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A Glowing Ember.

Forgiveness. What a mighty big word. But what is even larger than the implications that word carries is the responsibility it carries for us as Christians. 1.461 kata lagi


Hey now!

Let’s play until the moon is sober

The pain you won’t regret

If we leave earlier than November

The night will be wasted… 79 kata lagi


Individual Financial Investment

When people ask me how the financial structure of Ember works, I tell them that I raise money for the organization and then each staff member, myself included, is responsible to raise their own salary. 829 kata lagi


Breakfast at Ember London

Ember in Monument has now launched it’s long-awaited breakfast menu. From 7.30am until Midday, hungry City dwellers can feast on delicious breakfast dishes with an Asian twist, in one of the most stylish venues in the square mile. 113 kata lagi

The City

Embers of our own destruction.

Fire perplexes me. Let me tell you why.

To begin with, it’s beautiful. As anyone who’s ever looked into an active flame can tell you, you see things that the mind simply can’t imagine. 347 kata lagi


Fiction: ‘Embers’

Embers streak across the sky before exploding in a shower of colours. Rockets whir through the air. They glide passed each other like brilliant firebirds until finally colliding in a blinding flash which lights up the night. 256 kata lagi


2017 “Baby Boom!” Calendar – April Story

On May 5th of last year I was leading my Workshop group on a tour of the Zoo’s African savanna. Owing to an issue with the water fixture in the main lion exhibit, the white lion cubs were temporarily on display in their behind-the-scenes holding. 1.996 kata lagi