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Lite-On failure --> NewEgg fail

Lite-On has a great reputation for quality and performance in optical media burners.  I’ve used them (among others) since the 90s and have never experienced a failure. 165 kata lagi


Recordable 5 inch optical discs: 20 years later

When the Compact Disc-Digital Audio (CD-DA) arrived on the scene in 1982 (along with the LP-sized video LaserDisc), and with knowledge of computers abounding, where you heard of “hard disks”, “floppy disks” (both magnetic; the latter essentially tape material shaped as a disk), and then… 6.268 kata lagi


IT Lingo for Dummies: Optical Drive

In this series, “IT Lingo for Dummies”, we will explore different technical topics such as desktop computer components and break them down into less techno-speak. In this installment, we will explore optical drives. 728 kata lagi