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Permainan Domino sudah dimainkan pada zaman awal 1120 Masehi pada jaman kekaisaran Hui Tsung. Kemudian permainan ini berkembang pada abad ke 18 di kota Venesia, Naples, Italia. 537 kata lagi


Album Review: Alex G - "Beach Music"

By Jessa Evenden

Alex G will wreck you in the worst possible way – quietly, without warning, and so gently you will hardly notice how badly it hurts. 550 kata lagi

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Domino’s thinks it can sell pizza—with pineapple!—to Italians

It’s time for Italians to get exposed to one of America’s favourite foods: pizza.

As of Oct. 5, in fact, Domino’s has come to Italy and is letting the locals pick up the phone, or go online, to order an American pie.  253 kata lagi

Month of Bond: Thunderball (1965) Review

There is nothing exciting about watching an underwater scuffle between divers. Maybe when technology was only just advanced enough for this to happen or when this was something that hadn’t been on the screen before but not today. 596 kata lagi


Deadpool: The Webseries

Deadpool: The Webseries (2013) is a fan web series written and directed by Chris .R. Notarile for Blinky Productions. Starring Damian Vargas as “Deadpool”, Chris .R. 164 kata lagi



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Gatunek: Eksperymentalna

Najnowszy album amerykańskiej artystki.
Dużo przystępniejsza muzyka, mniej ambientu, więcej barokowego popu.
Urozmaicone, oryginalne, dobre kompozycje.
Bardzo dobry wokal, Holter zachwyca umiejętnościami i wyczuciem. 73 kata lagi


Preparing for the Flood - Deadpool

For any fan of movies, comics and related collectibles the next few years are going to be great.  O.K you may need to seek a higher paying job to afford all the great stuff being produced.   178 kata lagi