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Are you going to see #DBZRF ? Do it!

What is #DBZRF? Why, it’s the hashtag for the latest Dragon Ball movie titled Dragon Ball Z Resurrection ‘F’ that will be in theaters from August 4 – 12. 179 kata lagi

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Should you go see DBZ: Resurrection F in the cinema? A helpful-ish guide

Begin at number 1.

1. Are you familiar with Dragon Ball already? Yes: Go to 2. No: Go to 3.

2. Did you like Battle of Gods (the other new DBZ movie)?  840 kata lagi

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 4

Review By Georgie V

This review contains spoilers for all previous Dragon Ball material (except for Revival of F)

Remember those old Dragon Ball Z episodes where nothing really happened except for Goku powering up or Krillin getting chased around by Frieza? 565 kata lagi

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Prime Reactions - Dragon Ball Super Episodes 1-2

More Prime Reactions! A segment where I look over new movies and for the second time, a television show. This time we’re looking at the first two episodes of the not-so-highly-anticipated anime: Dragon Ball Super. 2.040 kata lagi


Dragon Ball Super: Episode 4- Review

My first Dragon Ball Super review on this blog has to be of the worst episode thus far; typical. It’s not that this episode was bad, it’s just that almost nothing of worth happened. 421 kata lagi


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Hai hai hai, selamat pagi! Ketemu lagi dengan postingan terbaru.

Just to let you know, Rumbai pagi ini udara nya seger. Abis hujan alhamdulillah, … 199 kata lagi

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Third Announcement and Review 11: “Jaco the Galactic Patrolman,” Chapter 9: “The Galactic Patrolman On the Move”

Okay, yet again, I’d like to apologize for my failure to keep up on my posting schedule. That being said, I rushed in a bit impulsively with that review of “Nisekoi.” I apparently haven’t learned my lesson on that front, unfortunately (that is, if there was a lesson to be learned), so I’m going to be doing double headers for “Jaco” (and “Dragon Ball”) and “Nisekoi” and its sequel, “Nisekoi:” (written as “Nisekoi ” in my blog’s categories because of technical limitations of the app I’m using, and probably WordPress itself), starting tomorrow. 220 kata lagi

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