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Part 5, Project 1, Ex 2: Dripping, dribbling & spattering

Look at the work of Jackson Pollock whose paintings are explosive in effect. Think of how these colours have been applied and work out how you could create your own effects by dripping, dribbling and spattering paint.

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Exercise of the Week - The Y Drill

This week we will take a look at some variations to a common exercise, the Y drill. It’s a great technical warm up exercise to work on your player’s passing, movement and communication. 409 kata lagi



Greetings Literary Comrades!

Sigmund F here. How are you? Trust life is an absolute treat.

If not, do not despair – we at SFB come bearing… 100 kata lagi

F2-Jugend Training (Jahrgang 2010) – 24.11.2017 (Halle)


Tore: 4 Popup Tore; 4 Kästchen

Markierungshütchen: 24 kleine Kegel

Spieler: 11 Spieler

Bälle: 11 Fußbälle; 1 Tennisball; 2 Miniball; 2 Futsal-Bälle

Teil 1: 2-Ball-Spiel (15 min.) 118 kata lagi


Exerxise of the Week - 1v1 Corridor

Here is another 1v1 exercise to goal that your players will love following on from last week’s continuous 1v1, which you can read here. 626 kata lagi


Embrace the dark art of the dribble!!

It all starts with a dribble.

Basketball success is predicated on many factors, but owning strong ball-handling skills is pretty high on the list.

As three-time defending Olympic League champs, the Coupeville High School girls squad knows that and embraces it. 141 kata lagi

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