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Czy gry z elementem losowym rozwijają umysł?

Istnieje wiele gier, w których znaczenie ma chwilowe szczęście. Najczęściej są to gry z kością, gry karciane albo np. gry dominowe czy słowne. Niektórzy ludzie uważają, że takie gdy są gorsze, niewarte studiowania i nie można osiągnąć w nich prawdziwego mistrzostwa, wszak wszystko zależy od szczęścia. 1.360 kata lagi

Z Elementem Losowym

Domino: A Shape With Merit

The domino shape just doesn’t get enough respect.

You are likely familiar with the fact that the game of dominoes is played with tiles that are like two squares on top of each other.  1.173 kata lagi


Top Ten Mickey Rourke Performances: A list by Nate Hill

Mickey Rourke has been called the Hollywood outlaw by some, a difficult outsider by others, a master of his craft by anyone with sense, and has never not been a completely surprising thespian who refuses to reside within one box for long. 1.414 kata lagi

Film Review

Situs Judi Online Domino Terpercaya

Domino adalah sebuah permainan yang terdiri yang memiliki banyak sekali varian jenis tak heran jika situs judi online domino terus mendapat tambahan pengunjung yang sangat banyak sekali. 32 kata lagi


What do you get when you cross mothering hips, a perm, mysteriousness and a pair of epic moustaches with a wheelchair, lawnmower, dominatrix and superpowers? You get… 27 kata lagi


Find Your "One Thing"

The end of the school year brings a mixture of emotions for teachers, students, parents and administrators. Focusing on the myriad of items on the “to do” list can send everyone into a tailspin of anxiety. 472 kata lagi

Instructional Leadership

L.A. Salami

Great to have L.A. Salami back – and what a powerful track! Now backed by Sunday Best and Domino watch his star rise fast. Hear his track The City Nowadays here