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Minimalism - Why I'm Starting The Journey

Minimalism is something I first encountered about a year ago, and I wanted to take the time to write about why I’m so hooked on it and what I’m already learning from it. 858 kata lagi


These Challenges

So my fiance, and I are doing these challenges on our channel. This is just one of the few. I get blown out in this one. 22 kata lagi


The ego struggle

The ego is a temporal (social) construct intended to reinforce individuality, personal survival and legitimacy. It is interested in what others think of us or might think of us, in competition and dominance, winning at the expense of others, which create a self perpetuating cycle. 327 kata lagi


The Maddening Spiritual "Middle Ground"

I just had one of my worst days in a long time. What’s more, all of my cures for bad days have flown away, because I have made it so: Alcohol’s gone, I was never into weed, food is too short-lived an escape for me, I got rid of the TV (which only played DVDs but even that was tripping me up), I don’t have the Internet in my apartment, and I’m on a spiritual book detox because after a while you just can’t read anymore of that stuff. 1.547 kata lagi



Is your soul perfectly round,

chiseled and shaped to perfection?

Are you not rough around the edges anymore,

and all your flaws have been smoothed?

Did they cover and caulk all the holes in it? 125 kata lagi

Worrying is the greatest egoism

– Dada bhagwan

Vimla wilson

Jay sat chit anand 🙏🙏

अच्छे विचार

Giving Thanks, The Forbidden Truth Way

I am thankful to be sane, brilliant, and Superior enough to know I have nothing external of Self to be thankful for.

I am thankful to be courageous and Self-loving enough to have created within my Self-universe legitimate and glorious triumphs that are worthy of supreme Self-gratitude. 313 kata lagi