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The Local Derby / El Clasico

Some strange fever seemed to have enveloped the house. 33.33% of the inhabitants had been struck down with elevated levels of excitement. The following 33.33% were not too concerned about this malaise and the final 33.33% are dogs – half of these dogs (Tungui) is always excited so it was difficult to diagnose any problem with her. 863 kata lagi


El Clasico

El Clasico, Barcelona V Real Madrid: Football’s Greatest Rivalry – Richard Fitzpatrick ****

I love books like Sid Lowe’s Fear and Loathing in La Liga… 320 kata lagi

Revealed: What Messi Told James Rodriguez In Secret During Last Weekend's El Clasico.

During last weekend’s El Clasico, James Rodriguez had a chance to talk with fellow South American footballer Lionel Messi.

Image: Lionel Messi

However, both players, as well as many others who may want to keep some secrets away from radio stations, this is a warning. 219 kata lagi


La Liga stars join 5.9 Mn TV viewers at El Clasico Live in India

The first El Clasico face off this La Liga season was more than the usual Live Football affair in India. Two former La Liga stars – … 193 kata lagi


How Zinedine Zidane Is Breaking Records At Real Madrid.

Zinedine Zidane is arguably the world’s best footballer of all time though thoughts of him never come to mind for many football analysts and fans who find this an interesting topic. 160 kata lagi


Messi vs. Ronaldo (Golden Ball/Ballon d’Or) – Week 48

El Clásico is behind us and both teams could not come up as victorious.

Luis Suarez opened the scoring for FC Barcelona while Sergio Ramos… 106 kata lagi