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Infantile Trooper

Amidst the azure winter freeze

Blew an abandoned disarmed feather

I held her close in the weather

Asked, what’s her business in the breeze?

She flicked her tail in courtesy… 248 kata lagi

Life And Experience


Chalk residue landed on the loose strands of her hair. Pastels swirled through her veins, pouring from her fingers like a rainbow. She would colour the world in her art, so that she too could be coloured in.

Creative Writing

Coffee and Cars

Coffee and Cars is not just a place to talk about cars, 
but a place that captures the real essence and beauty of cars in the automotive industry. 58 kata lagi


Okay so there’s a lot to say about me. First off, I’m a dreamer. I hope for the best and thankfully —sometimes dreams do come true. 62 kata lagi


NaNoWriMo 2015 - The End! (+ Dreamer Chapter 8)

It’s debatable whether I deserve this banner or not, but I don’t care. I revised my goal for NaNoWriMo and wanted to achieve 25K and I managed to do exactly that! 1.935 kata lagi

Books To Fall For

the pain of climbing

Khi mình leo qua mấy con dốc để lên tới đỉnh, chân đau, khó thở nhưng đầu óc tự do. Lúc nhìn ra phía xa phía những đỉnh núi khác, phía những rừng cây khác mình đã nghĩ hay là ở đây xây nhà ở luôn, bán đồ cho mấy bạn đi leo núi kiếm ăn qua ngày. 335 kata lagi

Chuyện Vặt Của Chuồn :v

Reality > Dreams

Hi, my name is Gabriele and I have an irrational fear of tital waves and bleeding teeth.

That is awesome Gabriele, you are officially nuts. 393 kata lagi