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Inspiration... how do you get it?

Inspiration is a funny thing.  There is no set formula as to when, where and how it will strike.  More often than not it’s never a forced process, I need to be completely disengaged with the current task at hand.   70 more words


Finishing School

Katie had a lead role in the school play and did a FANTASTIC job!  We have found her niche, she just blossomed and loved every minute of it! 94 more words



Gardner and Michael flew out this morning for the states.  The rest of us will finish out the school year of exams, parties and the school play before joining them for a summer in the states. 31 more words


The New Dad's Guide to Not Getting Bludgeoned with an Alpha Block

I like to consider myself a fairly upbeat kind of a fruitloop. Jovial, self-deprecating, laid back even. With one teeny-tiny exception:

If I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep – I become a stroppy, snappy, short-tempered, emotional moo, with whom there is no reasoning. 939 more words


What's in a Name?

Despite my best efforts to convince Wills and Kate to name their little girl Her Royal Highness Princess David Beckham of Cambridge, they have opted for something a tad more traditional, with Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.   293 more words


BREAKING NEWS: Pregnant Woman Gives Birth. Again

Approximately nine months after playing ‘hide the sausage’ with her husband, a pregnant woman has given birth. To a baby. Somewhere in the posh part of London. 176 more words


25 Things Not to Say to a New Mum

I still can’t fasten the poppers correctly on my son’s sleepsuits, constantly have peanut butter in my hair and am yet to learn how to change a pooey nappy without somehow wearing at least part of it. 799 more words