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Goodbye World!

Yesterday I sad goodbye to one of my favorite friends from here. Being an exchange student is not easy anymore. I still have 50 days and yesterday showed me how my leaving is going to be hard. I miss this already.


Reflection (A Short Story)

It was once proposed to me that one day all lives will end. I just never expected hers to come so soon. Each morning she awoke to the sun beating down on her pale face, and later the rain or snow once the colder days settled on the pavement. 226 more words


Creative outlet.

Dear God we’re already in the 4th month of the New Year! So much has happened. If you’ve been following my blog you know this is my outlet where you can find some ventilation as well as educational information. 633 more words


Dreams, I think,
are like their dreamers,
spawned by their moods,
aping their attitudes;

see those garrulous,
backslapping dreams,
getting together at sunset,
at a tea shop on the horizon; 86 more words



I am at that stage in my life where I must decide what I want to do

To make decisions that will determine the rest of my life…or so they say… 84 more words


Little Secrets on the Shelf

My life is always a little crazy. Usually its just a crazy busy schedule. I’m currently a junior at Montana State University who studies engineering. I would like to think I am the complete opposite of every stereotypical female engineer you’ve seen. 135 more words


A Logo I Created Two Years Ago

Chow Publications isn’t real. But maybe one day it will be.

After all, you don’t have to tell anyone your dreams for people to know what they are.

Show them instead.

Personal Reflection