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Elektronika 'Mirror' module development

One of the features requested for Elektronika by a member in the Facebook group was the ability to map input to the inside of a cube, to create a ‘room’ type effect. 224 kata lagi


Elektronika tutorial 10: The built-in sequencer

The 10th Elektronika tutorial is now available on youtube, in this video I explain how the built-in sequencer works. The sequencer allows you to automate module controls on-the-fly during a live set, and can really help to make your projects more visually complex.


Recording output

Probably the most frequently asked question about Elektronika is ‘How do I record the output’. In short, since version 2.73 Elektronika no longer includes the Export module, which allowed recording output to disk, so external software or hardware is needed to do this. 313 kata lagi


Label Module update

I’ve made a few improvements to the label module:

  1. It’s now double sided, so you can see/edit the label from the front and back views of the rack…
  2. 187 kata lagi

Projection mapping with Elektronika and TextMachine 3D

Projection mapping is one of the most requested features for Elektronika, and while the Dimension module does have a simple keystoning/masking tool, it’s not able to create deformations with more than 4 points or curved mappings. 171 kata lagi


SundayTunes #23 - Nerdgirls: az elektronikus zenetörténet női szekciója

A 2014-es nemzetközi nőnap alkalmából végre előhozakodott valaki egy érdekesebb tribute gesztussal; a Club Transmediale Berlin felkérésére Antye Greie-Ripatti zeneszerző, médiaművész állított össze egy playlistet… 655 kata lagi


New 'Label' module for Elektronika

A while ago Jeff Danos posted in the Elektronika facebook group asking if it was possible to label modules in Elektronika. Internally Elektronika does have individual names for each instance of a module, but you can only see these in MIDI mapping mode. 242 kata lagi