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Angry Air!

John Tooley said, “Air is like crooked rivers, crooked people, teenagers, and cheap labor.  It always seeks the path of least resistance.”  He didn’t say that Angry air is Noisy air.   561 kata lagi


In if you have to pay to get out

I’ve always wondered about that statement in English. It’s supposed to be a way of telling off children who are too nosey.

And yet… Most adults who use it also use car parks. 131 kata lagi

Building work

Today we had the government check up to make sure that our little guy is growing up as he should be. Make sure that he is growing (he is), make sure that he has a healthy weight (he does), that he can see well (like an eagle, but we didn’t need telling that) and, of course, a check to make sure we are doing a good job as parents (apparently we are :) ) 71 kata lagi

What do you know about your house's nose?

What’s special about an exterior vent hood or cap or (if you want to be technical) termination fitting?  That’s like asking what’s special about a nose?  463 kata lagi

Residential Ventilation

Before And After Transformation

Whenever we have the chance to work in the Home Services space we are in tall cotton!  This is when someone gives us their idea and allows us to create.  24 kata lagi

Why is there condensation in my loft?

“A: I have been receiving many emails and letters along the same lines as yours. Clearly the recent cold weather is one factor, following two relatively mild winters. 31 kata lagi