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Without The Smoke - A Case for Cannabis Vaporization

For cannabis consumers, there is an ever-growing selection of cannabis administration methods available. Cannabis can be inhaled, ingested, applied topically and transdermally, taken as a sublingual, inserted rectally and vaginally. 693 kata lagi



Today I had a bad experience at IKEA. The food must have been contaminated with nuts. I got asthma and I got svullen in the throat. 282 kata lagi


I hate you smokers

To, (non) dear smoker,

I hate you more than I hate alcoholic. Actually I don’t hate them at all because whatever they are doing is damaging their own liver and unless they drive they are not threat to society as such. 344 kata lagi

Just some sketches 1/6/2017

There are a couple of characters I’d been trying to nail down, a fat, sort of squished cat, and a dude that smokes (don’t smoke).

Random Cartoons

Random 4/Parking Lot Pig Performer

For one night and one night onlyyyyy…..

Pinky the Pig! Formerly private entertainer to local small children, he was released to perform for the parking lot at large. 147 kata lagi

Observations Of The Illusion