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Some Basketball Moves

Hey guys, Mr. Swish here.

Today, I’m going to be two basketball moves. One is called the euro step, which is a very popular move and is done by many NBA stars, most noticeably by James Harden. 293 kata lagi

How To

F2-Jugend Training (Jahrgang 2010) – 13.04.2018


Tore: 2 Mini-Tore; 8 Hütchen für 4 Tore

Spieler: 9 Spieler

Bälle: 9 Bälle

Sonstiges: 4 Stangen

Teil 1: Dribbeln im Viereck (15 min.) 251 kata lagi


Soccer entertaining tactics

Soccer is not only a great game to be played, but also a good game to be watched and a source of entertainment for its large following fans in the world. 527 kata lagi


Ways of Dribbling

There are different ways of dribbling the ball up the field. With each type, make sure the stick and ball are always in front of you. 332 kata lagi

F2-Jugend Training (Jahrgang 2010) – 23.03.2018 (Halle)


Tore: 2 Handball Tore

Spieler: 9 Spieler

Bälle: 9 Futsal-Bälle

Sonstiges: 2 Hütchen

Teil 1: Aufwärmen (5 min.)

  • Jeder dribbelt mit seinem Ball und versucht einen anderen wegzuschießen.
  • 310 kata lagi