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31 Days of Handles (Snippet)

Hello Everyone,

This is just a small video to show some of what is to come for the remaining 22 days of 31 Days of Handles.

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31 Days of Handles (Day 8)

Drill: Med Ball Slam Exchange

Helpful Hints/Challenge:

  • Do days 1-8 at 30 secs for each exercise. This will really get the blood flowing which will totally warm your handles up.
  • 34 kata lagi

31 Days of Handles (Day 6)

Drill:  2 ball pound backwards between the legs

Helpful Hints/Challenge:

Once you become better at this drill try to do it without looking down. Also, you still want to pound the ball aggressively. 41 kata lagi



She took to the stage with a tee that read – “MY God is better than yours.” Sides were immediately taken, abuses already slurred.

Controversy reared its ugly head, blinded to the word, ‘Humanity’ on the back. 85 kata lagi



so her ass looks good in those jeans but can she make me laugh or dream
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31 Days of Handles (Day 5)

Drill: 2 Ball Push Pull

Keep your legs bent, back flat, and the basketballs on the outside of your legs. At the same time you will begin a dribble that I like to call push pull. 83 kata lagi


31 Days of Handles (Day 4)

Drill: 2 Ball In and Out 

2 ball in and out is a very effective way to build control with your ball handling skills. The in and out dribble is used very often in basketball. 72 kata lagi