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For a newbie like me who doesn’t know a thing about this game, it is the best choice to try the tutorial lessons.

The tutorial was pretty sweet ‘coz it taught me how to move and buy stuff. 188 more words


First Blood | First Post

It is indeed a great and awesome experience for a newbie like me to drew first blood!!!

(I know it is nothing to be proud about…but hey! 146 more words


Dota 2 Hero Difficulty Tiers

Hello again, Lancelot reporting.

The difficulty of Dota 2 heroes is an often touched topic in guides, commentaries and forum discussions. After years of playing and trying my best to learn the ropes of all of them, the idea to come out with a tiering system to sort heroes according to their respective levels of difficulty struck me. 3.749 more words

Dota 2


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Dota 2. What does a hero truly need?

An article about the life lessons this video game has to offer.

Shopkeeper: Often, I am asked: “what does a hero truly need?”

Shopkeeper… 1.093 more words