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The State of the DPR - How Things Really Are - 25 Points

Graham Phillips

All of these statements are based on my extensive time reporting in Donbass, DPR and LPR. All of these statements are substantiated by my extensive video reportage from Donbass, which can… 1.397 kata lagi


The Novorossian Wheel of History Rolls Slowly But...

Novorossia and DPR Department

Denisov: Passport LDPR — a step towards independence and inclusion into the Russian Federation
From: DNR24

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– “The issuance in the Lugansk and Donetsk people’s republics own internal passports — a step towards the independence of Donbass and the subsequent inclusion in structure of Russia. 66 kata lagi


Donbass' Fratricide? Damn The Kremlin Minions!

Kremlin Minions Department I’m not going to untangle the information “pisdets”. Whole Novorossia is permeated by thugs, Kremlin minions and warlords. The great idea of New Russia looks like a fart of drunkard now. 1.485 kata lagi


"Voentorg", "Russian Spring" And "Cavalry Over the Hills"

Alexander Zhuchkovsky Department

Donetsk — the way to Transnistria
From: vol_majya, January 29th, 0:14

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– “
Alexander Zhuchkovsky from spring 2014 collects and delivers humanitarian and otherwise assistance to the militia. 583 kata lagi


DPR Food Distribution in Trinidad This Friday

The DC Department of Parks and Recreation and the Capital Area Food Bank will be distributing food to families this Friday, January 29th from 3:00 to 5:00 pm. 554 kata lagi

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