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That New Superbug Was Found in a UTI and That’s Key


THE WOMAN HARBORING E. coli resistant to colistin did not know it, and it’s only luck that we do. Her doctor would have never prescribed that last-resort antibiotic for a routine urinary tract infection—it can cause serious kidney damage. 984 kata lagi


New Antibiotic Resistant Superbug Identified In The U.S.

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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Texas doctors are on high alert after a Pennsylvania woman has been diagnosed with the first known U-S case of a superbug that is resistant to the strongest of treatments available. 150 kata lagi


Report: 1st U.S. Case of Germ Resistant to Last Resort Drug

NEW YORK (AP) — For the first time, a U.S. patient has been infected with bacteria resistant to an antibiotic used as a last resort treatment, scientists said Thursday. 433 kata lagi


Experts fear newly discovered 'superbug' will render antibiotics useless

A new bacteria discovered in an American patient is alarming researchers and prompting a medical journal to declare “the emergence of a truly pan-drug resistant bacteria.” 324 kata lagi


Superbug that resists 'antibiotic of last resort' found in US: report

PENNSYLVANIA – For the first time, doctors have diagnosed a patient in the U.S. with a superbug resistant to the so-called antibiotic of last resort, … 278 kata lagi


Doctors Find Superbug Resistant To Last-Resort Antibiotic In Pennsylvania Woman

Welcome to the post-antibiotic world. Doctors say that a 49-year-old woman in Pennsylvania was infected with a “truly pan-drug resistant bacteria,” in other words, a bacteria that will not respond to many known antibiotics. 428 kata lagi

Cantran Raw Pork & Pork Organ Recall [Canada]

Canada/Ottawa: Cantran Meat Co. Ltd. recalls certain batch/lots of Raw Pork and Pork Organ Products due to suspected E. coli O157:H7 contamination, a serious health hazard. 498 kata lagi

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