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Music Discovery Monday – 10/5/15

Hard Rock Daddy presents Music Discovery Monday – 10/5/15.

Each week, the HRD team shares songs that fly below radio’s radar, ranging from lesser-known artists to deeper cuts from both up-and-coming and established artists. 2.631 kata lagi

Songs Played On Octane

Just one band to listen to other than Dream Theater

A little while ago (ok, a long while ago since I’ve been neglecting my blog) I planned to write a post called ‘5 bands to listen to other than Dream Theater’. 338 kata lagi


Blog-Tember 13: Music is Messy

Prompt: Three songs you are connecting with right now.

It’s rare for my song obsessions to fully coincide with what’s happening in my life. Usually, they have more to do with (for lack of a better word) fantasies, or sometimes a song hits me because it’s catchy and it brings up a memory of something I felt in the past. 550 kata lagi

20 Something

Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater

It was a huge violation of Matt’s Privacy to work with someone from Dream Theater. That must be why Matthew Berdyck name drops Jordan’s name, posts pictures of him skyping with Jordan, and uses that association to scam people out of money or think Matt is actually a professional. 41 kata lagi

Matthew Berdyck

Staying Power - How to keep writing your series

After reading a forum post I made about Ghost of the Navigator, author Raine Winters asked me if I had any tips for ‘sticking with it’ when writing a series. 1.820 kata lagi

Shadow's Talent

Marco Sfogli em workshop intimista

A carreira de Marco Sfogli sublinha as suas qualidades técnicas e humanas e confirma-o como um brilhante músico em ascensão. O guitarrista italiano conta já com dois álbuns lançados ‘ 376 kata lagi


Lothlöryen – Principles of A Past Tomorrow (Brazil, 2015)

Listening to this one, without knowing anything about the band, no one would probably guess that these guys are from Brazil. In fact Lothlöryen come from the land of samba with an explosive mix of folk, prog and heavy metal. 503 kata lagi