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DotA: Death Prophet Carries

‘Quick!’ snapped Krobelus. She motioned her claw-like hands to the donkey. ‘What are you taking so much time for? I’m carrying the tide of the war single-handedly and I need my bottle right now.’ 560 kata lagi


DOTA2 - The International 6– Key Arena – 8-11-16

The Hopeful Homie View on the Rise of eSports

For people who’ve got a lot of type-A in their personality, literally anything can become a competitive event.   2.237 kata lagi

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Let me tell you why you like MOBAs

League of Legends is a completely free-to-play game. You could experience the entirety of it without ever spending a dime. And yet I have probably spent more money on it than any other game I own, and I’ve certainly logged more hours on it than any other. 1.189 kata lagi

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eSport isn't

To start off I think I should mention I live in Europe. I’m a huge fan of sports as a whole and have been following different kinds of sport since I could walk. 612 kata lagi


The International Grand Champions

A team that earned their tournament berth after surviving the proving grounds of the Chinese Qualifiers, the young Wings squad scuffled somewhat in the Group Stage, taking 2-0 wins against Escape, Alliance, and LGD; drawing 1-1 ties vs EG and OG; and dropping 0-2 sets to both TNC and Na’Vi, eventually riding an 8-6 record into the Upper Bracket of the Main Event. 163 kata lagi


Q & A

I want to start with thanking all of you who are writing cheerful comments, try to help us with how to improve our team and being involved and follow what we do. 2.152 kata lagi


DotA2 Monkey King Reveal

Apart from the excitement and adrenaline rush being experienced in game at the TI6 tournament, one thing which gamers all over the world look forward to is the releases of new character heroes, in-game items, and patches. 116 kata lagi