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Trailer 2 de Dragon Ball Z la resurrecion de Freezer.

¿Listos para un segundo vistazo a la próxima película animede Dragon Ball? Toei Animation estrenó un nuevo avance de Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F… 132 more words

New Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope Trailer

Even if you aren’t a fan of the genre you have probably heard of Dragon Ball Z. The continuing popularity of this anime has gone way beyond anyone’s expectations, but why not? 103 more words


Dragon Ball Z Will Never Die After This!

In the upcoming Revival of “F” movie, Dragon Ball’s most memorable villain has a new and even more powerful form with which to fight his long term rival. 306 more words


Not Impressed

Dragon Ball Z: F’s Resurrection

Not impressed.

In recent news, more information regarding Dragon Ball Z: F’s Resurrection has been released and none of it has made me anymore excited to see this movie. 173 more words


New 'Dragon Ball Z' Movie Revives Most Evil Person Ever, Also They Are Gold Now

Cha-la head is gold-la, cha-la Frieza’s evil-la.

That’s right Dragon Ball maniacs, the Z Fighters are back in action with the latest Dragon Ball Z movie, … 189 more words


Gamer's Madness: Dragonball Xenoverse

Well, I guess I’ll start with the game that had distracted me from reading books last week. Which books seem to want payback for, cause I read like four short 200 pages books in the past few days. 1.093 more words


Trailer de novo filme de Dragon Ball Z mostra nova transformação de Freeza

A Toei Animation liberou no Japão um trailer inédito do novo filme de Dragon Ball Z e nele conhecemos a nova transformação de Freeza, o vilão mais icônico da série. 138 more words