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Hàng thủ Barca khổ vì... Messi

Sau trận hòa mới đây của Barca trước Celta, tôi có lên mạng để xem phản ứng của các chuyên gia cũng như các culé. Và tôi thấy đa phần cho rằng Barca mất điểm bởi hàng thủ của họ đã thi đấu lỏng lẻo. 2.119 kata lagi

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The F2freestylers

The video that I chose to showcase was a segment from the F2freestylers. To give some background information, theF2freestylers or simply “F2” are a pair of guys from the U.K, who love to showcase their talent in the sport of soccer. 184 kata lagi


El Super Clasico

América aspira a la victoria en casa de temporada regular contra Chivas en cuatro años. Club América buscará fortalecer sus posibilidades de asegurarse un lugar en la Liguilla el miércoles cuando reciba a su rival Chivas Guadalajara en el Estadio Azteca en la 228 edición del Clásico Nacional. 46 kata lagi

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A Fan's passion for the Team's glory!

I never really had to choose which club I would support when I started loving football. Real Madrid, the name just resonated with my heart. I love each and everything about the club, its name, its jersey, its players, its home stadium, everything! 651 kata lagi

Honourable mentions: El Clasico's in a League of Their Own!

This year Grime has been the gift that keeps on giving, we’ve had some EPIC releases, Wiley’s long awaited ‘Godfather’ album dropped to chase those January blues away and Wiley’s fellow Roll deep cohort, Manga Saint Hilare released one of the most authentic grime albums I’ve heard in the last few years with ‘Outbursts from the outskirts’ in May; we’ve also had the biblical blessings of Stormzy’s ‘Gang signs and prayers’ with the album earning Grime another nomination from the mercury prize awards, putting it in good company with last year’s mercury prize winner ‘Konnichiwa’ by Grime stalwart Skepta and the nostalgic ‘Made in the manor’ by the legendary Kano, which was also nominated for the mercury prize in 2016  It’s fair to say Grime is experiencing a repeat of the glory days the genre basked in when it shook and shocked the mainstream in the early 2000’s. 2.471 kata lagi

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Presiden utama Liga Spanyol, Javier Tebas telah menkonfirmasi bahwa duel sengit antara Barcelona dan Real Madrid akan tersaji dua hari sebelum perayaan Natal.

Laga El Clasico yang selalu di nanti-nantikan oleh semua penggemar sepak bola di dunia ini selalu menjanjikan sebuah tontonan yang menarik dan akan sangat sayang untuk di lewatkan. 216 kata lagi


A Small Personalized Gift for the Best Dad Ever!

My dad is the best dad ever. Don’t @ me.

He got my brother and me tickets to go to El Clasico friendly game between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in Miami. 386 kata lagi