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Install Dota 2 without downloading it

Install dota2 but you dont want to download huge gig of file because of slow internet(meh) and you want to save time? Below are the steps on how to do it. 307 kata lagi


The start and current state of my solo MMR

And everything in between…

I look back at the time I calibrated for solo MMR for the first time(1.6K LUL) and the second time with the season MMR of TI battle pass(2.2K LUL). 822 kata lagi


There is always a beginning

In the Beginning

So in this day and age its very daunting to start something new and in much like in Dota we all have to start somewhere. 177 kata lagi

Gamer Girl Ru vs. DOTA2

Saljack Enterprises Lets Review team member Ru plays DOTA2 (by Valve Corporation). Ru plays the character Luna and discusses tips and howtos. The game play starts towards the second half of the video because it took a while to connect for a match. 118 kata lagi

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Nike "Bristleback"

Being an avid gamer, I did a custom design on this Nike shoe, applying a custom skin on the shoe. The pictures are of a character called “Bristleback”, from the famous DotA 2.

A year and a half and 4.5k hours later

Still a work in progress…

I have been playing Dota for about a year and a half year now and during that time I have amassed nearly 4.5k hours of it. 579 kata lagi


Sports, E-sports, and Money

In 2016, a small game released by developer Valve, the more mainstream market of consumers, would not have heard of before. Defense of the Ancients 2, more commonly known as Dota 2, handed out prizes equated to $95 million dollars in 2016. 739 kata lagi