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KLP drops new track 'Ember'

KLP has done it again with her new track Ember it’s the title track to an EP that’ll be out October 14. And I can’t wait and I know you can’t either! 103 kata lagi


Ember (First Impressions)

To embrace the Embers once more.

Ember is definitely one of the more interesting purchases I’ve made this year. It’s an RPG in a similar vein to CRPGs of old, where you take up the mantle of the very last Lightbringer who was once dead but is now resurrected as the world needs you once more. 567 kata lagi


The Embers...

Hi lovelies, hope you’re all well and happy new month.

Right now, I’m typing with one hand and carrying Prince Josiah in the other so that he can breastfeed… He doesn’t joke around with his food lol! 740 kata lagi

Hello September

Hi guys!

Happy new month. I hope this month is everything that you wish it’d be. I’m so excited about the last quarter of the year. 571 kata lagi


Shovel And Bucket

Pernah main atau wisata ke pantai? Pernah berpikir untuk membuat suatu kreasi dengan menggunakan media pasir? Ya, Anda pasti membutuhkan ini..hehehe sekop dan ember. Kalau bicara tentang jalan-jalan kepantai, pikiran saya langsung tertuju kepada dua alat kreasi ini, nah, disini saya mencoba mengkreasikannya kedalam bentuk… 24 kata lagi

Stok Vector


its a gift

to love so fiercely

and a curse

all she did

like all that she knew

was to love

love she did… 62 kata lagi