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What do you know, I’m a sports photographer now. At least it gave me an excuse to buy a Canon 70-200 f2.8 II. For those of you paying attention, this is my son from the dog photo I posted last night, three years later. 6 kata lagi


A Hymn For Him

“What the F*ck is Wrong With Me?” Part 4
500 words. Uses these three words: Bell, ache and glass.

The bells of the church rang, disturbing the silence of its grounds. 498 kata lagi


Edward Scissorhands

When I tried to run water through the outside hose the other day, only a dribble came out.

Then – kerflump, kerflump – one after the other out popped a whole series of icicles. 32 kata lagi

Living In Italy

I should have named my cat "Dribbles"

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when my cat is super happy for she has such a quiet purr, but one of the dead give aways is when she starts dribbling on me. 58 kata lagi

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Why UX Needs to Come Before Design is a website dedicated to allowing designers to show off their designs to their peers and get feedback from others. Most of the designs of Dribbble are stunning and beautiful and do an incredible job of catching the attention of users. 242 kata lagi

How to Double Crossover Dribble | Basketball

Gear for the court: Basketball: Portable Basketball Court: Basketball Pump: Heavy Duty Chain Basketball Net: Mouth Guard: Nerf Trash Can Basketball Hoop: … 8 kata lagi