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Panguil: The Quick Escape

Laguna is a vast terrain filled with vacation gems anywhere you turn. Once you decide for a quick escape from the hustle bustle that your city is known for, just take a few rides from Metro Manila and you’re ready to immerse yourself into some virtually intimate time with nature with Panguil Eco Park. 852 kata lagi


Eco Park Engagement

This session makes me feel super fortunate for three reasons.  First, these gorgeous natural trails are just a block from my home!  Secondly, I have awesome clients like Sabrina and Patrick, who trust me when I suggest locations!   18 kata lagi

Chameleon Imagery

Do you think it is Dora Lake?

Do you know Dora the explorer? Yes, I cannot tell many things about the Dora. However, I want to share about Dora Lake. The Lake is located at LIPI complex, jalan Raya Bogor km. 180 kata lagi


Nature Creating the Contrast in Silence ...

Participating after a long time in Trablogger’s MMC… feels great to be a part of Jithin’s team.

Simply liked the idea of MUNDANE MONDAY CHALLENGE #26… 189 kata lagi


Picnic at Panguil Ecopark

Picnic at Panguil Ecopark

Once again, a friend invited us to check out nearby places in Metro Manila so we visited Panguil Laguna particularly, Panguil Ecopark. 131 kata lagi

Twisted Adventure

The Parable Of The Watershed

This is the original draft of the report that was published on GMA News Online

Dave Azurin’s resume is not a piece of paper. It is a 1,500 hectare-forest with 765,000 trees.

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