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Je suis le Roi de la mairde

The attached below link is to the Dutch drilling company, VSH website. The pictures (scroll down a bit) are of the drilling operation bringing cables off the North Sea wind farms to the site at Holt in North Norfolk.  110 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth

Farming, the utilities and UK economic life

Farming is not just food production, it is the back-bone of the economic life of the UK. It is not just the food chain which is integrated with so much of UK industry, it is the land itself. 114 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth

Simple automated web-scraping with R CMD BATCH and Task Scheduler

With a mixture of R’s command-line tool, a batch file, and the Windows Task Scheduler, a simple automated web-scraper can be built.

Invoking R at the command-line… 1.306 kata lagi