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November Photos

This week I took a photography class where I learned more about the functions of my Canon DSLR. The class helped me learn about ISO, Aperture, and Shutter speed and to prevent me from using Auto mode. 49 kata lagi


Image Manipulation, Exporting and Storage of Files

Image Manipulation:

  • Remove unwanted material/ resize images
  • Convert files
  • Compress files.

Exporting and Storing of Files:

  • File transfer: from digital camera, from smart device, to computer, to hard drive, to cloud storage.
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Out THe Door Without A Plan ( Thanksgiving morning at daybreak is driving nirvana.)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I started the day by getting up early grabbing the camera bag, the drone bag and heading out the door before sunrise. My goal was to capture a scene that would convey “Thanksgiving in The Country.” Or something close to that, however I knew going out the door without a plan is a horrible idea. 400 kata lagi

Just Blogging

Kata Siapa Kamera Smartphone Bisa Gantikan Kamera Profesional

Harga Kamera Profesional memang cukup tinggi namun hal ini tentunya sepadan dengan kemampuan yang dibawa oleh perangkat ini. Meski berbagai vendor Smartphone kini sudah melengkapi perangkat-perangkat besutannya dengan Kamera yang super canggih. 238 kata lagi


XDrive Photography Learning – 16 – Contrasts.

We all like to view and shoot great pictures but some pictures catch our eye very easily and some just don’t get attention, have you noted that? 1.059 kata lagi