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Free Pass

Shouldn’t moms get a free pass on being sick?  I mean as if I don’t have enough people to take care of already. And as if I normally have time to take care of myself. 202 kata lagi

I need a friend.

Want to come over and hang out at mine.

would be cool to chill and pass the time.

Watch Friends? I don’t really care what we do… 12 kata lagi


Being a Mum

Being a Mum is..

Learning to see the world through the eyes of your baby (Oh wow a TV remote!).

Not being able to remember how you filled your time before children. 305 kata lagi

I'm hungry. Fuck the environment.

When your electorate doesn’t have access to education, a job, and can see no prospects for their future they don’t vote for the “native friendly green candidate”


Power and influence.

The only “them” or “us” that actually matters are those among us with power and influence and those without.

If you are of the vast majority who do not wield power or influence there is no other option for you but to stand with your powerless kin regardless of age, sex, race, or religion. 50 kata lagi


Best iPhone App Today: A Basketball Dribble Clicking Fun-fun Click Tap Clicker Games Free

#iOS #iPhone #Apps A Basketball Dribble Clicking Fun-fun Click Tap Clicker Games Free Super Addicting Oh My Gosh! The best clicker game for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. 52 kata lagi

no amount of guilt can change the past.

today feels better than yesterday and tomorrow will feel better still.

no amount of anxiety can change the future. 9 kata lagi