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F2-Jugend Training (Jahrgang 2010) – 09.02.2018


Tore: 4 Popup Tore

Spieler: 6 Spieler

Bälle: 6 Fußbälle; 6 Futsalbälle; 1 Tennisball; 1 Miniball

Sonstiges: 8 flache Markierungen

Teil 1: Dribbling (15 min.) 383 kata lagi


Three Different to add Images

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Messi And Ronaldo

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FC Barcelona New transfer

Philippe Coutinho  is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder or winger for Spanish club Barcelona and the Brazilian national team.

Yerry Mina  is a Colombian professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Spanish club Barcelona.  24 kata lagi


How to take Free kick

Free kick is a method of restarting of association football following a foul. A goal may be scored directly against the opposing side without the ball having first touched another player. 50 kata lagi

F2-Jugend Training (Jahrgang 2010) – 26.01.2018 (Halle)


Tore: 4 Popup Tore; 4 kleine Kästchen; 1 Handball-Tor

Markierungshütchen: 24 kleine Kegel

Spieler: 10 Spieler

Bälle: 10 Fußbälle

Sonstiges: 4 kleine Matten

Teil 1: Dribbling (20 min.) 388 kata lagi


Exercise of the Week - Dribbling Gates Game

This week we have a dribbling game that I like to use in particular after a foot skills warm up for young players when doing a 1v1 topic during a session. 266 kata lagi


If You Are Mature Enough

Booking: Nicole

Millennials Premier League fans like Keith and myself would probably perceive Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool as the traditional Big 4. As the world of modern football evolves, the rise of Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspurs, and most recently Leicester City, who improbably lifted the Club’s first League title in 2015/16, have intensified the competitiveness and dynamics in the League like never before. 509 kata lagi