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Mangrove and Its Benefits

Mangrove is a small tree that grows in coastal brackish water. Many people know that it serves as a home for fishes and other sea creatures. 105 kata lagi

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Playing Tourist--Los Amoles, Guanajuato

To start off the 2018 A to Z Challenge, I’d like to tell you about a little town called Los Amoles.  Its full name is… 445 kata lagi

Tourist Sites In Mexico

5 places you should visit when you are taking flight to Cozumel

Most people know Cozumel for its incredible diving places along the shallow reefs and its beaches, divers who know about this theme tend to go toward the northern beaches, while families looking for a quiet place and calm shores seek beaches toward the south of this marvelous city. 461 kata lagi


Eco park

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A miniature Chinese temple situated in Asia’s largest ecological park…the ‘Eco park’, Kolkata. A perfect place to visit…


Eco park

‘Eco Park’ is an urban park in New Town Kolkata and the biggest park in India currently. This is conceptualized by Honorable Chief Minister of… 115 kata lagi



CEDEO Event Organizer dengan bangga menyelenggarakan Kompetisi Fotografi paling akbar tahun ini. Kontes yang menghadirkan nama-nama besar dan senior di bidang Fotografi seperti Darwis Triadi, Firman Ichsan serta Triyudha Ichwan. 244 kata lagi

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Eco Resort Island

This quaint island is nestled inside the man-made lake of Eco Park, a nature reserve that serves as the green lungs of New Town, Rajarhat.  Despite its name, the park is less an ecological reserve and more a nature theme park for the citizens of Kolkata. 8 kata lagi