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Blue Skies Nobody - Part Two

Blue Skies Nobody – Part Two is here!

You can download it as a fixed layout for Amazon Kindle Fire®, Apple iPad®, Android devices, and Mac or PC via Blurb, 52 kata lagi

REVIEWED: Kobo Aura H2O Edition 2

It’s bigger than a Kindle and it’s waterproof, but this super-slim eReader’s killer app is its abilities with ‘save for later articles from around the web 603 kata lagi


Monday Musings 05/22/2017

I’m plotting my next plot, in between working, meetings, and research. It’s been a busy couple weeks, well, I ought to say MORE busy than usual. 94 kata lagi


Blood Drive Interview 4 - Father Matthew McAllen

“Hello and welcome to my final interview of the characters of my upcoming book ‘Blood Drive’,” Budgie says, once again sitting in his studio seat. “I’m joined by Father Matthew McAllen, a vampire-hunting priest.” 697 kata lagi

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A World Of Difference

Invited to a lab outside of Boston, Stephen was expecting a job interview.  Instead he is told that parallel worlds exist along side our own, and he meets Stephanie, born in his place in one of these worlds.   49 kata lagi


Meteor Flu - SciFi/Taboo Erotica

A series of meteors strike Earth.  Most fall harmlessly into the ocean.  But five hit land, and from those a mysterious illness spreads, infecting all of mankind, then goes away, leaving behind changes in people’s genetic structures.   73 kata lagi