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Started Playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse For The First Time

Steam sales are a magical thing, without question. I’m a guy who limits himself to 20 dollars at a time while buying Steam cash, and I had my eyes on one game: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1. 485 kata lagi


15 Dragon Ball Secrets You Probably Didn't Know.

Many of us love Dragon Ball. Some of us have seen the entire series from Dragon Ball to Super multiple times. We know all of the characters and all of the plot lines, but below are 15 things about Dragon Ball you probably don’t know. 539 kata lagi

Dragon Ball Super

TCGP 95 - GTDrama

On this awkwardly screeched episode of The College Gamers Podcast: GTA has some drama in the community. Dragon Ball is short a Ball. IO Interactive is now IO Independent! 60 kata lagi

The College Gamers

One Punch Man's Yusuke Murata Draws Dragon Ball Characters

Dragon Ball has inspired a large number of people around the world,  from all walks of life.  One of which is One Punch Man’s Yusuke Murata who grew up as a fan of Dragon Ball. 123 kata lagi


Toonami Roundup: 6/17/17

This… week… in… Toonami…

Dragon Ball Super episode 22: This is quite obviously the “J.J. Abrams arc” of Dragon Ball Super. All nostalgia-driven, not actually plot-driven. 333 kata lagi

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds To Roster With Time Traveling Warrior

Just before E3 this year, there were leaks that Arc System Works, the company responsible for the Guilty Gear games, would be making a traditional Dragon Ball Z fighting game. 240 kata lagi

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