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#30DayMusicChallenge Day 26 : A Song That I Wish I Could Play

sebagai manusia, berkhayal adalah salah satu hal yang tidak boleh kita lakukan dengan penuh kesahajaan. berkhayallah setinggi2nya bahkan kalo perlu ngobrol sama orang lain biar khayalan kita lebih tinggi lagi. 208 kata lagi


Mike Portnoy: 'Name That Tune' on Hello Kitty Drum Kit

This is wild…love it! Who knew you could make a toy sound so good?

R.B.Bailey Jr

Ave, Portnoy! A Change of Seasons

This morning, immediately prior to my 9:30 seminar, several students and I started talking about the sheer brilliance and super-human tenacity of Mike Portnoy.  This guy just never ceases to amaze me.  228 kata lagi

Progressive Rock

Generations Of Rock: Mike and Max Portnoy - Bonded by Drumming

By Adam Waldman

With nearly 1.5 million followers on Facebook, it’s safe to say that legendary drummer Mike Portnoy is idolized by many, especially his son, Max.  774 kata lagi

The Winery Dogs


Hello! Welcome to our weekly installment of Hot Picks for you all at See Tickets. This week’s a good one, with some amazing tours happening across the country. 362 kata lagi

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Must Own Albums: Progressive Metal

Dream Theater – Scenes From a Memory

One of the best modern concept albums from perhaps the most famous prog metal band. It follows a man named Nicholas using hypnotherapy to find the truth about his past life as a girl named Victoria and trying to solve the mystery of her murder.  205 kata lagi


Top 5: Best Dream Theater Albums

Boston’s own Dream Theater are considered one of the most influential prog metal bands of this generation. Containing an all star lineup of extremely talented musicians, Dream Theater has released twelve studio albums over the past 30 years, and will be releasing their newest album “The Astonishing” early next year. 225 kata lagi

Progressive Metal