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EEPROM write!

Hello people,

Here is a small tip for the Embedded System Engineers in writing the EEPROM. This was just flashed in my memory while finding the simple ways to optimize the storage space in the device I am working on. 307 kata lagi

Do It The Hard (Ware) WAY..


Q93. Define EEPROM.

Ans. Electrically erasable programmable read only memory.

Dumping Old PROMs With New Hardware

recently came across a very old synthesizer from a defunct West German company. This was one of the first wavetable synths available, and it’s exceptionally… 195 kata lagi

Classic Hacks

Arduino EEPROM

There are 1024 bytes of EEPROM in every Arduino Uno (ATMEGA328 based Arduino) and this can be used in order to save vital information. This non-volatile memory can be used for storing settings, keys, and other information. 946 kata lagi


Solder any Expansion Directly to Your Computer's Memory

Heat up that iron, you’re going to want to try this one: is adding hardware to his laptop by tapping into the i2c lines on the memory module. 157 kata lagi

Computer Hacks


If you, like me, have an old laptop and have lost the BIOS password, all is not lost.

After a little searching I found a little online utility (no downloads!) that returns the backdoor passwords of most BIOS manufacturers. 70 kata lagi


This Arduino-based device notifies you of an external IP address change

Maker uses Arduino with an Ethernet shield to send you an email whenever your external IP address changes. 

A Maker by the name of “Bayres” has devised a pretty slick project using an… 455 kata lagi

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