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Mostly Non-Volatile Memory With Supercapacitors

Back in the days of old, computers used EPROMs to store their most vital data – usually character maps and a BASIC interpreter. The nature of these EPROMs meant you could write to them easily enough, but erasing them meant putting them under an ultraviolet light. 291 kata lagi

Classic Hacks

Designing The Parts V – AT24C64

Following the same way that we did with the previous articles, we now have to design the component AT24C64, which is an EEPROM memory. This time, I didn’t find any component like that on Sparkfun’s or Adafruit’s library. 998 kata lagi


Programming the ATC2864 EEPROM

Years ago I used an eeprom(electronically reprogrammable read only memory) to replace a prom in an 1802 project. The pinout is similar but not exactly the same as the 27256 uv erasable eprom used in the ZMC kit. 1.338 kata lagi


Replacement ROM for the Z80MC

It just feels too hard to figure out what’s going on with Josh’s monitor program so i’m going to figure out how to run my own code instead.   1.188 kata lagi


Sensly is a smart gas monitoring device

Sensly not only monitors pollution levels, but helps keep your home and workplace safe. 

Created by UK-based startup Altitude Tech, Sensly is a portable pollution sensor capable of detecting and collecting information on various harmful gases present in your environment. 268 kata lagi


Modern ROM dumper for Apple II systems

Quinn Dunki has a nice article showing how to build a ROM dumper for Apple II systems.

I know of a group of “retro computer” enthusiasts which will be building one… 36 kata lagi

EEPROM write!

Hello people,

Here is a small tip for the Embedded System Engineers in writing the EEPROM. This was just flashed in my memory while finding the simple ways to optimize the storage space in the device I am working on. 307 kata lagi

Do It The Hard (Ware) WAY..