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Dreaming Amongst Reality

I’ve always called myself a dreamer.

That’s what I’ve always felt, and believed myself, to be. Yet I’ve hit a couple of occurrences lately where I’ve found that to be less true and that I am, in fact, can be more of a realist. 758 kata lagi

Random Musings

"Bravery, it does not necessarily mean there is no fear. Or doubt. Or anxiety. It's knowing and believing that you will always be okay in the end."

As I enter my 33rd week of pregnancy, reality definitely starts to set in.  I mean, people have constantly been reminding me since my third month of pregnancy how difficult having a baby is. 866 kata lagi


Maya Waking Scene

      I snapped up, reaching for the space in front of my stomach, for my soul cord. I clutched empty air. Frantically scanning the area as I panted, I took in my surroundings. 670 kata lagi



The sun forcing its will

against the worn out window net,

old folks asleep,

hoping not to face the wrath of the day.

The dusty village drags itself… 42 kata lagi


The Series

Discover the world of a young woman forced into adulthood.  Anaïs Faythor.  She finds she is exceptional.  Not because of her intelligence, not because of affluence.   34 kata lagi