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Elsword Friday Livestream

I am so forgetful lately… I forgot to watch the livestream today! @_@ …… I went out, but I had my phone… ; o ; I could have watched on my phone… Why, brain, why??? 42 kata lagi

Elsword Songs

13 days and still listening to the song~ Admittedly, though, I don’t listen to it as much as day 1. (I get headaches when I listen to songs for too long nowadays… I’m not sure why. 26 kata lagi

Elsword Anime

Obligatory Elsword anime post:

When is episode 2 going to be released?

:’D Sorry, I had to join the bandwagon!

Elsword - 2nafish Livestream is On

…… Okay… So I was having too much fun with Mystic Messenger and blogging that I forgot to tune in for livestream. DX Yikes… I missed an hour of it… ^_^;;; 10 kata lagi

Elsword - Ain Job Path #2 (Continue)

Annndddd…. Elsword KOG (KR) released his 2nd job portrait! 

Hmm… Should I have said “class path” instead of “job path”? This is getting confusing… o_o ;;; Anyways, what I meant is the portrait for his job advancement (2nd job) is out! 15 kata lagi