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Ratonga Finished and Back to Book Edits

I’m on holiday next week so I hope to finally make it to one of the local art supply stores to pickup some water color pencils and more paper/bigger paper. 261 kata lagi

DotA2 Heroes' Origins: Rubick - The Wandering Magus

Ruben Frederick took an appreciative glance at the staff in his hand. It was plain. Plain enough that no one took a second look. An olive-green wooden rod resembling more a quarterstaff than the exquisite arcane staffs commonly used by his kind. 4.934 kata lagi


[Top 10] The Best Dota 2 Items

One of my interests about Dota 2 is the depth and the fact that there is no single way to play a particular hero, prompting me to try various builds that could be unorthordox but useful and realistic, or even come out with my own philosophies for building heroes. 3.345 kata lagi

Dota 2

GreenTD Reborn - 2 Snipes 1 Siege - The Perfect Side-Lane Build that isn't perfect yet

So I’ve been playing Dota 2 Reborn Custom Games a lot. It is a great way to test the beta and discover fun new games. GreenTD Reborn is probably one of my favorites. 315 kata lagi


Teamwork in Dota2

Since July 28th, “The International DOTA2 Championships” has been held for three days. During these days, every team shows their purpose – the champion, but it is not quite easy to gain the reward. 241 kata lagi

Dota 2

Sorting, trees, and Reborn

I haven’t updated this site in a little while – and I should do more regularly. I thought I’d get this ball rolling by writing something short about what I’ve been up to this week. 324 kata lagi

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