if you have a nested route like so

You can use the block version of link-to helper like so

{{#link-to 'foods.food' food}}{{food.name}}{{/link-to}}

Unlike regular url nesting that we are familiar that occurs in web browsers which use the… 24 kata lagi


Ember Get Methods

labels: this.get('labels')
Is equivalent to
Ember.get(this, 'labels')

However, you can shorten it by using object destructuring such that you do not have to write Ember.get every time you want to use the get method and instead simply omit the keyword Ember. 31 kata lagi


Australian Recipe Converter

I made another mini project with Ember, yay! The live demo link can be found here.

Put simply, it helps convert imperial measurements that US recipes seem to follow to metric equivalents which we use here in Australia. 38 kata lagi


Biru = Hijau

Kulabu Taruang,[1] demikian dalam bahasa kampung kami artinya biru sedangkan Kulabu tanpa Taruang berarti hijau. Dahulu semasa bersekolah – dan masih berlanjut hingga kini – pena berwarna biru masih disebut dengan… 160 kata lagi


Difference between computed and observer in ember

Note to self:

The difference in computed properties vs observers is that computed functions return a value whereas observers just run a function.