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Unexpected Matanzas & Varadero

04.08 – 06.08

Friday I left Santa Clara unexpected by a colectivo. Our plan was to ride with the Cuban bus. In the end we ended up in a taxi not due to little time or less comfort in the bus. 688 kata lagi

North America

I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles...

(Originally posted on http://ijustkeepswimming13.blogspot.co.uk/ on 2nd October 2013. I am currently moving my blog over to WordPress).

“The sun has set, I sit and rest my weary body, and think of you.  926 kata lagi

Health And Wellbeing

Deadpool 2 Might Have a Tough Time Defending Itself

1. How do you remain a self-aware superhero movie when everyone knows someone died during the making of your movie?

2. How do you answer those who want to know why you hired a pro racer instead of an actual stuntwoman to perform what turned into a deadly motorcycle stunt? 749 kata lagi

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Wooden Domino Laying Machine

 has come up with another awesome machine, this time a machine that sets up neat rows of dominos. If you’ve followed ’s work over the years then you’ll know that this is a wooden version of one he made out of LEGO® back in 2009. 66 kata lagi

Toy Hacks

Kunci Kemenangan Dalam permainan Domino Online

Dalam berbgaai permiana yang dimainkan oleh seseorang tentunya terdapat kunci maupun pedoaman  untuk dapat bisa memenangkan permainan tersebut.  Tak terkecuali juga dalam permainan Domino Online. Tentunya setiap pemain permainan ini ingin menang dalam permainan bukan? 148 kata lagi

Cara Menentukan Pemenang Di Permainan Domino Online

Bagi kamu yang baru saja bergabung di situs Domino Online pasti sedikit binggung dengan permainan ini mapun binggung tentang siapakah yang menjadi pemenang dalam permainan ini. 85 kata lagi