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The Dreamer

They don’t believe and I don’t tell

I smelled the rain before it fell

I’ve been to places they never knew

to foreign lands my ship had flew. 96 more words


Dépêchez-vous, l'avenir

La procrastination est probablement mon plus gros problème. On est presque à la fin de l’année universitaire, les examens se profilent, et le météo s’améliore alors l’excitation d’été augmente. 224 more words


The Beginning - Sunday troubles

The next morning I stay in bed till around 1 o’clock. No need to hurry, no need to get up early. Sunday is my only day in the week I totally reserve for absolutely nothing. 495 more words


101 Words of Wisdom Day Fifty-Nine: Dreams Come True


We have the power to bring our dreams to life. We just need to take the first step.

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Inspirational Quotes

Clouded Thoughts (Day 21)

There’s a problem with my thinking right now.
All I’m hearing is all this gossip.

There’s a new girl who started a couple days ago. She sweet, shy and a little reserved. 807 more words


Let Yourself Be Crazy

The word ‘crazy’ has multiple definitions these days. In our day and age the meaning depends on the context the word is used in. The first definition that pops up is, mentally deranged or insane, this will not be the context for the kind of crazy I’m talking about. 795 more words