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Half as Heavy

A cozy spring morning, it’s 8 am
The sunlight falls on my arm,
It glows like a gem

But my eyes are a sun all in their self, 57 kata lagi


Baaghi: Dreamers who do

I am misty-eyed as I pen this one tonight. And I am misty-eyed after a really long time. I love to write, but I feel as if I have forgotten all about writing. 1.440 kata lagi

In And Around

...the lucid dreamer - an introduction

I have an entire other life in my dreams. When I fall asleep I either wander into one that’s waiting for me or I conjure one up for myself. 807 kata lagi


Dreamer Becomes "Apptivist" And Faces the Possibility Of Deportation

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Jair Mendoza

Deivyd Morales illegally immigrated from Mexico to Utah with his mother and his younger brother in 2001 when he was 9 years old. 568 kata lagi

Money Matters


Very rarely, I’m I given the magnitude of my destiny in a dream, or be given a really real dream.

In the dream I was shown the city,the epicenter .I was alone in that spot,no one was around and it was silent. 14 kata lagi

Radical Grace

Grounded in Nature...

Being grounded to me feels like coming home. It is my happy place…

It means being completely comfortable, open and true to myself. It means being fully present, relaxed and confident of who I am. 315 kata lagi


Doing my best..

LIFE: hey! It’s me. I suck but i am the only truth the rest is illusion..a mirage..you can’t escape me. Don’t even try!

IMAGINATION: Come here sweetheart..everything’s going to be ok. 43 kata lagi

Random Abstractions