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REVIEW: Durex Play Feel Lube

Originally written on 08/01/15

I bought this lube from Tesco originally (self-serve = minimal people nosying at what you’re buying), but you can buy it basically anywhere. 274 more words


Nigeria ranked most sexually satisfied country in the world

Nigeria has been ranked the most sexually satisfied country in the world. According to a survey carried out by condom manufacturers, Durex across 26 countries, Nigeria was named the most sexually satisfied country in the world. 57 more words


The days of sober advertising!

The last few months while I recovered from a major flu, I was going through latest ads across media. I noticed that these days ads with very low, sober, subtle and minimal content are catching more eyeballs than the old “rocking/colorful/content heavy and loud” ads. 102 more words


YouTube and the Quest for the Golden Customer

Yea totally dumb headline but I laughed! So I saw the other day on Adweek (yes, my teachers have turned me into a marketing nerd) that the new trend to reach the ever lovely millenials is to team up with YouTube stars and shamelessly self promote. 244 more words

Marketing Monday

Groupon For Condoms Full Of Holes

By John Dodge

CHICAGO (CBS) — It was a deal full of holes, literally.

Customers in Australia who purchased a Groupon for discounted condoms have been told to stop using them. 118 more words


Groupon May Have Sold Condoms With Holes In Them To People

Groupon now has something in common with your crazy ex who tried to trick you into a baby, other than a fondness for questionable sushi, perhaps. 224 more words

Web Culture

Citizens 'Caine: The Truth about Delay Creams

Benzocaine and lidocaine are both topical anesthetics used by dentists (just like dental dams!) to numb the mouth during procedures. But they also have found a place in the sex industry as a way to numb certain parts of the body. 691 more words

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