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Intersection C

This is another in the current series of smaller maps for connecting dungeons or staging encounters.

This one also incorporates some level changes (with the south and west passageways being higher, and the north and east being lower than the rest of this intersection area), so it could be used to go from one level to the next, as well as just for connecting between other sections.   33 kata lagi

Dungeon it Yourself: Distributing Magical Items (5e)

Wow, it’s almost been a month since I posted. Since then my party of 9 players has almost reached level 4. Now in 5e we all know that around level 5 is when most +1 magical weapons and armor  877 kata lagi

Dungeon Solvers

Crazy dungeon

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The Chasm

The PCs find a huge chasm, either outside or within an underground cave system. The chasm is too deep to see the bottom and wide enough to be uncrossable. 316 kata lagi


Gnome Strongold

Gnome Strongold