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WunWeg's Dota 2 Review

Joining DOTA 2 is like moving to America from another country.

As a new immigrant, you will be yelled at, spit upon, called racial slurs that are incorrect to your nationality, and screamed at for being stupid and ignorant. 237 kata lagi

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Counter Strike And Itunes Gift Card India Sales Up Through The Swift And Resonant Catering

Video games depict the fancied choices among the large array of games that have been developed. The high resonance that is witnessed with the video games is because of the seer ability to manipulate the game scene through the balancing of input and output functions. 484 kata lagi

Counter Strike

Gaming Pros and Cons

Gaming is very popular nowadays, to many people. More than 1.2 billion people play various games. 700 million of them plays online games.

Recently League of legend set a record of most played game with 27 million players a day, and 67 million players plays the game every month! 171 kata lagi


You're A Guuurl?!

Current Life Schedule: Work – Dinner – DOTA 2 – Sleep – Repeat

I’ve been playing DOTA 2 for about a year and a half now, but I still haven’t even come close to mastering it. 583 kata lagi


How You Play The Game Doesn’t Matter If You’re Losing the Sport.

This year started with the gaming news that Blizzard bought MLG. With Overwatch in beta, Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm enjoying steady, casual game play, and Warcraft capping off its gaming legacy with a transition to a different medium, Blizzard is in an interesting place to double-down on its efforts to dominate the eSports market. 623 kata lagi

Logging On

Sometimes when you’re afraid of a thing, that fear is all you can think about. It permeates your entire being until every little thing about yourself is thrown into doubt. 24 kata lagi

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MarsTV DotA2 League Game 1 between OG and VG [Spoilers]

So the first “best of two” finished around an hour ago and the 2nd series is already under way. There were four games going at once, and I focused on OG vs VG, which was pretty interesting. 527 kata lagi