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Woman in the Making: A Memoir by Rory O'Neill (aka Panti)

First things first, Rory can write, which was a nice surprise – sometimes people from other fields who write a memoir aren’t always suited to it, but he has a keen ear for a nice turn of phrase. 224 kata lagi

Cherdonna Shinatra

Cherdonna is the faux-queen persona of Seattle dance and performance artist Jody Kuehner. What makes Cherdonna exciting is that she goes further than other dance artists in questioning convention. 93 kata lagi


It's a Drag Knock-out Week 6

Alright, guys. Got a bit of a weird one for you this week. I’m actually busy preparing to move house, but fortunately I’ve found someone to step in for me and review this week’s… 1.551 kata lagi