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[Sunday Map] Kevin Campbell's Classic Dungeon Level 1

Another Kevin Campbell piece for this Sunday. My love of Kevin’s work includes his free approach to angles, building maps that are more rounded or triangular than the traditional grid-based dungeon maps we grow accustomed to in RPGs. 146 more words


The Underground Vol. 6 Pt. 3

         As strong as Matt was, Lauren hated having to use him as a step stool while the shackles had her so far off the ground. At least Carter cared about his brother, so he wouldn’t do anything to have him hurt. 637 more words


Saving the Sharkwoman

There she was, strapped to a table, trapped in her half-human, half-shark form. She looked so so lifeless “Shayu!” I yelled. I couldn’t stop myself. She seemed to be unconscious, most likely drugged. 625 more words

The Story

New Advert Pic & Build Update

Sorry I’ve not been posting updates lately. I’ve been incredibly busy getting ready for DomCon. If you don’t know what DomCon is, check out the website. 162 more words


1minute29: Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka 4

So Bell picks up an animal eared supporter, goes shopping, and almost loses his knife. He then starts earning big bucks. And also the supporter is a member of the Soma Familia, a lot of desperate desperateers, or so they say. 30 more words


La Lumiere Pt.2

The dreams came later, forming images of fire and blood out of the haphazard shards of memory that the mage had returned to him. He woke up more than once, covered in a slim sheen of cold sweat, only to find himself staring at a blank, silent, nothingness each time. 1.006 more words


Stull Cemetery (PART 5)

Whether out of curiosity or compelled by some unseen force, the next thing she did was lean forward and squint at the wall. Her nose was no more than a centimeter or so away from it when she pulled back, rubbing the red tip and frowning even more. 483 more words