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Latest DOTA 2 patch update

Dota 2 Update – February 25th 2015

– Fixed flying units not moving correctly when issued move orders off the playable area of the map.  12 more words



My topic is Esports. Esports is Electronic Sports. I chose this topic because I’m interested in computer field, and I believe that computer technologies will be crucial in future, thus computer games will be considered sports. 31 more words


DOTA2: The Arrow Catcher

So I like playing DotA2. Sometimes it’s fun while other times it can be incredibly frustrating. This was just meant to poke a bit of fun and I originally wanted to keep it short, ending it with getting hit by the arrow but I also wanted to show how these encounters usually end up as. 1.064 more words


Is Perfect World Responsible for the Pay-to-Win in New Bloom?

As you may have already heard, Dota 2’s recent New Bloom event has not been well received.  The main feature, a 5v5 brawl accentuated with the periodic appearance of semi-controllable ‘Year Beasts,’ has been plagued by a number of questionable design decisions.  1.640 more words


Dota 2 is now Steam first game

The game Dota 2 broke record after getting 1 million in game player on steam this weekend. Even thought is not as big as League of Legends massive amount of player’s active daily it surpasses all other popular games on Steam like Counter Strike or Team Fortress 2. 6 more words



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A Look at the Heroes of the Storm BETA

Last week I received an invite to Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm beta, so I thought I’d write a little about my experience with the game so far. 1.010 more words