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Success programming the EEPROM

After a few (actually many) attempts, I can finally write to the EEPROM (AT28C64E) in a reliable way. It took some additional reading, reverse engineering and finding other’s schematics and sources. 225 kata lagi


In-Circuit EEPROM Programming the AT28C64

The AT28C64 has a substantially similar pinout to the 27C256 I’ve replaced with it. To use it in the Z80 Membership Card I made a socket adapter that re-routes pin 27 to pin 1. 538 kata lagi


Review.IT - When apples ain't apples!

Further to my reprogramming of the BIOS for my HP EliteBook 2530p, I did some further research since I generally research things before I order bits from eBay. 381 kata lagi


Reprogram.IT - HP EliteBook 2530p Bios Eeprom

A while ago, a HP EliteBook 2530p came into my possession. The internal hard disk drive had been erased and the Bios Setup screen was password locked. 1.287 kata lagi


Toil and trouble

My worst fears have come to pass and for a while I thought the LEO-1 was not going to make it. I had made a test board to act as a fake control board so that I could test the memory board. 1.171 kata lagi


Computer Fundamentals -Read Only Memory, Masked ROM, Programmable ROM, Erasable and Programmable ROM, Electrically Erasable and Programmable ROM, Advantages of ROM


Read Only Memory , MROM (Masked ROM), PROM (Programmable Read only Memory), EPROM (Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory), EEPROM (Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory), Advantages of ROM… 12 kata lagi


Mostly Non-Volatile Memory With Supercapacitors

Back in the days of old, computers used EPROMs to store their most vital data – usually character maps and a BASIC interpreter. The nature of these EPROMs meant you could write to them easily enough, but erasing them meant putting them under an ultraviolet light. 291 kata lagi

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