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Simple automated web-scraping with R CMD BATCH and Task Scheduler

With a mixture of R’s command-line tool, a batch file, and the Windows Task Scheduler, a simple automated web-scraper can be built.

Invoking R at the command-line… 1.306 kata lagi


The Bottom Line

Circel rainbow and phyllosophy

Back in the late 1980’s, I was advising ICI Plant Protection, as was, about direct drilling and their translocated, green-leaf killer, Gramoxone.  259 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth

Has Oil and Gas Industrial Capacity Peaked?

Getting things done

According to data from the Federal Reserve, it looks like the industrial capacity (the ability to do work) of the oil and gas industry peaked in November 2015. 277 kata lagi


How to Not Cut Off Your Finger With a Pull Saw - Kelsey A.

A habit has been formed due to the necessity of completing as much school work as possible in the morning. With the nearing of the UIL Theatre Zone Performance on March 12 (Daisy Pulls It Off, presented by the Blue Star Theatre at the Austin PAC, we are the third play and shows start at 3 and are approximately 56 minutes long, warning shows do not start on the hour), crammed last minute rehearsals are the norm. 416 kata lagi

Shale gas is BEO

Why is shale gas BEO (Best Environmental Option) and an environmental necessity in the UK? There is a stark choice looming.  Solar and wind turbine farms do not produce gas. 260 kata lagi

Shale Gas

Shale gas & pollution - What comes out of the well?

What comes out of the hole is, hopefully, mostly gas.  Before that happens, and indeed for the life of the well, lots of other things come out. 528 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth