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One Man

One Man

He sat there,
In the blackness…

His body sunken down,
his legs splayed out in front of him,
his butt flat on the ground, 203 kata lagi


Two Men in the Blackness

For so long there was no sound but silence in this place of cold, dirty blackness.

“I used to be something. My name was Nickolai. 542 kata lagi


Durlag's Tower Level 2-CPNR

Before you watch the video below, you should take a look at the Extra Credits series introducing the CPNR method of dungeon design by applying it to level 1 of the tower. 120 kata lagi

World Building

2.1 - Bone-Faced Worg

Canis Osvultus, or the bone-faced worg. Often colloquially called a skulldog or a skullwolf, the bone-faced worg is smaller than its worg cousin (Canis Vargr).  2.681 kata lagi


1.10 - River of Souls

There’s something different about the System than it was in times of old. Long ago, the ancients made use of the System to create massive civilizations that spanned continents, each city a piece of art more wondrous than the next. 2.692 kata lagi


And Now For Something Completely Different

There were some cool ideas flowing on the Story Games forum, so I stole one of them and came up with this: A Truly Silly Dungeon Crawl… 53 kata lagi


1.9 - Floundering in the Deep

I was thrown into this world, unsure of myself. I knew not where I was headed, or even worse, how to get there. Someone somewhere had a plan for me. 2.373 kata lagi