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[Tuesday Map] Titan's Teeth

There is a stout tower along the Akkedis Trail that is decorated with massive white chunks of stone along its battlements. To those who pass through its shadow on the trail it has become known as either the Crown of Teeth, or the Titan’s Teeth. 399 more words


What Makes a Good Minecraft Map?

I know I usually blog about things like life improvement, broad movements in the gaming community, and similar things. But I also am just a guy who likes to play video games. 1.024 more words


Stressed Heroes!

To begin with some veteran heroes. I don’t expect them to beat the Necromancer tho.

First Priest turning insane yet :D

While my other Priestess prefers acting as an hero! 91 more words


Ageing and Resurrection system done!

I finally finished the ageing and resurrection system.

Characters start at age 18 (will lower it to 16 for next build), and every time you get back to town you need to rest 1 day for every 3% damage you suffered in combat. 319 more words

[MegaDelve] The Death Cult

Buried in the crypts and tombs under the ruins of Bryn Mynnyd is the Church of Silence (known be the few outsiders who know it exists as the Death Cult of Bryn Mynnyd or the Assassin’s Cult of Bryn Mynnyd). 326 more words


Playing Responsibly: Reducing Fallout

Firstly, I’ve learned much of this from experience and messing it up myself, so don’t think I’m being holier-than-thou in making recommendations. Further, I don’t have all the answers and cannot suggest definitive best practices. 1.087 more words


Normalizing Trauma: The Public Perception of Consent

The Public’s Perception of Consent in your scene affects your community, your reputation, and your quality of life. Here’s how. Next post, I’ll focus on some steps to reduce consequences without sacrificing the play that matters to you or ceding our sacred spaces. 714 more words