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I should have named my cat "Dribbles"

Sometimes it can be hard to tell when my cat is super happy for she has such a quiet purr, but one of the dead give aways is when she starts dribbling on me. 58 kata lagi

New trending GIF tagged animation basketball illustration monster...

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Why UX Needs to Come Before Design


Dribbble.com is a website dedicated to allowing designers to show off their designs to their peers and get feedback from others. Most of the designs of Dribbble are stunning and beautiful and do an incredible job of catching the attention of users. 242 kata lagi

How to Double Crossover Dribble | Basketball

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Basketball Tips & Tricks

Week 10 Blog Exercise

The Importance of Formatting

Without formatting any form of writing would be difficult and tiresome to read as there would be no paragraphing and there would be no page formation, everything would be a continuous line of text. 533 kata lagi

On Merin Joseph

Vomiting at every sexist reference to Merin Joseph in the media would probably kill us. The female IPS officer, appointed Assistant Commissioner of Police in Kochi last year, has been objectified by the media for her good looks. 293 kata lagi