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at a turning century

the two women

speak of the expectant mother,

they huddle and look over their

shoulders, her face in drawn in

pencil, smudged ash, complexity beyond… 21 kata lagi

Nightly fight.

every night I want to run

every night I get scared

I want to abandon the plan for my sanity

I want to drown myself in media… 35 kata lagi


Shaking the dust out.

rain on christmas day. It doesn’t snow anymore.

texting crying at Christmas dinner

If I play a major chord will it give me happy words to go with it? 97 kata lagi


Christmas day

That was a good day. I’m so tired.

That was a long day. Christmas Day.

Every day is a long day, recently.

Counting every sunrise tires my eyes.


Trump, Trump.

He was a joke played the goat when he spoke made us choke while we gloated.

Who’s laughing now asking how. Shock and awe. Dropped jaws. 190 kata lagi


history must not be allowed to repeat itself.

kick them when they’re down and they’ll kick you back as soon as they can

races to the bottom have no winner… 289 kata lagi