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Staring at the Sun: Erasing an EPROM

Flash memory is the king today. Our microcontrollers have it embedded on the die. Phones, tablets, and computers run from flash. If you need re-writable long term storage, flash is the way to go. 309 kata lagi


How I²C EEPROM Talks to the Bus

You will probably be familiar with I²C, a serial bus typically used for not-very-fast communication with microcontroller peripherals. It’s likely though that unless you are an I²C wizard you won’t be intimately familiar with the intricacies of its operation, and each new device will bring a lengthy spell of studying data sheets and head-scratching. 271 kata lagi


I2C Bit Injection Adds Memory Banks To Everything

wished to upgrade his newly acquired radio — a Baofeng UV-82 — with a larger memory for storing additional scanning channels, and came up with a very elegant solution:  278 kata lagi


Testing MicroPro TL866

Part of the learning experience around the Z80 processor is to get a good understanding of the methods used to program the EEPROM or Flash memory used to drive old style processors. 542 kata lagi

Success programming the EEPROM

After a few (actually many) attempts, I can finally write to the EEPROM (AT28C64E) in a reliable way. It took some additional reading, reverse engineering and finding other’s schematics and sources. 225 kata lagi


In-Circuit EEPROM Programming the AT28C64

The AT28C64 has a substantially similar pinout to the 27C256 I’ve replaced with it. To use it in the Z80 Membership Card I made a socket adapter that re-routes pin 27 to pin 1. 538 kata lagi


Review.IT - When apples ain't apples!

Further to my reprogramming of the BIOS for my HP EliteBook 2530p, I did some further research since I generally research things before I order bits from eBay. 381 kata lagi