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Old MacDonald had a What Now?

Old MacDonald had a… place-where-animals-live, ee-eye, ee-eye, oh. And on that place-where-animals-live he had a giraffe, ee-eye, ee-eye… oh, arse…

In time, I will learn to only pick animals that make a sound.

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The 'Sleep When the Baby Sleeps' Hokum

A vicious rumour circulated throughout my pregnancy, that tending to a newborn child’s every need might just be a wee bit tiring. Totally unfounded of course, but I figured I needed a plan of action nonetheless. 547 more words


The Single Most Important Truth About Childbirth

Whether your baby enters this world through natural labour, c-section or riding the crest of a wave on the back of a dayglow unicorn – it really doesn’t matter.     109 more words


21 Things Not to Say to a Pregnant Lady

I loved my baby bump. But it did act as a homing beacon for every ignoramus within a twelve mile radius. Here’s my list of 21 things not to say to any woman harbouring a mini person in her uterus. 684 more words


trash snippets #4

ME:“Nono, sweetheart. This not how you do it. Look.”

DEALER:“Twenty- one.”

ME:“See? That’s mine now. You want a smoke? I won a good brand and a nice lighter… Here. 96 more words