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D&D Rules Developer's 9 Insider Hacks For Players and DMs

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Wizards of the Coast’s Jeremy Crawford

Dungeons & Dragons’ lead rules designer Jeremy Crawford has a tough job. To keep the game in top form, he’s got to make sure its exhaustive ruleset walks that fine line between combat and role-play, thoroughness and accessibility, firmness and flexibility. 1.184 kata lagi


"VR Dungeon Knight" Updated With Increased Dungeon Difficulty, Overhauled Teleportation & More

A VR dungeon crawler “VR Dungeon Knight” was released a couple of months ago as early access on Steam by Blackjard Softworks, and today it sees a rather major update. 151 kata lagi

HTC Vive

The Trials of Bardam's Mettle

My wife and I traversed the trials of Bardam’s Mettle this evening.

We moved through the trials with ease and were rewarded for our success. 71 kata lagi


Gen Con 50 games wrap-up part 2

Since my first Gen Con games wrap-up post ended up being so long, I decided to break it up into separate posts per day of gaming. 1.373 kata lagi


Inside The Hilarious Variety Show That Killed 175 Level 1 D&D Characters

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Killer Breakfast

A bloodthirsty janitor, Colonel Mustard, Death, a God-fearing cleric and a dabbing teen had one thing in common at Gen Con last weekend: they were among over a hundred Level 1 characters whom a sadistic dungeon master killed in the span of two hours. 425 kata lagi


Return to the Medusa's Chasm

The Dark Huntress, a medusa most foul, has turned this old shrine into her lair which she shares with her favoured ones – a pack of tainted goblins that can run on the walls and ceilings like insects. 175 kata lagi


3.4 - Aftermath

After the War of 812…the slavers came. The aftermath that occurred was worse, so much worse than the war itself. After our warriors left to fight on the plains to the east, we were trapped in our own city, no where to run, with the oceans to our back and the enemy surrounding us… The plains were a trap. 3.935 kata lagi