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Midnight Delirium 13

I am shameless in my endeavor to keep your heart racing every time you hear my name
I am a fool with no regard for humility when I place my pride to the ground so you can have your way… 25 more words


Be. Stay. Go.

I know we’re already a few months into the new year. Some people are right on track with their 2015 goals, while the majority of us gave up on ours. 308 more words


The Best Part of Entrepreneurship

  To me the best part about entrepreneurial success isn’t the acclaim or even the fortunes.
What I admire most in Entrepreneurs is thEir ability to be courageous enough to act on their instincts, when everyone else thinks they’re crazy for it.

Quick Realization

There are things we will never understand.  Why things happen to people, we will never know.  We will never know God’s way, or why he decides to do certain things.   130 more words


Long Overdue Update

I feel like I owe all of my friends and family an apology. Over the past few months I have been incredibly detached from the online, text, Facebook world for a variety of reasons and therefore have become detached from a lot of the people that mean the most to me. 1.669 more words



I have the dreams and the passion, the dog, and the camera. Now I just need the money, the gear, and the final decision. AHH! Does anyone else feel overwhelmed…ALL THE TIME…by all the things that you want to do and the world tells you that you actually  90 more words

Our Winding Path

My faith in my own expectations has grown dangerously frail

With the thoughtlessness of the wind, my path winds

After one, two, and six diverted directions… 152 more words