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Meant to save your life, now overuse of antibiotics may endanger it: study

Imagine you get a serious infection or life-threatening illness and the antibiotics prescribed to save your life don’t work. According to a new study, there are now “alarming rates of bacteria resistant to last-resort antibiotics.” 529 kata lagi


Stick it in: No more pink in the middle for Worthy Burger after 7 sickened

This case, reported from the other side of the pond, shows just how dangerous it is to serve undercooked burgers. STECs are not trivial infections. As the report states, you can’t rely on colour to be sure cooking has killed all those nasty pathogenic… 23 kata lagi

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Potential Problems Linked With Drinking Cider, Juice That Hasn't Been Pasteurized

As the autumn season sets in and the crisp air has many people heading to their local cider mills and farmers’ markets, officials with the FDA are reminding consumers about the potential problems that have been associated with drinking juice and cider that have not been pasteurized. 226 kata lagi


Creative Minds: Searching for Solutions to Chronic Infection

If you or a loved one has ever struggled with a bacterial infection that seemed to have gone away with antibiotic treatment, but then came back again, you’ll probably be interested to learn about the work of Kyle Allison. 417 kata lagi


Does the 5 Second Rule Really Work?

There’s almost nothing worse than getting ready to take a big bite of some delicious food…and then dropping it right on the floor. But if being a kid taught you ANYTHING, it’s that if you can pick it up before counting to five, it’s safe to eat. 322 kata lagi


Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V for DNA

Once upon a time, the aspiring nerdling’s gift of choice was the Gilbert chemistry set. Its tiny vials of reagents, rack of test tubes, and instruction book promised endless intellectual stimulation and the possibility of stink bombs on demand. 328 kata lagi

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