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Kawanza Tenner .

I have started a website, ” in hopes of uniting people mentally. I have taken people with the same “labels” and publicized their stories. 105 kata lagi

Variations Of The Color Red

Diary Of a Dreamer: Falling Where The Light Is

It is the easiest thing to do; falling.

It happens in unexpected ways we only discover when we feel the ground fast approaching.

For a long time our mind is in ‘denial mode’. 265 kata lagi


Back in Time

For this weekly photo challenge about Time , here’s mine about how can I go back to my past.

“Time flies but not memories.” – Ika Natassa…

232 kata lagi

Self-Imposed Insomniac

He likes the word insomniac because it makes him feel afflicted. Even when he knows the reason his eyes won’t stay closed is an addiction. To an idea. 259 kata lagi

Personal Writings

I have traveled a long way till I came to the point where I realized that I should write my own blog too.

Many of my followers outside my blog, know me by the pictures I take and post them up online. 155 kata lagi


If only dreams came true?

It was a new academic session,

But this year things were a lot more different then the every usual year. We moved out of my hometown. 956 kata lagi

What is my happiness?

Deepest Thought.

As i woke up. I’ve read something very important today. The first thing that caught my eyes, a message that I can’t ignore. IT WAS SOMETHING THAT WOKE ME UP not physically but mentally and realize the reality of life. 326 kata lagi