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ESP32: Dual core execution speedup

The objective of this post is to implement a simple power calculation algorithm on the ESP32 and test the speedup by executing it in the two cores of the microcontroller. 4.062 kata lagi


8 Inch Epad Notebook Netbook Tablet Irobot Laptop + Extras

The unexpected rise of Samsung Galaxy Note allows this South-Korean company to perceive likely and advantage of the hybrid devices. Five.3-inch Galaxy Note has made itself better choice red wine want you can own both an additional smartphone that has a tablet PC. 469 kata lagi

The Troubleshooters of Nerdcore

The Troubleshooters is a project from nerdcore artists int80 of Dual Core and kHill from Thought Criminals.  They have released an EP, Lead Time, for all to enjoy. 282 kata lagi


ESP32: Running code on a specific core

The objective of this post is to explain how to run code on a specific core of the ESP32, using the Arduino environment support. 1.837 kata lagi


ESP32: Get Task execution core

The objective of this post is to explain how to check in which core of the ESP32 a certain FreeRTOS task is executing. 775 kata lagi


Weekend update...

Miles to go before …well, my shoulder is killing me.  Still a work in progress, but at least its “context” is showing! 8 kata lagi