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One Day Fantasy Draft Games: Dribble

In one of my earlier articles I compared Draft Fantasy games to test cricket. To extend that analogy then one day fantasy games are the 20/20 of the fantasy world. 665 kata lagi

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The Singular Fish

THE SINGLE FISH that is different dives straight down out of the emergent school of fish balled up for protection from the dolphins and diving birds . 21 kata lagi

Prose Poetry

Dribble: a dirty artist

(50 words) 6 Jan. 2018

By S.R.A. Markin

A man was sitting in the corner of the bank tonight. He had two dirty bags, a sketchbook, and markers. 31 kata lagi


Kind of angry with pop music...

That hair, not real.
those clothes, chosen for them.
that smile, it’s real.
but it’s not for you.

it’s like, falling in love with plastic. 46 kata lagi


Dribble: The girl next to me

(50 Words) 10 Nov. 2017

by S.R.A. Markin

Half way through science fiction night class, her thick thighs spill over the chair and her ass pokes out behind her. 29 kata lagi


med bay snippet #4

See? Nothing unusual. The ┬ádoctor pats me on the shoulder and goes back to the only occupied e-bed. I go through the scans of Decker’s insides, from head to toe for the hundredths time. 283 kata lagi