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An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

An Ember in the Ashes is told from two points of view in a Roman-like, brutalistic world. One POV is from Laia, a Scholar girl whose brother is arrested by the Empire for assisting the Resistance. 892 kata lagi


Tuesday's Track List

Hey everybody!

Because I’ve been a little absent lately (sorry!) I wanted to post a little something extra today. I hope you all enjoy!

In my experience, most book lovers are also music lovers. 278 kata lagi


13. Only to Fall

“Well… Shit…” Keyah blinked owlishly a moment before he went and poured himself a half pint of vodka, he made a gesture to his partner that read ‘just wait a minute’ before he downed half of it. 2.542 kata lagi


Embers of Heart

Two years ago on this very day, the embers of their heart set ablaze and out of it two phoenix rose. They traded hungry kisses and tore off each other’s clothes. 129 kata lagi

Writing & Blogging

~Formed by Glaciers~ (PATHFINDER, PART FINAL)

Hello. Welcome to Pathfinder, the new official name of this story. This project started out as a simple idea for a gift, and has become so much more than that. 1.027 kata lagi

Sublime Hax: Handlebars Syntax Highlighting

I have been recently working in Ember.js a javascript frontend framework (like Angular or Backbone). Its uses a semantic template language for the HTML.

If you are writing your code in Sublime Text like I am, you will quickly find out that it doesn’t recognize Handlebars and so displays its a plain text. 37 kata lagi


mandi di ember itu seruuuu!

Sekarang, tiap sabtu sama minggu, aku lebih suka mandi di ember di depan rumah. Biasanya sih pas raka lagi nyiram taneman, nah aku langsung kepo deh ikutan main air. 48 kata lagi