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What's the point?

I always imagined being a famous writer at some point in my life; whether it be through blogging or a novel, I always wanted to be acknowledged as someone who could write well. 429 kata lagi

Floating Thoughts

Protective Pod

Last week’s Life Book lesson was taken by Connie Solera.  It was a bit too “art as therapy” for my personal taste but I was inspired by the imagery of the painting Solera demonstrated and decided to create my own twist on the idea, moulding the lesson to fit my own style.   54 kata lagi

Baby Preferred 2 in 1 Bib & Sunshade: Review

“Baby Preferred is a company that is headquartered in Sacramento, California. Their mission is to continue to create innovative, functional and affordable consumer baby products and baby carrier accessories that offer solutions to meet the needs of today’s parents.”  1.055 kata lagi

Tiny Fiction Tuesday: Sacrifice

He stood there, on the edge of the sheer cliff face. Waves angrily crashed into the foam-filled grave below.
“Is this what you want?” He screamed against the wind and sea. 288 kata lagi


Don't like violence.

Bullets are cheap, cheap like words, words make peace.

kerosene burns. play your role. king or meek.

throw your insults. get it out. cuts so deep.


A Dribble Cat

The cat walked along the gangway, eager to climb down below deck.  The nighttime water was black and still, with a slight glow of moonlight. 22 kata lagi