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The Garden of Senses (Part I)

Eveline stood by the bushes in a crouch
When something audacious fell out her waist-pouch
Her sun-cap skewed, her eyes widened
The red of the roses leaked into her cheeks… 577 kata lagi


Something Funny, Something Nostalgic

I was waiting in line to check out at some supermarket. Accidentally, I saw this particular thing that caught my attention. It was a condom. Durex. 400 kata lagi

Short Story

Tug of War: Mammy-0, Toddler-1

Life isn’t a competition but if it was, my toddler would be winning…

It was a dark and cloudy Wednesday evening. OK, it probably wasn’t… 637 kata lagi


Lebih Tipis Lebih Enak?

Data dari Badan Kependudukan dan Keluarga Berencana Nasional (BKKBN) tahun 2012 mendapati, hanya 4,7 persen pria yang menggunakan alat kontrasepsi. Dari jumlah tersebut hanya 2,5 persen yang menggunakan kondom. 205 kata lagi


Idle Eye 194 : The Guzzler

As I was straining the greens before leaving work this afternoon, it occurred to me that an actual person invented those little rubber mats that sit awkwardly in the belly of their white porcelain hosts. 477 kata lagi

Douglas John Thorp

Condom Company Is Also Making Baby Formula!

Some are saying it’s a conflict of interest, but I say it’s a good business!

Reckitt Benckiser, the company that makes Durex condoms, Air Wick fresheners, and a bunch of other stuff just agreed to buy… 35 kata lagi