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Into the Dungeon!

Only recently have we rediscovered the location of the palace of the Vampire King. As the old stories and sages described, the palace had not only been besieged, but torn down stone-by-stone and scattered down the hillside into the Valley of Blood. 244 kata lagi


The Labyrinth

Three pillars and a table stand outside the entrance to the Labyrinth. Pilgrims place lit candles on a tiered table in front of the pillars as offerings before entering on their final journey. 119 kata lagi


Loot Philosophy in Legion - How Everything Changed, but Nothing Really Changed

The recent 7.3 Q&A done by the WoW team emphasizes a theme that I think is important to understand about the Skinner’s Box of World of Warcraft. 1.454 kata lagi


Stranger Things: The Game

By Sahara Barba
Oct. 17, 2017

Eleven can be unlocked at the end of the game once all 8 Eggo waffles have been collected.

One of the many puzzles in the game. 554 kata lagi


Etrian Odyssey V Is Dungeon Crawling In Its Purest Form (Again)

(Source: kotaku.com)

After dabbling with ocean exploration and a traversable overworld in the previous two entries, Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth takes Atlus’ first-person dungeon crawler back to its roots. 716 kata lagi


Four Demon Temple

At the edge of the woods behind the manor house is the old family tomb with stairs leading down to the crypts below. Except the stoneworks beneath are evidently not a family crypt. 311 kata lagi