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Celebrating 300 Days❤️

To celebrate our 300 day celebration we chose yet another Asian restaurant called Rituals Sushi. We set our budget for the night and headed out, me giddy as usual. 299 kata lagi

Frozen Heart.

I can feel my heart hardening again

frosting over

the shards of ice melding together

Frozen solid

the construction of an impenetrable fortress building

once again… 68 kata lagi


I don't believe dreams come true

I know this sounds like a very negative title and your all probably thinking that this will be a negative post and to an extent it is. 371 kata lagi


I follow my heart to reach my deepest dreams, to reach wildest feelings. I go against the borders while it’s not too dangerous or against the law too much. 1.311 kata lagi

Dreamers Stories

Ghost Girl's Shadow in the Dreamer's Cave

Earlier this summer I prematurely announced in this blog that my 53 inch tall, shaped painting in oil, on wood titled Ghost Girl’s Shadow in the Dreamer’s Cave… 273 kata lagi


Silly girl

There she goes again,
Letting her mind drift
Thinking of things she’d be better off forgetting

Silly girl, wrapped up in dreams
Her head in the clouds… 73 kata lagi


It was all a dream

I awoke to find myself in a light sweat. I felt as though I had been running the way my legs were tight. I briefly gasped for air as though someone had taken my breath away. 103 kata lagi