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SF: Orange Boy and Mr.Sweet Dark Chocolate[BaekHwi]

SF: Orange Boy and Mr.Sweet Dark Chocolate

Produce 101 S2 Fanfiction


Disclaimer: All the pics are not mine. These people are also not mine(I wish they were) This is only my pure imagination. 26 kata lagi


Pledis Entertainment Rilis Pernyataan Resmi Terkait Comeback NU’EST

Setelah sebelumnya mengkonfirmasi comeback dari NU’EST, kini Pledis Entertainment rilis pernyataan resmi yang membahas comeback boy grup tersebut.

Berikut pernyataan resmi dari Pledis Entertainment,

“Hallo, ini Pledis Entertainment… 190 kata lagi

[pann] Why do I like Kang Dongho, you ask?

[+801, -46]

I’ll tell you!

1. Firstly his manly extremely fkn handsome visual

Feel that he’s a small bean

If you see his fan accounts of people who’ve seen him in real life they say his real life visual is the craziest yup yup… 421 kata lagi


Top 11 pick by music representatives - Jonghyun, Minhyun, Dongho, Seongwoo parts

He took his place as “Leader Pick” in national producers’ hearts, and went up to 1st place during the 2nd eliminations. He received the evaluation, “He seems like someone with a really upright character. 420 kata lagi


[pann] Has Kang Dongho gone mad?

[+536, -34]

This is the Open Up MR removed, but how is it possible to sing live like that with that choreography? Only Kang Dongho’s voice is totally breaking through, he’s crazy, seriously… 155 kata lagi


Fan site proves idols are still freakishly good-looking without PhotoShop

Fans were excited to post up a link to their favorite idol fan site blog, Naejangtang or Beef Tripe and Intestine Soup in English. Which, besides the unique fan site name, serves up idol photos completely unedited. 95 kata lagi


[pann] The amount of groups Dongho belongs to is slowly increasing

[+310, -3]

1. Ddongchoks* (Dongho+Jaehwan)
* shitty feels/instincts/guesses

Sitting side by side during the 2nd eliminations and showing a crazy ddongchok show.
(t/n: meaning every rank they guessed was wrong) 310 kata lagi