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The Music Bucket List

When people think of bucket lists, they will think of things they would want to do before kicking the bucket. However, a Music Bucket List, is essentially the same thing, but with the roles reversed. 218 kata lagi


Lola Gigi has died

I probably won’t be going home to attend the funeral, to pay my respects, because I haven’t been in the company long enough to be allowed 5 consecutive days’ vacation and because the financial situation is not ideal. 363 kata lagi

People I Know

LGBT Night at the Hi-Fi: Bass and Wigs

After an evening of classic cinema with the extended polycule, game store perusing, family dinner out, and even still, drinking and board gaming with our friends, 3/4 of our family ended the evening with dancing and gay revelry at a local venue. 620 kata lagi


Club Equinox

Old Man Winter stood in front of his mirror and took a good look at his reflection.

Sure…he was an old dude now. The weathered lines etched across his face didn’t diminish the rugged handsomeness that would always remain. 654 kata lagi