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Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Preview

Buu not able to be woken, Goku has to get help from his arch enemy Friza to replace Buu. Would Frieza respond well to the invitation to help Goku and be on his side instead of against his. 15 kata lagi


Toonami Roundup: 5/20/17

This week… in a very unimpressive Toonami…

Dragon Ball Super episode 19: The insufferable training of Goku and Vegeta continues, while Frieza gets wished back by the Dragon Balls. 386 kata lagi

Monkey/Journey to the West by Wu Ch’Eng-En - Book Review

Basic Information

Monkey/Journey to the West, authored by Wu Ch’Eng-En and translated by Arthur Waley. The particular version I have is the Penguin Classics edition (Penguin Classics are AWESOME. 2.072 kata lagi

Ancient China


DRAGON BALL is an anime and is created by AKIRA TORIYAMA which depends upon a character known as SON Goku. He is a Saiyan and he actually loves to fight and eat food! 73 kata lagi


Stunning Dragon Ball paper fighting scenes, made by Japanese paper artist

It is very awesome to see the Japanese artist, しんらしんげ, to make the fighting scene between Goku and Vegeta alive, by just using paper, instead of using some complicated technology. 122 kata lagi

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