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Olá queridos café-maníacos. Voltamos nessa #sextadeteorias  com mais um DILEMA DRAGON BALL.
Pois é, vimos que surgiu a nova saga, Dragon Ball Super, e que está bombando por ai, e junto com ela, revelações impressionantes. 226 kata lagi

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Recap: Dragon Ball Super 59

Last episode concluded with Goku, Whis, Beerus, and the Supreme Kai arriving in Universe 10 to put a stop to Zamasu’s plans that would lead to Trunks’ future, and that’s exactly where episode 59 picks up. 853 kata lagi


DBZ Clone Game Part One: What I have so far

The Dragon Ball franchise is one of my most favorite of all time. I loved watching the Anime. I just caught up with the Dragon Ball Super manga and I can’t wait to watch the new episode of the anime Dragon Ball Super later today. 1.168 kata lagi

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Dragon Chat, Episode 3 - History of Cell: Judgment Day

Come listen to us if you want to live!!!!

Join us this week on Episode 3 of Dragon Chat where we discuss important updates in Dragon Ball Z gaming news, the amazing all-new animated feature length movie “The History of Cell: Judgment Day” written by the Dragon Chat/SNP team & directed by Akira Toriyama and James Cameron, and where we find out what we would wish with the Dragon Balls. 298 kata lagi


They Are Created But Can I Make Them Better

As I begin to write and blog again I’m stuck. I’m not stuck as in writing creatively but more along of the lines of taking someone’s else story/character, make them my own & write about them. 109 kata lagi


Dragon Chat - Episode 2 - Dirty Nasty Future

Dragon Chat Ep 2 is GO! Andy has finally caught up to Dragon Ball Super, which means WE CAN FINALLY DISCUSS GOKU BLACK.

Yes, a majority of this episode focuses on the Goku Black arc as we discuss the current happenings, our reactions, Super Saiyan Rose, and where we think the saga will go from here. 30 kata lagi

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