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What Are Hypotonic-Hyporesponsive Episodes?

Just about any side effect after a vaccine can be scary for parents.

What if your child suddenly became limp, wasn’t responsive, and was pale? 559 kata lagi

Side Effects

Night Shift and Day Travel: nearly missing my flight to Minnesota 

I was so happy to get the chance to fly back to Minnesota this weekend to visit my family and meet our new little nephew, Finnley. 597 kata lagi


First Two Weeks: A Recap

What I’ve liked, what I’ve disliked, what’s challenging, what’s surprising.


My C.I. (clinical instructor) is amazing. She’s great at teaching, challenging and providing feedback. Plus, we get on very well. 221 kata lagi

What's in my bag?

My Top 10 Essentials for DPT School may vary from others but these are what helped me:

1. Dry Erase Board

With all the information I need to memorize, it’s convient to have a little white board on the go to help me review. 514 kata lagi

Graduate School

Australia’s Diverted Profits Tax now Law

The following article originally appeared on the FTI Tax website in April 2017.


On 4 April 2017, the Diverted Profits Tax Bills received Royal Assent and became Australian Acts No. 1.621 kata lagi


In case you were wondering

How my appointment went…not great. Well, no. Actually, there was no confrontation (score!), but I sadly realized that just the presence of Brian sitting there, seemed to make a world of difference. 878 kata lagi

U n i t 4 1 7

Tonight is the last night I spend in unit 417, exactly the way I entered, on the floor, with no furniture. Just like nobility.

My anxiety kicked in on a high note at about 1:27 pm, and then I shifted from extremes of “everything is going to be great” to panicking and then resetting. 201 kata lagi