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Captain's log - Damn Shields

Captain’s log 23

Star fleet cut the budget for the damn shields again. Damn it, how could we always have brand new uniforms but weak ass shields , I don’t, get it. 94 more words


Loads of Lubricant: Where to Begin in the Liquid World

There are hundreds of types of sexual lubricants in the world now; tingling, warming, waterproof, sensitive skin, anal, non-anal, satin feel, body paint, flavoured, scented, unflavoured, unscented, water-based, petroleum-based, oral…The list is endless, and frankly, it’s exhausting trying to know which ones are the best for you, and to figure out whether actually, there is even a difference! 937 more words

Celebrate and educate...the condom

14th February means a day of love for many, and others possibly just another day of life. I found myself asking how many of them realise the important holiday that falls upon them…. 476 more words

Fraga the Latin lover

Por todos son conocidas las dotes que el bueno de Fraga tenía para conquistar auténticos bellezones del género opuesto. Precsimamente una de esas conquistas del ‘Hugh Hefner Gallego’, como era conocido entre sus más allegados, dejó testimonio escrito de sus devaneos con él. 59 more words

Pintadas Nacionales

Durex extra large.


Advertising Agency: The Jupiter Drawing Room, South Africa
Creative Directors: Graham Warsop, Michael Blore
Art Directors: Shane Forbes, Liam Wielopolski
Copywriter: Clint Bechus
Photographer: Michael Meyersfeld

Ad Campaigns

Love -- and Marketing -- is in the air!

Holiday marketing: you either love it or hate it. As a consumer, it’s nice to take advantage of a sale, but as a marketer, it can get downright embarrassing. 247 more words


🚙Vroom Vroom 🚙At Home With 💏🔞Mr Fast and Furious💏🔞

Manic as January was for this Single Londonista it’s also been one of the loneliest. Granny has left the country to stay with family in sunnier climates and my Comedienne of a sister spent a couple of weeks away with work which meant adios to cooked meals and in-house entertainment. 1.202 more words