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Elsword M Shadow of Luna Released!

Before, NEXON Company (publisher of ELSWORD) only released the open/close (not sure) beta in Korean, and exclusively in South Korea. After their testing period ended, there’s no news on it and suddenly they released it in… 18 kata lagi


[Elsword] 3rd Job Designs Impression - First Path

Lord Knight


I love it! I always love LK and I think I always wanted a mature, more knight-looks from LK. Since he is seen with cape in Transcendence potrait, I always wanted him to wear the cape for real. 174 kata lagi



Huehuehue… I wanted to do this for a long time now. Back during the beginning of the year, I talked to my friend about a free language learning service that was linked to our library cards… Well, let’s just say we had issues setting that up, so we never got to the learning part. 859 kata lagi

Elsword 2017 Halloween Event

As usual, I am participating in Elsword’s Halloween Event! Every year I look forward to joining in. They make a special event dungeon to celebrate the holiday. 768 kata lagi

[DLRG] Nhật ký phòng khách

Nhật ký phòng khách

Author: Lúa

Pairing: Dreadlord x Royal Guard

Rating: K+

Genre: Fluff, humor, ngược thân ngược tâm :>>

Disclaimer: Bản quyền nhân vật thuộc về KOG, OOC do bạn Lúa_(:3… 715 kata lagi


[SunMoon] Evening Primrose

Evening Primrose

Genre: Angst, OOC, chém gió thành bão <(“)

Pairing: Perihart Solace x Ebalon

Rating: K

Disclaimer: Mọi nhân vật đều thuộc quyền sở hữu của KOG. 1.859 kata lagi