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Drill: Nash Midrange Shooting

Dribble – Pivot – Shoot. Three important progressions to help a player get away from their defender and give them an opportunity to shoot. 370 kata lagi


Dribble techniques to help your basketball skills

“Before you fly you gotta run before you run your gotta walk before you walk you gotta crawl before you crawl you gotta be born.” – Joey Badass.

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Game: Steal the Ball

This game is really easy to implement and a lot of fun, what more could you ask for when coaching young athletes? 382 kata lagi


Drill: Octopus Dribbling Part 2

After your players have mastered the octopus dribbling drill with one basketball, challenge them to this version which involves dribbling with two basketballs! Players, including myself, tend to use their dominant hand to dribble. 295 kata lagi

Basketball Skills

Drill: Octopus Dribbling Part 1

The octopus drill is great to use as it not only works on an individual’s dribbling, but also their driving – both skills go hand-in-hand (literally) when going for a lay-up! 434 kata lagi

Basketball Skills

Drill: At Home Dribbling Drills

Now that school is out, kids can practice dribbling at home – well only inside the house if you have permission from mom or dad! If not, the driveway will do just fine. 392 kata lagi


G-Jugend Training (Jahrgang 2010) – 23.06.2017


Tore: 4 Popup-Mini-Tore

Markierungshütchen: 20 Hütchen

Spieler: 7 Spieler

Bälle: 7 Fußbälle; 2 Miniball

Teil 1: Dribbling und Koordination (30 min.)

freies Dribbling; Begrüßungsdribbling mit Namen sagen; auf einem Bein hüpfend mit der Sohle des anderen den Ball vorwärts/rückwärts/seitwärts führen (links/rechts) 290 kata lagi