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2.4. Mengunduh dan Mengekstrak file SHP

Tujuan: Mengunduh dari suatu alamat di web (biasanya dalam bentuk zip) dan mengekstrak pada folder kerja agar dapat diolah pada proses selanjutnya.

Syarat: Paket yang diperlukan adalah  576 kata lagi


When to use mapply() over sapply()

When and how to use mapply()

Use mapply() when you need to pass more than one (multiple) vector to sapply(). Take for example, the two vectors… 111 kata lagi


Downloading File Uses Terminal in Mac OS

I just know that we can download file via Terminal, :D In this blog, I will share steps to download file via Terminal.

  1. Open Terminal Application…
  2. 124 kata lagi
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Notepad++ downloader and updater

I love to use Notepad++ (npp), but I also have npp installed on servers on which users can log on, but don’t have administrative privileges. They also love to use npp, but with the updater enabled, they get popup messages for the updates, but cannot install them. 353 kata lagi

Powershell Scripts