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Software development for the 805x series

While working with my now working 8052 SBC, I spent some time testing with the BASIC-52 (v1.31) program.  One of the things I noticed is that the default value for the XTAL variable is set for 11.0592 MHz.   413 kata lagi


Slow EEPROM reduces maximum oscillator frequency

In my previous post, I had written about having difficulties with the AT89C52’s oscillator being unstable and how I cured that issue.

Once I had achieved a stable oscillator, I increased the clock to 20 MHz.   452 kata lagi


Oscillator functioning properly - All looks well

In one of my previous posts, I had written that during testing, I found the AT89C52’s oscillator to be unstable and unreliable at 11.0592 MHz.   1.047 kata lagi


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Immobiliser Introduction – FUNCTION DESCRIPTION

An immobilizer is a system in an automobile that disables the ignition unless a specific key is applied or used. It is designed to aid in preventing vehicle theft. 184 kata lagi

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Immobiliser Introduction – Part 4

Design Objectives

The Digital Signature Transponder was designed to be compatible to existing transceiver hardware, based on existing assembly standards and circuit blocks. This also made it so that the DST did not call for a change in automated production lines. 635 kata lagi

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AT89C52 arrival and more hardware/software testing

The newly purchased AT89C52’s from a different vendor arrived in relatively short order.  The original order from a Chinese eBay vendor still have not arrived (as of yet). 1.541 kata lagi