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post travel thoughts

Just over a month ago, I landed in Chicago, IL, after an eight hour flight from one of the best cities in the world, London. 1.246 kata lagi


How to change the world

How can a single person change the world? As complicated as the question seems, it has a fairly simple answer, the stars.

Wait, how can a big ball of gas somewhere in the universe change the world? 275 kata lagi


Who is a dreamer?
Dreamer is the one who don’t sleep,
Dreamer is the one who don’t give up,
Dreamer is the one who cry a lot but only in dark-nights that they can start a new morning,

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The Real Neat Blog Award (EEEEEE!)

Hey guys! I feel really splendiferous, because…..da da DA…..little miss Sunshine has been nominated for not one, but TWO blogging awards this week! Pretty cool, eh? 492 kata lagi

Friday Fun Five

Happy Friday! This week’s guest is Ariel Tachna. Thanks, Ariel.

To know more about Ariel Tachna, check out arieltachna.com or see what she’s up to on twitter ( 518 kata lagi

Wonders a wanderer

If i could be a wanderer.
Always away,
not chasing happiness
nor dodging the pain.

If i could be a river.
Always flowing,
changing her ways. 130 kata lagi


Sweeping feeling 

It was a strange sweeping feeling , wind traipsing through my body . Distant memories flooding in , old scarred wounds becoming fresh .

Staring into the wilderness , for the first time , I found no peace ..these sweeping feeling were empowering my very being.. 18 kata lagi

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