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A Eulogy for Esports

The usual course of action when someone opens an article like this is to hearken back to their fondest memory. In my case, when it comes to esports, I don’t have a singular fond memory that makes me go “That’s it. 1.149 kata lagi


Tell me Volvo, how?

this is not a rant. i dont care about losing 25 mmr. but this special game, made me think about how dota is right now. first of all, my behavior score (with this new a m a z i n g system is C) and this match was a 3.4k mmr ranked game, South america server. 534 kata lagi


I used to love Valve

Before microtransactions. Before every single one of their franchises sported hats, trading cards and lottery loot boxes as the company's soulless, money-hungry bread and butter. Before they stopped caring that their brand is tainted by affiliation with Skin Gambling Sites directed at children. 6.098 kata lagi


My last game of Dota

So I thought i'd post a small something here before I quit (I'm moving to a different country and would've quit regardless today) But I thought i'd share my recent experience with Dota. 542 kata lagi


Ally bots retarded?

Ok so I'm totally new to Dota, or any MOBA for that matter. This is my first post on r/DotA2. Currently I've played around 20 matches with bots just checking out different heroes and seeing which one suits me. 194 kata lagi


Banean a dos jugadores de Dota 2 por arreglo de partidas

Los e-Sports no están excentos de las malas prácticas deportivas, y el amaño de juegos es una de ellas. Es lamentable que se está volviendo muy recurrente ver este tipo de polémicas, en este caso Leonid “Sonic” Kuzmenkov y Dmitry “Ax.Mo” Morozov, miembros de Dx, fueron baneados por dos años tras comprobarse su directa relación con el arreglo de partidas. 174 kata lagi


People who abandon ability draft matches


we spent all that damn time drafting for you to quit! I play dota to PLAY DOTA.

rant over.

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