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23 May 2017

Every time I took a step towards my journey there was people around me who just couldn’t understand. It was hectic but I pushed through.

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You’ve made me a relentless daydreamer
I’m constantly consumed by thoughts of you
Oh boy, what is this foolishness
That you’ve somehow managed to put me through… 27 kata lagi


Did I come too close?

She was sitting beside the dressing table. It was a long day at the office and she just got back home half an hour earlier; took a quick shower with luke warm water to reduce the frustration. 1.678 kata lagi



Sama sama sunsite belum tentu indah. Sama sama sukses belum tentu enak.

Rencana besar, planing besar, pemikiran lama dan penyiapan mental yang lama tak selalu berbuah manis. 118 kata lagi

Being A Professional Dreamer!

The Latest and Greatest Profession of the Universe.

*details will be published soon.

Jason Haber

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It falls to you – the dreamers and the doers, who look at the world and imagine a way to make a difference – to make the world a better place.


Forever a dreamer.

Life isn’t always what it seems,

Forgotten hopes, unachievable dreams,

If we build out future in what we can’t be,

Then who is really you, who is me? 146 kata lagi