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Proving what we already know about shale gas

  • Machiavellian caution.
  • Bad experience with shale.
  • Safe technology and regulation.
  • Government invests £30 million in testing practical procedures and performance.

“There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things.  424 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth

Shale gas, correlation and earthquakes

“Correlation is not evidence of connection or causation.”

 Sorry, this is a bit long but it is intended to put a balanced view about the complexities of the hot and moving inside of the living earth which is 24,000 miles round at the equator. 840 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth

Nuclear from China

There must be some grave reservations about nuclear power, not just on safety but on cost and time to get on stream. The Chinese are really good engineers and, no doubt, will do a great job.  168 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth

Immigration, Energy and Shale. Gas

The UK had a net immigration rate last year of 330,000 and that is what government admits to.  As death rates are still falling, the truth is that we probably had something approaching an extra half million people in the UK last year.  148 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth

Earthquakes from fracking in USA

  •  Sky News special report on fracking 19 April 15
  • The meaning of “correlation”
  • Being conclusive

By Bill Butterworth

20 April 15

A special report on Sky News, 19 April 15, looked at a relationship between fracking and earthquakes in Texas. 301 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth

Bio batteries and safe shale

  •  Micro-organisms turn waste into electricity
  • Bio batteries arrive in principle
  • Exciting research results
  • Allows safe shale

By Bill Butterworth

15 April 15

There is some really exciting stuff coming out of the research centres round the world, much of it from the USA, on microbial activity generating electricity while processing wastes. 323 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth