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Exclusive: Jackson Browne Speaks Out For 'The Dreamer' In Powerful New Song

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When it comes to speaking out on social issues in music Jackson Browne stands alongside Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, John Lennon and other all-time greats as being the most vocal and most profound. 1.940 kata lagi

Money Matters

The story behind ↞my Instagram and Blog names✧

I started my main account on Instagram in 2014. Since the day I created it, I never changed the username. I came up with @_acowgirlsdream_ while thinking about what I wanted to show people on Instagram through this new account. 435 kata lagi

The Story Behind

The Balloon Man

Within a maze of books,
on a dusty shelf
lays a legend
long forgotten.

A man held on to his dreams
like a child to his balloons, 97 kata lagi



Last night I dreamt of you
and the night before that too
The dream was like a stolen memory
one we never got to have… 68 kata lagi


The Path of the Dreamer

So many times in my life I have felt completely, and utterly lost. It didn’t matter that I had a great job, good friends, or wonderful opportunities. 315 kata lagi


New York

New York.

I walked into this trip with the idea that it was a vacation.

It was that and so much more.

It was a learning experience. 80 kata lagi