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Na. Critter event

Now we have another interesting event from Na. We get a chance of getting a perm free mount, although it does work with RNG

i was going to post the details of getting the perm pet, but somebody beat me to it at the forums, so here is the link… 53 more words


Based Hornet String

There a little issue with Hornet Sting where it will explode like after 1 ~2 sec after animation ended. here’s a vid

by EmphaticPikachu


New General Guide Addition

This one is a spring stepping guide, although more focus on Eve, because she’s the one that benefits the most from spring stepping, it can apply to other characters to

Spring Stepping Guide


Tips for Playing Add LP

Note: this is actually a joke vid, im sharing it for the laugh, i in no way sharing it to offend Add player base :<


About the new SD from kr

found that this was worth sharing

How youll be making your new SD sets (preparing for the future of S4 SDs) by Alcatraz

its a kind of guide to tell you how many stuff u will need to craft the new SD gear and the probable amount of stuff u will need to convert from old SD to new SD ( 17 more words


Na. Easter Event / DiE release

Relevant stuff from Easter event:

Play Dungeons to Find the Easter Eggs. During this event, Easter Eggs may appear in any dungeon except in Ruben, Henir’s Time and Space, and Gate of Darkness. 

192 more words