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OTDW: Succubi & Incubi

The succubi are what is known as a symbiont race; their culture and lifestyles are primarily dependent on those of other races. In the case of succubi (also called incubi- we’ll address this later), they are creatures that are dependent on humans and humanoid races for their survival. 1.340 kata lagi

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The Old Exchange

This one was just for fun. This is in the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon in Charleston, South Carolina. I remember seeing this many years ago when it was animatronic. 15 kata lagi

OTDW: Firenewts

Dependent on intense heat for their reproduction and survival, the firenewts have a history of totalitarianism and war. This is fueled by their limited resources, drive for survival, and intense religious devotion. 1.661 kata lagi

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Sound & Music(finally!)

Happy new year (just two weeks late)! For this week I’m going to talk a primarily about the sound design of Tales of Astya, as I have finally gotten around to purchasing some custom composed music! 546 kata lagi

Tales Of Astya

OTDW: Neogi

From overseas, the neogi came with their whips and chains and hearts of pitch. Their numbers were low but their desire was great, and through determination and cunning they have made a foothold in the mortal plane. 1.338 kata lagi

Dungeons And Dragons

A New Year starts

We continue from last week, now seeing in the new year.

Although Dee had been released from the bench, she was in no fit state to join in the traditional singing of Auld Lang Syne. 1.180 kata lagi


All WOW Mounts for Sale | Karazhan dungeon and Trials of Valor

Blizzard has kept its promise to its avid fans as it consistently delivers updates to World of Warcraft’s latest expansion; Legion. The Survival Guide Trailer for Patch 7.1.5 has featured Brawler’s Guild, Micro-Holiday and more.According to… 318 kata lagi