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Basic fullCalendar callbacks

Use these callbacks in fullCalendar to respond when:

  1. Event’s content is about to be rendered: eventRender
  2. Event is clicked: eventClick
  3. Event is resized: eventResize
  4. Event finished been dragged and dropped: …
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A lethal story.

How I wish with each drag of this cigar I could remove the pain of your treachery.

How I hope with each sip of this liquor I am able to forget the addiction to your voice. 219 kata lagi


La batería del sexo

«Tuve que hacer un trato: o me aferraba a la memoria o me aferraba a la libertad en la mente. Y me decidí por lo segundo».

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MrD Slot Drag Racing, Chelmsford, December 2016

Chaps and Chapettes,

Most of the slot car stuff I cover on this blog tends to be 1/32 scale circuit cars; Formula 1, LeMans and such. 466 kata lagi

Drag Barbie

RuPaul’s Drag Race is one of my guilty pleasures. I love this show and I think I saw every season at least 5 times.

So when I saw this ooak doll artist that turn Barbie into some of my favorite Queens I just had to share it. 97 kata lagi

Builder of the House - Look At The Man

A day in the life of drag queen Cherry Lemonade, Builder of the House tackles the bittersweet world of gay people, specifically drag queens, with their latest single, Look At The Man. 127 kata lagi


Club hosts drag show

By Misty Severi

The words “I’m a gummy bear, oh yes I’m a gummy bear!  I’m a yummy, chummy, funny, lucky gummy bear” could be heard from the steps of the Martin Luther King building as a drag queen danced her way around a crowd of students. 442 kata lagi