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Bambini Training (Jahrgang 2010/11) – 02.12.2016 (Halle)


Tore: 4 Popup-Tore; 4 Kästchen

Markierungshütchen: 16 Hütchen

Spieler: 17 Spieler (9x 2010; 5x 2011; 3x 2012)

Bälle: 17 Tennisbälle; 4 Fußbälle

Teil 1: Ballgewöhnung mit dem Tennisball (20 min.) 282 kata lagi


1 v 1 Game

I like this because it takes an otherwise predictable idea (the standard serve across a grid and then play 1 v 1) and makes it a bit more involved and interesting.


Messi's Magnificent Dribbling Skill

Image credit: sportskeeda.com

Lionel “Leo” Messi makes professional defenders–great defenders–look like fools. His dribbling recalls great players like Diego Maradona, and his ability to keep the ball in close to his body and change direction explosively is why he’s widely considered one of the greatest players of his generation, and maybe one of the greatest players of all time. 437 kata lagi


Drill: Chair Triangle Crossovers

We like to post drills that players can do on their own, without needing much assistance from teammates or coaches. Most of all this empowers kids to take more control of their own development, but it’s also a good way to encourage creativity in players. 310 kata lagi


The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain

The Road to Little Dribbling: Adventures of an American in Britain

A warm and hilarious—if sporadically spiky—valentine to Bill Bryson’s used state, Good Britain. Plan overall pleasure and numerous periods of unseemly fun. 25 kata lagi

Video: Finten

YouthCoachingDK hat auf youtube.com ein schönes Video zum Thema Finten. Die Übungen kann man gut in das Aufwärmprogramm mit einbauen.

Quelle: youtube.com (YouthCoachingDK)


Bambini Training (Jahrgang 2010/11) – 11.11.2016


Tore: 2 Minitore

Markierungshütchen: 4 Hütchen

Spieler: 8 Spieler (1x 2009; 3x 2010; 2x 2011; 2x 2012)

Bälle: 8 Bälle

Teil 1: Dribbeln und Torschuss (30 min.) 191 kata lagi