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What Is a Literary Journal? And How Do I Get Into One?

Check out this great article “What Is a Literary Journal? And How Do I Get Into One?” by friend and fellow poet E. Kristin Anderson… 162 kata lagi

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Kyra's RAPUNZEL Birthday Cake

Pesanan mbak Eka untuk ulang tahun putrinya, Kyra.

Tema: Rapunzel (Tangled).

Pemesanan cake/cupcakes/minicupcakes seperti di atas minimal 2 minggu/14 hari sebelum hari H melalui email atau sms ke 0818926088.

Moist Choco Ganache

#PowerPose 44 - Eka Pāda Kouṇḍinyāsana #1

This week our focus is on Eka Pāda Kouṇḍinyāsana #1.  We worked on the second variation just a month ago.  For me, this variation is a bit more challenging, probably because of the big twist and the pull on the IT band.  547 kata lagi


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My name is Eka, I was born in Maninjau (West Sumatra) and I have been working as a tour guide for more than ten years with people from all around the world. 112 kata lagi