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Reaper Runs

I made Last stay up with me, trying to unlock reaper. The last run before I finally unlocked it, she had her left eye closed, trying to stay awake. 77 more words

Picture of The Day: Ara

Another hwansang artwork featuring Ara from Elsword is here as the Picture of The Day for you, Elsword fans. She is looking fierce with that flame engulfing her and you guys know how much I love girls wielding weapons.


Desktop Goodies: Elesis Calendar

Elesis from Elsword if I’m not mistaken is ready to feature in a Rainmeter skin for today! It’s a little bit Valentine theme on this skin but hell, who cares right? 56 more words


Kirby Blader's Step It Up

For those people who are playing as Raven, here are some advance for him, hope u like them ^ ^

Credits goes to Kirby Blader


3D Models o/

We all know that just a photo wont help us decide on which IB set to pick. So to make your lives easier, i would like to share this link, and to add a little extra there’s a link for the characters specific promo costumes. 33 more words


Grand Chase and it's freedom from it's jail.

(The image wherever it shall be, is a representation of how GC players feel right now. Taken off Twitter from some guy who probably took it from Google search) 1.856 more words