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Two Stories of Oxford Street

Oxford Street is seen as a safe haven for many people in the gay community. A place where they can escape their reality for a night and feel excepted by everyone they meet. 509 kata lagi


Gaying the weekend away

Last Friday was the birthday party of my BeDazzler better half, Sergio! And what better way to celebrate than by having a FULL BLOWN happy hour, djed by your best musical friends, at a gay bar?! 369 kata lagi



Blending the classic with the contemporary in the darker crafts, this dark poet knows how to throw down the experimental vibes. There is an ocean of her music to discover. 55 kata lagi


Drag vs Cross Dressing, Being Me!

Was I a strange kid? Why was I so infatuated with dressing up as a girl in any my alone time. I used to sit in class at school and look around at other boys in my and wonder if I was the only boy who did what I did. 6 kata lagi

Cross Dress

Young Stud

Cocky young studs.. here’s a quick note to you. Yup, you’re adorable, entertaining and sexy as hell.. however.. You lack appear to lack the substance and stability that a femme wants and needs. 87 kata lagi

Whatcha Wanna Know..

Illustration: RuPauls Drag Race Winners Portraits

I was recently exhibiting at a local comic convention organised by a Pride Association.

In celebration, I figured I would create portraits of some of the Ru Pauls Drag race performers!

Freelance Work

Dude looks like a lady.

It was a normal Saturday night, really. A small group of neighbors and friends gathered to celebrate a surprise birthday for oh, let’s just call her Chrissy. 670 kata lagi