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As someone who is a natural introvert, the last couple of weeks have been quite a nice and healthy change to my normal routine.  My wife and I (as Katie) went to visit some good friends in Mississippi while also making some new ones, and we also went out to see a local theater group putting on a drag variety show, which was so much fun. 1.015 more words


How To Turn A 'Have-To' Move Into A 'Get-To Move' Situation

Moving to a new home because you have to can be a drag. Truthfully, the act of moving is a big drag for any reason! But when it’s not your choice, not the optimum time, or you’re moving for reasons other than because you’ve fallen in love with a new home and are moving up, it really stinks. 26 more words

Book recomendation: My husband Betty

This is not a formal book review, but it is a recommendation.

I have just finished reading Helen Boyd’s book called ‘My husband Betty’. It is a book written about crossdressers, transgendered people and the broader trans* community. 729 more words


Top 5!

In no specific order:

1. https://amb562.wordpress.com/

I thought this bog was a neat idea. It could be really helpful for those in college with little cash. 638 more words


My Top Five!

Making that my title of this post reminded me that I really want to watch that movie with Chris Rock in it.. Has anyone seen it? 629 more words


Some half-formed thoughts on RuPaul's Drag Race ep4: Spoof!

So, that episode, eh? I genuinely don’t understand a single thing about Spoof!. The winner, the bottom two, the editing, the evictee, nothing. NOTHING. I’m assuming it was some not-very meta reference to the episode title. 642 more words