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Dragon Ball Super-episode 30 review

Dragon Ball Super-episode 30 review: As we reach closer to the battle between the universe’s two best team with each passing episodes. The action is waiting for the fans and i my self is super excited about the super epic battle. 381 kata lagi

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super-episode 29 review

Dragon Ball Super-episode 29 review: The 29th episode indeed surprised us with few interested things in the 29th episode and i believe we all were waiting for something like this to happen as Dragon Ball Super’s story line in beginning was pretty much similar to the movie Dragon ball Z Resurrection of F which has never happened in Dragon ball series’ history where series repeats the story of a movie and vice versa. 377 kata lagi

Dragon Ball

News: Manga based on Dragon Ball Project Fusion game to debut in April

The latest Dragon Ball manga will be based on the upcoming RPG Dragon Ball Project Fusion for Nintendo 3DS, and today’s issue of Shueisha’s Saikyo Jump… 109 kata lagi


Now that's Dragon Ball done right! (short film)

We all know that the live action DB movie is something dreadful to look upon, it even gives that feeling of second-hand embarrassment for its existence even though most of us had nothing to do with its creation… but thankfully there are remarkable people out there that are able to make a much better work when it comes to bringing our dearest memories into the real world. 172 kata lagi


Passionate Dissections: An Interview with MistareFusion


There’s a tendency modern critics have to underestimate entertainment from the 1980s-90s. It’s true that on many aspects modern shows innovate by providing a larger representation of the audience and by introducing concepts previously thought untouchable. 4.290 kata lagi


Giant-sized Dragon Ball sculpture created for Sapporo Snow Festival 【Photos】

Anime hero Goku appears in giant form to delight fans and hopefully keep Attack on Titan’s monsters in check. 434 kata lagi