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[Podcast] American Adaptations of Animes/Mangas

Dans cet épisode spécial, Reynard (@AquariusReynard) et Le Mambo (@Ponce_Pilate) discutent des différentes adaptations de Mangas et Animés Japonais par le mainstream Hollywood.
Ils se vont en détails sur les pires adaptations Hollywoodiennes, (DragonBall Evolution n’étant que le Tip of the iceberg) ; les meilleures adaptations et partagent leurs avis sur les mangas et animés qui méritent de se faire une adaptation par les américains.


Say It Ain't So! "Dragonball: Evolution" Sequel Script Floating?

This news can be described in just one simple word: No!

It looks like a sequel to perhaps the worst adaptation of a Japanese manga and anime, 2009’s… 275 kata lagi

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[Poll] Which Film Should Bede Watch For His 49th Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon?

Which bad film would you like to see Bede tackle next for his 49th edition of Bad Movie Tweet-A-Thon? Vote in the poll below and whichever one gets the highest votes, he will live-tweet it! 12 kata lagi


Why Reboots Suck? - Caleb Daly

Movies based on established properties are bad, no doubt about it. Why are they bad, well that’s hard to understand. The biggest problem is that the film companies lose what made the original great. 440 kata lagi