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Vivienne Villain - The German Glam Queen

Let’s face it: The UK and US are incredibly lucky with the amount of drag we are exposed to. There is plenty of local talent, we can go to our local gay club to watch them and we have countless Rugirl tours where we can see and meet our favourite queens. 1.288 kata lagi

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Regret..let it go...

Like an unseen anchor that you are unable to release even if your sails are full. Like invisible chains that make you drag your feet when you are ready to run. Regret. Let it go.

T1: Tatianna

Every single season of RuPaul’s Drag Race’ has introduced us to some incredibly talented queens. But, while some fans tend to focus on the newer seasons, let’s not forget that Season two presented us with Tatianna… 984 kata lagi

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What Drag Race Has Done For My Confidence

RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s queer culture. It’s your feel good reality show with a high dosage of shaaade.

In my last post, I actually referenced a specific moment from the show to coherently express my feelings on a matter, but today I speak of a much more generalised topic surrounding the show; Confidence. 1.443 kata lagi

Happy Pride!

A bit late, but Portland Pride was this weekend, and I had an amazing time! Got to spend time with some good friends, catch up with a couple old friends, and see some amazing outfits down at the waterfront, as well as a couple parties! 234 kata lagi

A little bit creepy.... and a little bit campy meet Cryptika

We have a fantastic catalog of local UK and US drag on the site now, we’ve seen how varied drag can be and how anyone can be a fabulous drag queen. 948 kata lagi

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