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"I Dropped The Dragon Ball": DB Evolution Writer Issues Apology To Fans

Here’s a quick quiz for you, name just one well-done anime-to-film adaption! It doesn’t even have to be perfect, just well-done. Go ahead, I’ll wait. If you can’t come up with an answer, don’t worry, there probably isn’t one! 1.171 kata lagi


This Time on Dragon Ball Super: Episode 41 - End of the Universe 6 Tournament

Last time, on Dragon Ball Super: Hit! defeated Goku in the Universe 6 tournament! But, feeling indebted to Goku’s honourable battle, Hit! threw the final round, making the unlikely Monaka the champion of both universes. 1.012 kata lagi

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Manga Review: "Dragon Ball Full Color" Volume Four

Dragon Ball Full Color Volume 4 includes the first volume of the Freeza Arc. Unlike the other releases of this manga, this one presents the story with full color in every panel. 540 kata lagi


Anime Spotlight: Dragon Ball Z

If you ask anyone to name an anime show, Dragon Ball Z will likely come up a lot and for good reason, it’s a legendary series that even to this very day continues to have a ton of staying power and is actually getting better (at least with the movies, I haven’t heard as many good things about the new anime series) as time has gone on.  857 kata lagi


Fashion Spotlight: Doom Gym, I Have Over 9000, Krang's Gym

Ript Apparel has three new designs! Doom Gym, I Have Over 9000, and Krang’s Gym, by Soulkr, ddjvigo, and RynoArts, are on sale today only! … 65 kata lagi


Friday Funny 54: Where is the Dubstep?

TGIF! Thank God it’s Friday! Today is Friday and today is also the last day of Friday of April. In this episode of  these TGIF posts, today is the movie adaptation of the popular PS2 video game… 134 kata lagi

Time Travel: Grandfather Paradox and Alternate Timelines

We all thought about Time Traveling. We all dreamed about it, contemplated about it, at least at some point of our time. It happens when we regret. 1.363 kata lagi