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EEPROM Programmer Arduino Shield

From the The Oddbloke Geek Blog, an EEPROM programmer shield designed for Arduino Mega:

Simple EEPROM Programmer … revisited

Some time ago, I wrote about my…

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VGA Without A Microcontroller

One of the most challenging projects you could ever do with an 8-bit microcontroller is generating VGA signals. Sending pixels to a screen requires a lot of bandwidth, and despite thousands of hackers working for decades, generating VGA on an 8-bit microcontroller is rarely as good as a low-end video card from twenty years ago. 179 kata lagi


Lab 4

Link to Lab Page

  1. Learn how to store data in nonvolatile storage.
  2. Use your ability to store data in nonvolatile storage to construct a data logger.
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EEPROM Hack to Fix Autodetection Issues

Autodetection of hardware was a major part of making computers more usable for the average user. The Amiga had AutoConfig on its Zorro bus, Microsoft developed Plug And Play, and Apple used NuBus, developed by MIT. 348 kata lagi


Software development for the 805x series

While working with my now working 8052 SBC, I spent some time testing with the BASIC-52 (v1.31) program.  One of the things I noticed is that the default value for the XTAL variable is set for 11.0592 MHz.   413 kata lagi


Slow EEPROM reduces maximum oscillator frequency

In my previous post, I had written about having difficulties with the AT89C52’s oscillator being unstable and how I cured that issue.

Once I had achieved a stable oscillator, I increased the clock to 20 MHz.   452 kata lagi


Oscillator functioning properly - All looks well

In one of my previous posts, I had written that during testing, I found the AT89C52’s oscillator to be unstable and unreliable at 11.0592 MHz.   1.047 kata lagi