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Why Not Nica?

Hi there, me again. I’m in an adventure club. Way cool, right? Way cool. My fellow co-founders of the Why Not Adventure Club are two of my favorite friends, Danielle and Callan. 934 more words


Researchers Harness E. coli for Propane Production

David Lawrence possesses more than three decades of experience in the energy, oil and gas industries, having held numerous executive leadership positions at Shell. After retiring from Shell in his roles as executive vice president of exploration and commercial for Shell Upstream Americas and head of Global exploration, David Lawrence drew on his substantial experience to form Lawrence Energy Group, LLC. 188 more words

David Lawrence Shell

Travellers Diarrhoea: The pants dance

Delhi belly, Bali belly, Food Poisoning. Acute Gastroenteritis (from pathogen infiltration) has certainly been given many nicknames over the years and with good reason: It sucks. 921 more words

Bacteria 2.0

In recent years scientists have been very successful at modifying microorganisms for humanities benefit. This represents a burgeoning field called synthetic biology, in which natural sources are being retooled for new use. 497 more words


Patience is a virtue for tolerant bacteria

13 March 2015
By Kate Baker

Treatment failure of antibiotics for bacterial infections represents a global public health crisis. The most well-known issue is antimicrobial resistance, which is identifiable by an elevation in the amount of antibiotic required to stop bacterial growth. 693 more words

Family of Utah woman who died while serving LDS mission in Argentina share their memories

WEST HAVEN, Utah – A Utah family is mourning the loss of their daughter after she died while serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Argentina. 428 more words


Check Your Specs

Oh man. Awkward. Awkward fucking moment. The guy who sits across from me in lab said, “You look at me as if we’re about to kiss.” 72 more words