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A Weekend Trip to China's Southern Capital, Nanjing (南京)

With the increase of fast trains, traveling through China has become much easier, and some places that might have been too far for a short trip on a bus or a slow train, have become accessible for weekend trips. 206 kata lagi


Supermoon + Total Lunar Eclipse

Do you know what a Supermoon is?
A Supermoon happens when the distance between the Moon and the Earth becomes so close that it appears much larger than usual. 237 kata lagi


Antong Coffee Factory, Taiping

While walking near Taiping railway station recently I smelt the powerfully delicious aroma of roasting coffee beans. Allowing my nose to lead the way, I headed over a bridge above the railway lines and spotted a sign for Kilang Kopi Antong (Antong Coffee Factory). 292 kata lagi



Hi and welcome back to my Day6 post on my Taiwan holiday!  ( I know this post took a year more but still,.. enjoy! ) 649 kata lagi


If China government isn’t a Monarchy or a Dictatorship, what is it? Part 2 of 4

The Economist implied in the October 23, 2010 issue of the magazine, that China is a monarchy.

However, China is not a monarchy as the Kim Dynasty in North Korea has become or a dictatorship-monarchy as many in the West think. 259 kata lagi


The last days of Sun Yat-sen: Part 3 of 3

Later, it was discovered that the medical report of Sun’s condition was incomplete. Some of the samples and part of the report had been stolen and no one knows why. 343 kata lagi


The last days of Sun Yat-sen: Part 2 of 3

After arriving in Beijing, Sun Yat-sen saw a French doctor who gave him injections to help with his illness.

With his health getting worse, a nurse that worked at a German hospital was sent to his Beijing hotel to care for him. 306 kata lagi