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Guide Medusa Dota2

Okay untuk pertama kali gw coba buat nulis guide buat dota2…
Hero pertama Medusa,, yeeee selamat tante Medusa dan terima kasih udah hadir pertama kali di blog yang gak jelas ini 😁😁😁 1.596 kata lagi


Summary of the past week

Just got home from the cinema! Went to see The Jungle Book together with Bummi, Loda, EGM, Kelly and our friend Isaac. Really liked it, was one of the better movies we’ve seen lately so if you haven’t seen it yet and like movies like that you should go and watch it! 617 kata lagi


Sing Sing #1 - 6.87

Sing sing es un dotero profesional muy cómico y talentoso que he seguido en estos últimos años. Pienso que es un tipo con mucha carisma para el stream, su conjunto de amigos y sus builts y jugadas locas lo hacen único. 310 kata lagi


Official List for the Manila Major Released

ESL One Manila has ended with spectacular and unexpected results – the venue was amazing, the crowd was hyped to the heavens, and Wings Gaming claimed the crown. 180 kata lagi


Post Starladder thoughts

Back home from Starladder today! We actually wanted to go back yesterday but there were no good tickets so we decided to stay and practice in Kiev instead. 490 kata lagi


Geek Ink Thinks: Spending a lot of time doing something doesn't automatically make you an expert

I was enjoying a game of DOTA2 tonight when a team-mate and his friends decided to rage at me over voice chat. One of the “insults” one of them flung in my direction was “I have more hours in this game than you’ll ever dream of!” He was not pleased when I pointed out that having hundreds of hours doesn’t automatically make him better at the game. 469 kata lagi


Beyond Tilted Episode 5: Twitch.tv

Beyond Tilted Episode 5 Main Topic: Twitch.tv and “streamer culture”– past, present and future.

We also cover the TSM vs CLG NA LCS Finals, WoW private server being shut down by Blizzard’s lawyers, FF7 remake, and Dark Souls 3! 12 kata lagi

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