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Back to Square One - Chapter 29: “Is Chad available?”

Thursday – Hendrick Motorsports

The girl in the gift shop looks up and immediately smiles as she sees the familiar face.

“Hello Mr. Toretto,” she greets him. 3.622 kata lagi

Series: Tales From The Streets

Back to Square One - Chapter 26: “You wanted the truth, right?”


Candiss paces back and forth as she glances towards the door. She had done what she told Jimmie she was going to do, and Dom had delivered as promised. 813 kata lagi

Series: Tales From The Streets

Fast and Furious Month: Fast & Furious (2009) Review

At a time when there are sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots and re-imaginings; Fast & Furious manages the hardest of movie types – The Soft Reboot.  645 kata lagi


Baldness and its Implications

Baldness in society and media is understood and represented in many different ways. It is a genetic condition that approximately 80% of men experience, yet the stigma that surrounds it is prevalent. 455 kata lagi


My Sex Dream ft. Vin Diesel

If any of you follow us on Twitter (which you should, since how else will you know when we’ve posted?!), then you know that once again, Jessica promised she’d write a post. 932 kata lagi

Dominic Toretto vs Joker

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Suggested by Iknowledge Dominic Toretto is a pretty skilled hand to hand fighter. I also can’t stress enough just how good his driving skills are. 68 kata lagi


Back to Square One - Chapter 16: The Answers

Chad retreats back to his office, surprised when he sees a bald individual sitting at the desk.

“Who let you in my office?” He questions as he walks into the room. 1.902 kata lagi

Series: Tales From The Streets