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The Underground Vol. 3 Pt. 3

                Izzy hoped her roommate decided to stay at the club for a while, because she was naked and partly covered in cum with Derek, who was in the process of taking off the rest of his clothes. 734 more words


Trendy Or Traditional #Cyprus Places?

A castle dungeon-Imagine the clanking of chains, screams for help, moans for lost hope, the smell of sickness and musty damp.

Contrast this with shiny chrome deck rails, dark blue or ice white boat hulls, shimmering water, smart cafes and spotless walkways. 21 more words

Stull Cemetery (PART 1)

We stood on the dry ground, side by side. The sun beat down on our hooded heads. The wind stopped blowing. The breeze that had gently stirred the grass at my feet and the hair tumbling out of my hood lay still; dead; leaving us to suffer the unbearable heat without its cool relief. 836 more words


Delver Early Access Review (First Review!)

Delver A New Early Access Game!

First I Will Do Some Summary.

Graphics 10/10 I Love The Pixel Graphics And Other Things Such As Weapons Tools People Dead Bodies. 100 more words


Dungeon Updates

After the game of Dungeon Down I decided it was worth staging a picture of all my dungeon tiles together.

I think the pictures are better suited to being eloquent in this case so here they are: 366 more words

Hirst Arts

Fear of the Dark...

A bit of mood music for those interested…or not.  I know Iron Maiden can be an acquired taste for some, so click at your own risk: 1.305 more words


GAME REVIEW: My love/hate relationship with Pixel Dungeon

I remember when I first played Pixel Dungeon, I hated it. “What’s the deal with the perma-death!?” I bemoaned. I had never heard of such a thing. 1.013 more words