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Elsword: Eve And Chung Get New Character Art, Illustrations

KOG Games, the developers behind Elsword as well as a host of other award winning games, are continuing their Season 2 updates of their critically acclaimed MMORPG.   290 kata lagi


Elsword's Raven and Aisha Get New Voices, Skills, Combos and More

Elsword‘s Season Two update has launched all-new Magician and Mercenary, plus all new, star-studded English voiceovers for Aisha, Raven, the entire NPC cast and more, developer KOG Games has announced.  301 kata lagi


Stuff about Perkisas

Guys i found a guide that could be really helpful when it comes to fighting Perki

by Kiryu

hope it helps ^ ^

also some tips and info about the new raid boss… 9 kata lagi


Elsword's pre-release of Season 2

Elsword‘s Season 2 will carry on through December and the holiday season with some major content updates, 142 kata lagi


Elsword's Halloween program

KOG Games, a leading developer and publisher of popular free-to-play action MMORPGs, today announces the start of their yearly and highly anticipated Halloween Dungeon and Event launch. 173 kata lagi


Na. The secret season 4 revamp craft list

Guys the craft list table previously by Meizodon has now been updated.

Note: the link has also been updated under guides