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Drill: Jump Stop Dribbles

One of the most important aspects in becoming a global player is being able to handle the basketball with confidence. 271 kata lagi


VIDEO: 7-year-old dribbling phenom puts on show with Harlem Globetrotters

Samaya Clark-Gabriel, a 7-year-old dribbling phenom from Brooklyn, has made her way to the Harlem Globetrotters.

Samaya received a surprise recently at P.S. 309 when Hoops Green and teammate Buckets Blakes came to visit. 72 kata lagi


Bambini Training (Jahrgang 2010/11) – 24.03.2017 (Halle)


Tore: 4 Popup-Tore; 2 Handballtore

Spieler: 18 Spieler (10x 2010er; 4x 2011er; 4x 2012er)

Bälle: 13 Fußbälle; 1 Miniball

Sonstiges: 4 kleine Matten; 2 Bänke… 368 kata lagi


Skill Work

Skill work for a basketball player is very important because it is what you do on the court. It includes an athletes ball handling, shooting,post moves,and layups. 184 kata lagi

How To Get A Good Shooting Form In Basketball And How To Dribble Well

Shooting Form

  • The first step of getting a good shooting form is to make a perfect 90 degree angle on your dominate shooting  arm.
  • The second step of getting a good shooting form is to place your hands in the right places; put you dominate shooting hand on the near the bottom and put you non dominate hand on the side of the ball…
  • 138 kata lagi

Game: Speed Dribbling Relay (George Karl)

He might not be coaching in the NBA anymore but you can bet one of the winning-est coaches of all-time is always sharing his craft. 215 kata lagi


Bambini Training (Jahrgang 2010/11) – 10.03.2017 (Halle)


Tore: 4 Popup-Tore; 1 Handballtor; 4 Kästchentore

Markierungshütchen: 8 Hütchen

Spieler: 18 Spieler (11x 2010er; 3x 2011er; 4x 2012er)

Bälle: 18 Fußbälle; 1 Minibälle… 217 kata lagi