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This game is originally a multiplayer online mod of Warcraft III. Dota is maintain and been playing by millions of people around the world since year 2000. 353 kata lagi


Нийт 9000MMR хүрсэн тоглогчид.

Amer ‘Miracle’ Al-Barqawi


عامر البرقاوي


Amer Al-Barkawi

Төрсөн өдөр:

June 20, 1997 (настай 19)

Одоогийн баг:

Team Liquid

Одоогийн нийт орлого:


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4/21: International Surprise Drug Test Day

I was kinda sick for two days, that’s why I’m uploading two days worth of entries today. I also didn’t have network access because I’m broke. 763 kata lagi


How do we address low priority and player retention in Dota?

In the break between the DAC group stage and playoff bracket, the vacuum of pro games has generated the usual Reddit stir over some aspect of the game. 766 kata lagi


Man, it's so easy for you as a woman

I  frequently have people envious of my female status in esports. Whether they directly tell me they’re jealous, or that I have it easy, or they are silently thinking something along those lines, I deal with that sentiment with most people I interact with. 948 kata lagi


Positive reinforcement never hurt anyone

I am competitive, I am critical, and I judge. I can always find room for improvement or an area someone can work on. I have previously advocated for constructive criticism for casters – I said that we need to move past the flame and on to something that can help people improve. 614 kata lagi