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Hard day.

you’ve had a hard day. so have I.
bury your face in my chest and cry.

I hold you close. you know don’t like to. 36 kata lagi


Dribble, Gums and Damage Control

We are fast approaching the four months milestone and all that this entails, hence the rather fitting title and the question – who took my baby and replaced him with a gummy bear? 482 kata lagi

That line I thought about that time.

acetaminophen and robaxicet
adivan, citalopram and a large black

well it’s true that I’m heavily medicated
if my livers going to quit it hasn’t indicated… 11 kata lagi


First edition of Mumbai’s own Soccer League to begin at Viviana

The football fever is slowly catching in India but a lot of upcoming talents are still not getting the required platform to showcase their talent. Viviana Mall, leading retail destination mall in Mumbai Metropolitan Region is hosting its First edition of Viviana Soccer League for giving young talent a platform to showcase their talent. 235 kata lagi



dribbling down his chin—

juice from the tomato slice

on his BLT


No barking!

I ran out of luck today.

My landlord cornered me in the laundry room. I evaded him for two weeks, but not today though. ‘Your fucking dog keeps yapping the whole goddamned night’, he spat on my sneakers.  319 kata lagi


praise be to betsy!

oh praise be to betsy! no, i’ve no idea who betsy is, but didn’t want to nominate a well-known deity incase someone took offense. after all, you just cannot be too careful these days, right?! 457 kata lagi