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Chapter 108: The Patchwork Woman

Chapter 108: The Patchwork WomanAfter arriving at the strange building that is supposed to be the dungeon that belongs to Dungeon Core Tom. I along with the patchwork woman move over to the door in front of us opening it up and say. 6.301 kata lagi

Chronicles Of A Dungeon Core Chapters

Secondary Passages into the Depths of the Earth

While most traffic into the depths of the earth tries to stick to the primary passages, there are those who wish to travel either to less-ventured places off the main passages, or those who wish to avoid running into major patrols of the various races down below. 164 kata lagi


Chapter 107: The King's Response

After our talk with Logan we make our way to the capital. Of course meeting with the king isn’t as simple as just dropping in even for Logan a meeting must be set. 4.324 kata lagi

Chronicles Of A Dungeon Core Chapters

Primary Passages into the Depths of the Earth

There are tunnels and passages that lead deep under the land to the ever-dark homes of the various so-called “deep races”. These descents are typically marked on the rare maps of these underlands as either primary, secondary or tertiary passages. 219 kata lagi


Halloween - A Bondage Movie - Part 1

It’s Halloween…and it’s ‘Trick or Treat’ time for The Prisoner. However, The Captor has no time for treats…but he does have lots of tricks involving stressful chain bondage. 43 kata lagi