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Concentric Circles First Touch Drill [from Champion Soccer School]

This one is a bit complex in terms of the picture, so I included the picture itself plus one with some illustrations to help.

  • There are four concentric circles, each marked with a different color cone.
  • 225 kata lagi

1v1 Dribble the Gate

​The Set-up

Field should be approximately 30 yards long x 20 yards wide. Set up two 2 yard gates at one end of the grid and one 4 yard gate at the opposite end. 275 kata lagi


Improving Explosive First Step

​Exercise 1

Divide the team into four groups of three (shown in red & white for clarity purposes, but not necessary) with all players having a ball. 193 kata lagi


Zinedine Zidane skills

Zinedine Zidane ,the man who is nicknames ZIZOU,was born on 23rd June 1972 in France has made his life to be of great admiration to various young and old people. 250 kata lagi


Bambini Training (Jahrgang 2010/11) – 29.07.2016


Tore: 4 Stangen

Markierungshütchen: 24 Hütchen; 4x 3 farbige Plastikhütchen; 2 Hütchenkegel und 2 Stangen

Spieler: 11 Spieler (7x 2010; 2x 2011; 2x 2012) 281 kata lagi


Bambini Training (Jahrgang 2010/11) – 22.07.2016


Tore: 4 Stangen; 4 Minitore

Markierungshütchen: 12 Hütchen; 4 Stangen mit 2 Bauarbeiterbänder

Spieler: 11 Spieler (2x 2008 (Mädchen); 6x 2010; 2x 2011; 1x 2012) 181 kata lagi