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Spectral, magical flame

Once raging, now tamed

Its passion, weak

Its future, bleak

Once-proud beast, now maimed

Fifth-degree burn


Accidental, though

When I let myself… 32 kata lagi

Devil or Deep Blue Sea ? The pain in choosing the two heroic MVC frameworks

Of late, for the past few months I had been working on Ember. Few of my old posts would have been on angular-1.x. From my hands-on in both, I’m listing the pros and cons observed.  489 kata lagi

Technical Posts

Rest In Peace My Friend


5 May, 2010 – 6 January, 2017

Rest in peace, my friend

Tom 7 kata lagi


love looms
amid the earthen shrine
in contrast with truth
pressing onto parchment
muted musings left lingering
for glancing eyes
that gaze in contempt
aghast at the ongoing display… 117 kata lagi


September to December 2016

The seasonal edition.

‘Tis the season to remember all of the things I’ve done over the last three months. Some of them were pretty good, too. 523 kata lagi


Why ember test --server was failing

When I tried to run ember test –server on my Linux machine I got the following:

$ ember test --server
DEPRECATION: Overriding init without calling this._super is deprecated. 285 kata lagi