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I should have named my cat "Dribbles"

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when my cat is super happy for she has such a quiet purr, but one of the dead give aways is when she starts dribbling on me. 58 kata lagi

Dribbing and passing

In football this afternoon we focused on passing the ball and dribbling. We would dribble a little bit before passing the ball.

Antonio demonstrated dribbling to the whole class. 48 kata lagi


They Practiced Dribbling, Rolling, Throwing and Catching

During P.E. this week, the children worked with large balls.  They practiced dribbling, rolling, throwing and catching.  In these photos you can see two different children practicing these skills.   26 kata lagi

Dribbling Warm Up Routine - 7 skills

Foundation forward, foundation side-to-side, R foot zigzag, L foot zigzag, transition touch (out-in), three touch (in-out-in), roll 17 kata lagi


Bambini Training (Jahrgang 2009/10) – 30.10.2015

Teil 1: Aufwärmen im Viereck Ballan- und -mitnahme (30 min.)

  • Dribbling nur rechts, nur links, beide Beine, nur Sohle
  • Stoppen mit der Sohle und der Innenseite…
  • 217 kata lagi