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Blogging 101??

Hi! This is my first time blogging. I am nervous about starting a blog but here I am. Starting a blog. It’s crazy I am doing this. 116 kata lagi

First Time

What is this all about?

Hi there, squirrels!

Welcome, please come in. My name is Natalia

This blog is my take on the world. It’s a place where I write my point of view on different topics, but mostly life complexities. 297 kata lagi


Sea In Your Dreams

There lived a young boy in one very poor village. He spent his days monotonously and tediously like the rest of the villagers without having a clear idea of what to do with his life. 522 kata lagi

Punky Funky Stuff

Emma Watson Just Lost a Book, Is That Yours?

It’s not quite a secret that Emma Watson, the little beloved wizard Hermione, has grown into a huge bookworm. Recently, she lost her book Mom & Me & Mom at London subway, and suddenly, the news grabbed a spate of attention on Twitter. 855 kata lagi


Who Am I

If I had to describe my life to a blind man could he tell me who I was? Let’s try. Hello Mr. I don’t know you but I need someone to talk to. 786 kata lagi

I start to reach for the door handle. . .

His hand comes across to grasp mine.
My head turns at the sound of my name on his lips.


From: WIP

Topic: Open Door