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Maelstrom: Part 2

Hey guys! Guess who forgot today was Monday and thus a blog post day?? Lol! Anyway, here’s the next part of this new installment of the Adventures of Elizabeth Shelley! 1.267 kata lagi


Vintage Atwater Kent Model E Radio Speaker

Vintage Atwater Kent Model E Radio Speaker
You Are Bidding On A Vintage Atwater Kent Model E Speaker. Speaker Is Being Offered For Parts Or Restoration. 126 kata lagi


another visitor...

oooh this month is just getting better and better with umm visitors coming to our residence…first weird Pumpkin Head decides to show up almost kidnap Dena and I told him a thing or two but umm like some males they just do not seem to listen ~ all they hear is waaa waaa waaa ~ now this thing shows up that won’t speak just stands there like some statue holding this lantern, which is creepy ~ yes yes course I took pics… 604 kata lagi

Review: Enslaved - E

Fourteen albums into their career is perhaps not exactly when you’d expect a band to change up their established sound and take musical risks, but if there’s an exception to this unwritten rule, it’s… 346 kata lagi


Maelstrom: Part 1

Hey guys! I know I didn’t post on Monday, but here’s a new Elizabeth installment! Check it out, and leave a like if you like it! 1.054 kata lagi


I Actually Don't Think I Can Keep Up With the Kardashians Anymore, But I'll Try

Next week marks the 10th anniversary of the E! show we’ve grown to know and loveKeeping Up With the Kardashians. I try not to place too much stock in the titles of things, but like, I’ve literally one-hundred percent kept up with them over the last decade. 564 kata lagi