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Looking For Basketball Tips? Check These Out!

How much do you know about basketball? Whether you’re just now getting into playing the game or you’re a seasoned veteran, you can always learn some new techniques. 1.001 kata lagi


Dribble, Pass, Shoot, Score! Tips For Becoming A Better Basketball Player

The sport of basketball is a world within itself. You learned to get the ball around from player to basket. You might feel like you’ve mastered the game today. 1.006 kata lagi


Lady of Blood, audio dribble

Since I can’t post the actual file here I have placed this up on YouTube. If you click on the link you will be taken to my channel and you can watch/listen to this. 44 kata lagi



I’m looking. Not finding. 

Definitely Trying.

To attach myself to something worthy of a note.

for a song that means nothing

there is definitely something… 86 kata lagi


Goodbye Josh.

Journey’s end in the morn

Breathing slowed to but a moan.

Don’t you dare until mom gets back

After her breakfast he exhaled

Not another in after that


Making audio files of flash fiction

Recently i tested out using my recording ap on my tablet. Started with the dribbles I wrote last year. For those who dont remember dribbles are stories of exactly 25 words. 236 kata lagi

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