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Earthquakes from fracking in USA

  •  Sky News special report on fracking 19 April 15
  • The meaning of “correlation”
  • Being conclusive

By Bill Butterworth

20 April 15

A special report on Sky News, 19 April 15, looked at a relationship between fracking and earthquakes in Texas. 301 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth

Bio batteries and safe shale

  •  Micro-organisms turn waste into electricity
  • Bio batteries arrive in principle
  • Exciting research results
  • Allows safe shale

By Bill Butterworth

15 April 15

There is some really exciting stuff coming out of the research centres round the world, much of it from the USA, on microbial activity generating electricity while processing wastes. 323 kata lagi

Bill Butterworth

Common fracking sense

  •  The culture of objection.
  • The need to base argument and conclusions on facts. If common sense reigns, we can do this safely or not at all.
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Shale Gas

RadiLift Drilling Fibers

RadiLift Drilling Fiber is a next generation sweeping agent used as a hole-cleaning agent, designed to cost effectively increase the carrying capacity of drilling fluids, in both vertical and horizontal wells, without significantly altering rheological properties. 94 kata lagi


Meet Rig 656

For the month of December, HSE would like to recognize Jeff McKinnon and his crews on Rig 656 as they near completion of the building of an electric double. 489 kata lagi