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Dragon Ball and Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts

I have to wait for something to happen before I work on my next review video. We have 99% of everything ready to go on it before I can get to editing. 363 kata lagi


10 episodes for one attack

Ever wondered why those Dragon Ball fights took at least 5-10 episodes for one attack? I sure as hell didn’t get it, but I think one blogger got it right, read it somewhere on Facebook a few years back. 77 kata lagi

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NEETaku Asks: What Makes A Good Anime?

So, while planning out the list of my Top 5 anime of all time, I had an epiphany: How can I give my 5 faves if you don’t even know the type of anime I enjoy?Even more than that, how does one speak objectively about a completely subjective topic such as what makes for a good anime? 610 kata lagi


Death Note Film Coming up?

Have you heard of the manga Death Note? Which was later release on an Anime about a high school student that has a possession of a note book from a… 328 kata lagi

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Kame - Kame - HA


Today’s post. Goku, another titan fighting in plain sight in Singapore.

LOL, and I just found out that the new iOs 9’s Emoji has the middle finger and unicorn in it. 35 kata lagi

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Top 10 white characters

1.) Casper The Friendly Ghost
2.) Minerva Mink (Animaniacs)3.) Rarity (My Little Pony)
4.) Pearl (Steven Universe)
5.) Mog (Final Fantasy VI)
6.) Mewtwo (Pokemon) 32 kata lagi