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RESI KUMBAYANA lebih dikenal dengan sebutan DAHYANG DORNA (Sanskerta: द्रोण, Droṇa) atau Dronacharya (Sanskerta: द्रोणाचार्य). Bambang Kumbayana masih saudara sepupu dengan Bambang Sucitra dari negeri Atasangin. 1.661 kata lagi

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Triumph in Moto2: The Motorcyle Not The Bra

What an opening statement eh? It’s not everyday that you got to see in a motoring or motorsports article where a prolific brand of motorcycle being mentioned alongside a bra. 363 kata lagi


Triumph over Honda

Few things sound greater than a Triumph three-cylinder at full-noise and now – thanks to a new deal with MotoGP™ owners, Dorna –  you’ll be hearing 34 of Triumph’s finest battling it out in Moto2™ races from 2019. 353 kata lagi


Tata Communications selected as MotoGP video distribution partner by Dorna

Dorna Sports today announced Tata Communications as the exclusive video distribution partner for the upcoming FIM MotoGP World Championship & the Superbike World Championship.
Precisely, Tata Communications will get the sole rights to distribute the action of all the motoGP and WSBK racers in turn to reach out to 200 million houses via the 80 media partners. 246 kata lagi

Industry News

The boring parts: MotoGP 2017 regulation changes

It’s a year of change both on- and off-track in MotoGP in 2017. A few tweaks to some regulations affecting both bike and rider aside, the majority of these changes appear on the grid. 841 kata lagi

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Before 2016 folds up, We are happy to update you on the recent changes by the Grand Prix Commission regarding the 2017 MotoGP seasonThe Grand Prix Commission, composed of Messrs. 266 kata lagi



Vesteros je veliki kontinent koji se nalazi na krajnjem zapadu poznatog sveta. Od kontinenta Esosa ga deli pojas vode poznat kao Usko More. U Vesterosu se odigrava veći deo radnje… 175 kata lagi