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Week 4 - 2// 50 things: 50 cities to visit before you die.

“And then I realised, Adventures are the best way to learn.”

In this 50 things segment, I will be sharing 50 things that I want to do or have done or anything I find interesting. 289 kata lagi


"The Dreamer"

This piece is dedicated to the dreamers. Or should I say dream catchers? Because the best dreams are from Him.

With beautiful *yieldedness the dreamers open up their souls and receive. 221 kata lagi


Quote #4

She a beautiful dreamer. The kind of girl

who kept her head in the cloud, loved

above the stars, and left regret beneath

the earth she walked on. 23 kata lagi

The lost boy

I am a lost boy; I go anywhere that I please.

We follow Peter Pan, into obscurity.

We fly high into the trees.

I am a lost boy. 67 kata lagi



I am a dreamer.

Full of curiosity, and wonder.

As a child, I flew to Far off places.

My imagination could sore high in the sky. 107 kata lagi


Just Say Yes

Its Wednesday… and today I have my first real audition since starting with my new agency/school. I have yet to take my new headshots and my very bare resume is yet to be completed. 1.877 kata lagi


Thank you, world.

I want to bring happiness to the world. Although the world will not remember who am I, but giving joy will reminded me, who am I. 18 kata lagi