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dribbling down his chin—

juice from the tomato slice

on his BLT


No barking!

I ran out of luck today.

My landlord cornered me in the laundry room. I evaded him for two weeks, but not today though. ‘Your fucking dog keeps yapping the whole goddamned night’, he spat on my sneakers.  319 kata lagi


praise be to betsy!

oh praise be to betsy! no, i’ve no idea who betsy is, but didn’t want to nominate a well-known deity incase someone took offense. after all, you just cannot be too careful these days, right?! 457 kata lagi



Red is one of the most open and guileless Rovers you will ever meet. {Don’t mind the ‘traitor’ carved into his forehead, he’s actually quite trust worthy.} 134 kata lagi

DR FanFic

Quill DeWalt

Over the Wynter, Quill has become louder, prouder (and a bit of a slosh). Her family has chalked these changes up to simple growing pains. She is leaving behind her childish ways and growing into a fine (if drunk) Rover Matron. 70 kata lagi

DR FanFic


Living in a Necropolis, hordes of zed are common. Or at least they should be.

With all of the explosions, slaves, toy boxes, and raiders plaguing them, we will forgive the citizens of The Grove for not noticing the lack of zed in their home. 86 kata lagi

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Music is appreciated by everyone. It’s a universal pleasure.

Sitting on the steps of the Tap, Busker always draws a crowd. An up turned hat serves as a make-shift tip jar and quickly begins to fill. 55 kata lagi

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