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March Madness - Part 2. 

Part 2 Inspired by “March Madness” – Long days and nights were spent in this gym and many other gyms. Trying to perfect my craft, hoop dreams were all I had at times. 71 more words

Begitu Susahnya Hentikan Messi, 4 Pemain Eibar Kewalahan

Coba kamu liat video berikut ini :

Siapa sih yang masih meragukan skill dribble Messi? Bayangkan saja, seakan-akan kakinya memiliki daya magnet terhadap bola, jadi setiap kali dia menggiring bola, maka akan sangat susah untuk merebut bola itu kecuali dengan cara yang cukup keras. 68 more words




I’m not a judge; I’m a scribe

A scribe’s job is to scribble

A good reporter I must be

Never must I quibble; 41 more words

her wonderland

She was waterbound

The mistress of mist ‘n clouds

ripping on the clock

tick tock in her wonderland

just imagine burning eyes ‘n lips

Hey lil’ rugged woman… 48 more words


Hi! Do you remember me???

Heck! It’s been a long time!

Last night, as I was just about drifting off to sleep, I realised that I started doing something towards the start of this year. 307 more words