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I’m… here… and you feel me… you can really feel me?
You can really feel me?
…I’m here??
Oh… wow… woah.
I… am. I really… am. 73 kata lagi

Inglorious & keep on the campaigning ....

Fresh from the Birdfair I’ve been wading (no pun intended)¬†through “Inglorious” and whilst previously considerably annoyed from the accounts and information provided via such sites as… 504 kata lagi

Executive Secretary

The Lonely Ember

A member of a certain church, who previously had been attending services regularly, stopped going.

After a few weeks, the pastor decided to visit him. It was a chilly evening. 1.080 kata lagi

Moral Reads

Rails and Ember Side by Side

This is not a blog post about embedding Ember CLI in your Rails app. Instead, it’s a post about how to get the two to live in harmony next to each other by separately deploying Rails and Ember, but making them feel like one app. 886 kata lagi

Ruby On Rails

Zoya Flair Collection Swatches and Review

Hello friends!!

How are you today? Ready for more swatches of Zoya Flair? haha I hope so! I have to say I wasn’t in love with the idea of this collection because even though I… 347 kata lagi

Moni'sMani- Nail Art Lovers Page

Embers for Christ

Last Wednesday night, I hung out with some friends around a bonfire. The fire was going pretty good, until¬†someone decided that they would burn an old, rickety chair… When the chair was engulfed in flames, it kicked up the heat a few notches and made everyone take a couple steps back. 697 kata lagi