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How Clean is Your Kitchen?

Kitchens contain some of the most germ-ridden items in an average home. In a study conducted by NSF (a public health and safety organization), 36 percent of kitchen items tested contained E. 285 more words

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Can We Fight Bacteria With Maple Syrup?

A recent study from McGill University found that maple syrup enhances the efficacy of antibiotics used to treat certain types of bacteria. They found that this maple syrup and antibiotic combo acted synergistically to combat bacteria such as… 272 more words


Health officials suspect E. coli illnesses linked to leafy greens

Federal health officials are warning that a string of E. coli infections across Canada could be linked to leafy green vegetables.

About a dozen E. coli-related illnesses have been reported so far. 523 more words


Patties Foods tests fail to find any hepatitis A

The Australian Eli Greenblat April 15, 2015

The food manufacturer at the centre of the hepatitis A outbreak earlier this year linked to frozen packets of Nanna’s mixed berries claims the integrity of its quality-assurance systems has been vindicated after its own testing failed to find any trace of the disease. 345 more words


Good Government Costs Money

Way back in 2010 the Congress of the United States got together behind a law that modernized the food safety inspection system. Everyone agreed, in a rare example of bipartisan cooperation, that the rash of food borne illnesses and tainted foods arriving in our stores from our own factories, China, and similar foreign suppliers had to be dealt with. 709 more words


9 Types Of Bacteria You Didn't Know You're Sharing Your House With

They owe me rent!

We all know that the homes we believe belong to us are actually varied landscapes in which billions of creatures live, but we usually try not to think about our microbial roommates.

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Golden staph: the deadly bug that wreaks havoc in hospitals

Frank Bowden, ACT Health

Take this quick medical pop quiz: which of the following conditions would you prefer to have during your next stay in hospital? 839 more words