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To Mount Dingo: A Night at Mobbs Swamp

DISCLAMER: The following text contains drug use. If this is something you are averse to, then it may be best to not read this section and skip to the next one. 1.323 kata lagi


Breaking Benjamin Premiere New Song "Blood"

Breaking Benjamin have premiered a new song titled “Blood.” This track is from the band’s new album “Ember,” which will be released on April 13.



How a writer, cave-timing
dark and solitude,
annoints an ember by
crafting the small hours
into a flagrant torch.
John Biscello


My fingers ache to write
About things falling apart;
About rubbles
Tainted with fingerprints
That match perfectly with mine.

About rusty chains
Wrapped around the necks… 174 kata lagi

Breaking Benjamin: 'Ember' Artwork, Track List Available

The new BB album titled ‘Ember’, will be released on April 13th by Hollywood Records. The following is the details of the album, including artwork, track listing, and songs ‘Red Cold River’ and ‘Feed the Wolf’. 53 kata lagi

Release Date

Session 8 - Crossing the Torc

February 3, 2017

Players in Attendance: Everybody.

Players Not in Attendance: Nobody.

We woke up in the morning after a fine sleep in the basement of the Tallmantle mansion. 611 kata lagi