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Taking a Break from Dragon Ball Super?

Why haven’t you seen reviews for the last two episodes of Dragon Ball Super? 242 kata lagi


Having a Dragon Ball Ep. 4 - Teabag

Episode 3 – Oolong the Terrible

Episode three doesn’t waste any time putting Goku and Bulma back on the trail of the fifth Dragon Ball. Sadly, Bulma has forgotten her name again (as evidenced by the giant “BULMA” on her hat). 387 kata lagi


Dragon Ball Super English Dub Coming In Early 2017

There have already been 69 episodes of Dragon Ball Super released and a movie since Battle of Gods hit the big screen in 2013, but there has been a great number of fans who have eagerly awaited the English dub. 117 kata lagi


Shell Bound : Masamune Shirow - "Black Magic"

A fully-decked warrior points out to his comrades in arms, who are about to be deployed from a military helicopter: “We’re soldiers, not philosophers.” That’s from Masamune Shirow’s  1983 debut,”Black Magic.” It’s the standard intro to any number of action scenes  in movies, novels, and graphic novels: assorted mercenaries bantering and bonding over the noise of the chopper’s rotors. 195 kata lagi

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About Me - 私について

Hello, Everybody! The Name is Jonathan – Jonathan McCullough, but everybody calls me JMac. I am ending this year with the creation of this blog and this first post. 1.213 kata lagi


Review: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is the newest game in the Dragon Ball universe and the second in the Xenoverse line.

The game takes place in a new city called Conton City, which is 7 times larger than Toki Toki City (Xenoverse 1). 472 kata lagi

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