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SSGSS Vegito, Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black And Zamasu Will Not Be In The Next DLC

There has been some terrible news for Dragon Ball Xenoverse fans as of late, according to The Bitbag and Saiyan Island, neither SSGSS Vegito, Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black or Zamasu, will be in the upcoming DLC in February. 305 kata lagi


Why The Universe Survival Saga Has Me Pumped

Dragon Ball Super is gearing up for its next big arc: the Universe Survival. It was casually mentioned at the end of the Champa arc. But there was a very big and dramatic arc in between so it was easy to forget about. 245 kata lagi

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V-Jump magazine Reveals New 3DS Title Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X

Dragon Ball Heroes is, arguably, one of the most popular arcade video games to be currently in circulation across the great country of Japan. It is, certainly, highly revered by fans of Akira Toriyama’s long-running Shonen series, and by those who follow it’s video game lineage. 252 kata lagi


I Have a Golden Cock

Over Christmas and New Year I had to deal with some personal stuff that was going on. I am back in game and Lunar New Year has hit us. 39 kata lagi

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How Disappointing Has Goten And Trunks Been In Super So Far?

When both Goten and Trunks burst into the scene during the Buu saga of dragon Ball Z, they looked to have more potential than even Gohan, as both were able to transform into a Super Saiyan at only five and six years of age. 480 kata lagi


Proof.......Dragon Ball world is real...!!!

This is in continuation with my previous entry……in which i have discussed whether the DBZ world is real or not and compared this world with the real world and astonishingly DBZ world holds a potential that it may become reality one day…. 98 kata lagi

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