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Apple's iPhone revolutionized photography

”When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, no one imagined that in 10 short years it would become the world’s most popular camera and herald a new era of visual communication,” David Pierini writes for Cult of Mac. 358 kata lagi


Canon Rebel T5I

Ah yes the Canon Rebel T5I, a great DLSR camera for a good price. Originally we purchased the Canon Rebel T5 not the ” T5I” only to find out there was no external camera microphone input. 169 kata lagi

Garden photography during the first days of summer          



Last Wednesday was the first day of summer here in Canada and I finally made time to wander our garden for my monthly photo session with the flowers growing there. 450 kata lagi


Are you seeing the real?

“He has changed a lot”…. does it sound familiar?  We always wished for the earlier version of him. Actually the truth is, “he” has become more of himself. 115 kata lagi