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Just some sketches 1/6/2017

There are a couple of characters I’d been trying to nail down, a fat, sort of squished cat, and a dude that smokes (don’t smoke).

Random Cartoons

Random 4/Parking Lot Pig Performer

For one night and one night onlyyyyy…..

Pinky the Pig! Formerly private entertainer to local small children, he was released to perform for the parking lot at large. 147 kata lagi

Observations Of The Illusion

That Time There Was A Home Invasion


My dad moved around a lot during my early teenage years, all of them pretty dodgy looking places truth be told.

Funnily enough back then these places seemed so far away, yet I’m pretty sure I walk past at least three of those places on my daily commutes to either town or work. 548 kata lagi

That Time

Vegan biscuits and gravy!

I had the most random craving for a meat and three, as they’re called in the south, my way. No hidden ham hocks or overly salted beans, but good wholesome, my-Granny-June-would-have-approved (albeit dangling cigarette and sugary sweet tea in hand) blue plate special. 307 kata lagi