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Chasing after your dreams

Lately I have been indulging my love affair with quotes on Pinterest. My dream quotes are inspiring but what if you can’t remember any of your dreams? 621 more words

Sound is a wave: Pray for Sound - Dreamer

When I’m writing, reading, studying, and even playing the guitar, I like to listen to some music. And in those particular moments, the only lyrics I want to hear are the ones coming from my own mind. 225 more words


Adventures & What Not...

                                                Here’s another glimpse of Morocco I thought I’d share. We rode camels and camped out in the West Sahara Desert. It was definitely something memorable! This picture was taken via my iPhone just a few minutes after the sun had set (as you can see, the moon is gracefully rising). 88 more words

Inspire Me

SelfLove365, Year 2, Day 89: The Dreamer

As a child, I used to listen to music on my headphones, and dream of being rescued by a firefighter (yeah, yeah, I know), who injured himself in doing so (weird, right?). 101 more words


Midnight Delirium 33

Just know that when your eyes grow heavy and I wish you the sweetest of dreams, I lie awake every night wanting more of you. It is then when I grow most desperate to hear your voice… 50 more words


Midnight Delirium 32

You have become the worst of all drugs and the best of all trips.
My inability to quit you, even for one day, has me by the throat… 15 more words


Midnight Delirium 31

The most beautiful thing about those who write is we are all beautifully bent and tastefully twisted.

We are shameless and we are sometimes irrational, maybe even a little deranged… 18 more words